The Glowing Golf Balls make sure you don’t have to turn in early

Glow-in-the-dark golf balls and canister
When you’re having a good day playing golf, you don’t really want to stop just because the sun is going down. Of course, you don’t really have a choice, as you not only can’t see where the ball is going, but will have no way of finding it once it lands. If you just can’t help but keep playing, then why not light up the golf balls so they’re easier to find?

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Sabertron bring a whole new level of tech to foam swords

sabertronWhen it comes to playing with your young ones, more often than not you will find that imagination is what really carries a time of play forward. Think back to your younger days, when your head was full of hair (for men), while there was no such thing as crow’s feet around your eyes for the ladies. Back then, a cardboard tube or a stick could double up as a cannon, a rifle, a magic wand, and for many I am sure, a lightsaber or sword of some sort. Sabertron intends to bring to life sword fighting in role playing situations, as it happens to be the first foam sword of its kind in the world that features electronic scoring.

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Leapband – Activity Tracker for Kids


It seems that as far back as I can remember, kids liked to pretend they were grownups. In my day there were sets of keys, and old corded-type phones that little ones could drag around with them and pretend to be mom or dad. Today “play” cellphones and tablets are popular… and some of them actually work. Childrens playthings have certainly come a long way…

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Control your very own Black Hawk helicopter remotely

rc-blackhawkRemote controlled toys can be fun to play, but more often than not, they tend to offer diminishing returns when it comes to the power consumption. You might take a whole half hour to juice up the battery to its maximum level, and yet are able to pilot the particular drone, or car, for eight to ten minutes, tops. Well, what if I told you that there is the possibility of actually controlling a fully equipped, life sized Black Hawk helicopter? This is what Sikirsky Aircraft Corp. has done, working alongside the U.S. Army to deliver an optionally piloted flight of a Black Hawk helicopter. This is definitely a significant step in the right direction toward providing autonomous cargo delivery functionality to the U.S. Army, so you can kiss goodbye to the idea of bringing some hot and heavy rain down behind enemy lines from afar without placing your life at a significantly higher risk factor.

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The Tidy Dog Toy Box will teach your dog to pick up after themselves

Tidy Dog
Having a dog is like living with a perpetual child. They’re always full of energy, trying to find new ways to get in trouble, and leave messes behind where they’ve played. If you’re working with your pooch to improve their behavior, there’s a good chance you’re going to have to go through a few treats to do it.

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Tethercell – Take “Charge” of your Batteries


Oh how the world loves a battery… there aren’t too many toys or gadgets these days that don’t run thru a goodly supply of AA’s. That being said, I certainly wish I had a little more control over how these batteries were used, like how long my kid could play with her toys, or how long a lantern could be left on, or just to make sure things were turned off all the way in order to avoid wasting precious battery life . Yup. Battery control, that could be cool…

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