A Puzzling Selection of Gifts

Instead of being stuck for what to buy somebody get them a gift that will get them stuck.

Money Maze Bank Puzzle – $9.59

Money Maze Bank Puzzle

Keeps greenback gifts you add in view, but they can’t get to it until the puzzle is solved! Challenging fun for that hard to buy-for friend.

The Money Maze Bank Puzzle is available from Amazon for $9.59.


Irregular IQ Cube – $9.99

Irregular IQ Cube

No more straight vertical and horizontal cuts in the cube shape – oh no! There are now two new vertical slices, creating new planes for rotation, designed to totally bork up your spatial relations. Each turn brings you further away from sanity. It’s madness, I tell you!

The Irregular IQ Cube is available from Think Geek for $9.99.


Electronic Sudoku – $15.99

Electronic Sudoku

* Touch panel function
* Large LCD screen with backlight, suitable for day or night use
* User selectable Easy, Medium or Hard modes
* Each mode can automatically generate thousands of puzzles
* Game automatically enters sleep mode if not used for 10 minutes
* Resume Function: Continue game where you left it the last time
* Submit button allows you to check your results
* 9 hints available for every game
* Reminder function for wrong answer

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Ice Meister Slider makes it winter in the summer

If you live in the northern hemisphere, then you are about to head into winter. With winter comes snow, and with snow comes fun winter activities like sledding. However, if you live in Australia, then you’re just about to enter into the summer, and there isn’t any chance of sledding unless you own the Ice Meister Slicer.

The Ice Meister Slicer is one of those products that I couldn’t resist reporting on because it takes a concept I’ve always wanted to see and makes it reality. Simply put, the Ice Meister Slicer is a sled that can be used all year.

How is this possible? It has two molds on the bottom called Icers that can be removed from the sled, filled with water, and then frozen. Once the fresh Icer is put on the bottom, it reduces the amount of friction between the sled and the ground, so you can go a-slidin’.

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Sprig Kinetic Toys are like, totally green

It gets rather hard these days trying to keep the earth green – don’t even look at your garage for an example with a large gas guzzling SUV parked inside, just take a gander in your kid-filled home and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Toys, toys and more toys fill up the living room, and most of them are made out of plastic that will still be around a thousand years after you and I have returned to our happy hunting grounds. Yes, the scourge of plastic toys looks set to stay, but would you consider getting environmentally-friendly toys if there were any in the market? I see a nod there, yes two more hands raised up in the back – good, I have the figures now to share about the new Sprig Kinetic Toys.

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The Discovery Voice-Activated Biometric Safe

Do you or your kids have some valuables that need stashed away and kept safe?  Well Discovery has a safe that can only be opened by the sound of your voice. Which would be handy for hiding things away from either your spouse or your siblings.  Hopefully though this safe offers better voice recognition than the diaries that get released every so often that claim the same things.  To crack those diaries all you have to do is hear the person say whatever it is to open it.  Then match the ups and downs in their voice and you’re in.

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The Snowball Launcher with 50′ range

Just because you’re an adult does not mean that you don’t still enjoy chucking an occasional snowball at your friends.  Actually, at times it makes it more forbidden and therefore a lot more tempting.  Well if you don’t have the greatest throwing skills then you might want to look into a cool contraption to help you out.  With this cool gun, hopefully no one will notice that you didn’t buy it just because you thought it was cool.  Likely they’ll just see a new toy to drool over and your secret of a puny throwing arm will stay quiet.

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Robotic Spyplanes have Medical uses too

This isn’t the first time that we have reported on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), and most of the time, these are used for spying in enemy territory. It appears that UAVs have medicinal uses as electronic flying couriers.

Think of them as that big G button on Speed Racer’s Mach 5 that fires an electronic homing pigeon. It was used on the cartoon all the time, but only mentioned in the movie. (By the way, the Speed Racer movie is coming out on DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow, and you should invest your money in a film that was incredibly awesome and yet was somehow a box-office flop.)

Sorry for digression, but I thought the Speed Racer reference would give you a good idea what these electronic courier pigeons do. These things can be programmed to carry medical supplies to and fro to places that don’t have advanced hospitals, such as Third World countries.

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ATM Piggy Bank Teaches Kids where Money Really Comes From

I have a five-year old daughter, and I don’t think she understands the concept of banks. In fact, she believes that we go to the bank to get her a lollipop, and she probably believes the ATM machine makes the money that it gives out.

Wouldn’t that be nice. However, if I want to teach my daughter how ATMs really work, I should probably get her the ATM piggy bank.

The ATM piggy bank comes with a keycard with a PIN number that you must use to make a withdrawal or deposit.

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