Rubber Band Warfare

Rubber ban gun
This must be the ultimate weapon in the office rubber band flicking war, the fully automatic rubber band machine gun.

Each machine gun is beautifully hand crafted and not only resembles an old western Gatling Gun but actually fires like one. Ammunition for the gun is obviously elastic bands, of which it can hold 144 at a time (12 bands on each of the 12 barrels).

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Board Game to Teach Programming

Programming GameI do enjoy playing board games (I am the monopoly king) but this one is probably a bit too close to the day job to be fun, a Computer Programming Board Game.

The game is based around sking and programming (not sure on that connection), with the start of a ski trail being an opening brace { and the finish line the closing brace } which will certainly be familiar to any C or PHP coders.

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The Multiplayer Electronic Trivia System

The Multiplayer Electronic Trivia System
You know when you and your friends are out enjoying an evening eating dinner or dancing the hours away in a bar or pub and you spend some time playing the Buzztime electronic trivia game, well you can now enjoy it at home. This multi-player electronic trivia system is just like the one that you and your friends enjoy except you can play it at home on your television.

If you are looking for a great way to enjoy family night then you should try this game system. Up to four people can play while using the wireless handheld controllers.

Game play is simple; you are giving a time limit to answer a question that appears on the screen from multiple-choice answers. Who ever gets the correct answer first is of course the winner. The kids will really love this game as well and may even learn a bit while playing.

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Room Defender

You probably have tried everything in your power to keep your parents out of your room or maybe your spouse out of your closet and nothing seems to be working. You have asked nicely, placed signs on your door, and maybe even yelled quite a bit about having your own privacy. However, when you are not around, they seem to still go in and search through your stuff. Well, not any more!

With the Room Defender to protect your room or closet or even your office you will be able to keep a few more things private. The Room Defender is mounted on three gun-turrets like legs and will protect your stuff from spies.

The way that it works is that the Room Defender has a motion sensor alarm, when someone enters an area that you do not want them in, it will first give a verbal warning and then fire a shot at them in the form of a foam disc.

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Interactive Street Muttz

Would you like to give a cute little mutt a home, one that will not have to be taken outside, no worries about feeding them, or them not chewing up your house slippers? Then you must take give one of the interactive Street Muttz a home and get them off the street!

They are not only cute and adorable but will interactive with you as well. With the interactive chip, they will know any time you are close by and they will come to life. Your cute pup will be able to make various noises and even tilt his head as if he is listening to your every word. Nevertheless, beware if you tug on his nose he will let out a furious growl.

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20 Questions Electronic Game

Animal, vegetable, mineral, or other is the first question you must answer to try and stump this cool gadget. This gadgets uses artificial intelligence and will ask up to 20 questions to try and figure out what you object you are thinking of, if it does not get the correct answer in 20 questions it will ask 5 more and then declare you the winner if it did got get the answer correct.

The neural network is similar to the human brain and is uses logic to figure out the answers and to ask the correct questions enable to arrive at the correct answer. Just like a detective would.

This is a fun game the entire family can enjoy. You can divide up into teams or couples and see who is smarter than the artificial intelligence.

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Amazing Amanda

Christmas is almost here and if you have not found that perfect gift for the little girl in your house, then this gadget would be grand.

Amazing Amanda is a baby doll like no other; she has voice recognition, sensory technology and articulated anima-tronics. She is certainly not just a baby doll that lies around.

Amanda will give your little girl many hours of enjoyment while she interacts with her other accessories that she can even recognize. She has an intelligent manner that will impress all the adults as well.

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