Spry is a drone that flies and swims

spry-droneMost of us would know that drones fly and take some rather great looking shots, if you are skilled enough, that is. Then again, there is this thing known as underwater drones which work great in capturing images and videos while you are busy diving or snorkeling, so what happens when you bring two and two together? The answer hails from the team at SwellProUSA and Urban Drones in the form of the Spry. The Spry is touted to be the first ever waterproof drone that is able to submerge like a submarine (albeit briefly), float like a boat, and more importantly, fly in the air at speeds in excess of 43mph.

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Sony Aibo First Litter Edition is the next generation robot dog

aiboRemember Sony’s Aibo when it was first introduced close to a couple of decades ago? Now that was certainly a novelty in terms of consumer electronics, and the world of toys has since evolved to such an extent that a robot dog is no longer any kind of wonder inducing moment upon its unveiling. Still, this has not stopped Sony from showing off their special First Litter Edition of its acclaimed Aibo autonomous robotic “puppy” companion in the US, not too far down the road after the reintroduction of Aibo in Japan recently.

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The Fidget Hand Spinner keeps busy minds occupied

When you’re sitting during a lecture where the professor is going off on a tangent or are stuck in a meeting where your boss loves to hear themselves talk, your mind wanders. It’s hard not to be restless and start tapping your feet, fingers, and playing with whatever is nearby. You don’t want to be … Read more

The CASE Air – Your Instagram game is about to be amazing

Case Air DSLR

Photographers cried out all at once when phones started coming with cameras. While there’s always a need for someone to take photos professionally, smartphones have certainly lessened the demand, and that’s because you can take some great pictures with your phone and have them on Facebook before the event you’re at is over. I recently spent 6 weeks in Japan, and while I took over 2,000 photos with my DSLR, most of the photos that made it to social media came from my phone because there wasn’t enough time to get them onto a computer, edited, and uploaded fast enough.

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Brixo just put an awesome new spin on LEGOs


Do you remember what it was like to be completely immersed in playing pretend? An entire afternoon was spent in some faraway place that didn’t exist, and we could visit it whenever we wanted. LEGOs made that even more fun since we could materialize an aspect of that world in a real space, and the only limits to what we made was our creativity. Nowadays it’s hard to find something fun that you can sink into in the same way, unless it’s Minecraft.

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Back to the Future Mr. Fusion Replica rolls back the years

If you are a huge fan of the Back to the Future series on the silver screen, and have watched it numerous times to realize that your dream car is a DeLorean, then you would do well to check out the different wares that are connected to the movie itself. Why not go all out … Read more

The Pocket Shot Slingshot is just asking for trouble

pocket-shot slingshot

There are those who like to play pranks that involve messing with the minds of others. Painting a bar of soap with clear nail polish, replacing mouthwash with Gatorade, or moving things around the house to confuse someone are all excellent examples of such trickery. However, some people really enjoy a more physical approach, involving projectiles, or things that could probably end up with an injury.

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