This Pocket Saw will let you assault nature at will

Not too many of us are explorers of nature anymore. Most of the world has been discovered, and what we haven’t seen personally, there is likely already someone live streaming it with a 360 degree camera every hour of every day, so it’s pretty hard to miss out on. If you do happen to go … Read more

The Coolbox is a modern tool kit for creative minds

Moving further and further forward in time, our everyday needs and wants change. We don’t exactly need a wood-burning stove or line to put out laundry anymore. The same is true when it comes to our workshops. While we may have a larger home setup, our portable tool box now needs to have more than … Read more

The Chainsaw Sharpener puts more bang to your buzz

Have you ever used a dull knife to cut a tomato? You either end up smashing it, or sawing back and forth a few times until you break the skin. Dull knives are often far more dangerous than sharp ones, as you use more pressure than needed. Should it go askew, you’re very likely to … Read more

JawSaw Electric Chainsaw

There comes a time when a man’s got to do what he’s got to do, and this includes clearing up the yard around his home. After much nagging from his wife, of course, and if he were to want an easier life while doing all the backbreaking work, he can always fall back on the … Read more

Switch Multi Tool choose between 18 tools

Most people have had a Swiss Army Knife at some point in their lives.  It’s a multi-tool that comes jam packed full of all sorts of little tools most of which you never needed, but were just happy to have around.  You did always seem to be stuck with one or two attachments that you … Read more

Guppie is one tool to rule them all

We have reported on the Lil Guppie before, and I suppose that this is the next step up, the Guppie. Actually, I think that this Guppie is the same as the Lil Guppie, just like Lil Bow Wow is the same as Bow Wow. (Oh, why do those young rappers put Lil in front of … Read more

The Tape Measure Multi-tool

I’m not really sure why, but apparently it’s a home improvement kind of day.  That or I have home improvement on my mind and therefore am spotting home improvement gadgets.  With this one, instead of 3-in-1 like the Stanley flashlight I posted not too long ago, this one is 4-in-1.  It also solves several issues … Read more

Bodygard is definitely all-in-one multipurpose tool

Bodygard all-in-one multipurpose tool

Every once in a while, a multipurpose tool will come out that really is as all-in-one as advertised. Such is the case of the Bodygard.

The Bodygard Self-Powered Emergency tool was designed for all kinds of accidents, emergencies, and could be the one thing you carry with you when the world comes to an end. If Y2K had been legit, I would have wanted the Bodygard.

Powering it is as simple as using a hand crank, and the Bodygard can perform the following:

• A Bright LED Flashlight

• Red Emergency Flasher

• Digital FM Radio

• Motion Activated Security Alarm

• Cell Phone Charging Output

• AC Charging Adapter Input

• Panic Button with Piercing Sonic Alarm

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