Microsoft and McDonalds team up on WiFi access for Zune

It seems that McDonalds is serious about going after wireless traffic enjoyed by users at Starbucks and is seeking out like minded partners who can help them create an alternative. That’s where Redmond comes in as the two giants in their perspective industries have joined forces to provide free wireless connectivity to Zune users for the Zune Marketplace. That means the Zune faithful will be able to buy and download music from the Zune Marketplace through Wayport wiFi gateways in more than 9,800 McDonald’s restaurants.

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Best Buy flies into vending machines

Vending machine kiosks have been a staple of the Japanese electronics world for years. But as gadgets get cooler and cheaper, it appears that Best Buy is poised to begin flooding American airports with vending machine kiosks filled with last minute gadgetry to help stressed out travelers who seek to get their tech on or simply to replace the AC adapter they left in their hotel room.

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New Study Shows Consumers Prefer PS3 Blu-ray players

When surveyed as to whether customers would prefer a stand alone Blu-ray player over a Sony PS3 with same player, the majority preferred to pay less for the player and have a hi-def video game console tossed in for good measure. The study, conducted by ABI Research shows that more than half of consumers aren’t thrilled with the obscene price point of a stand alone alone player, preferring to add value to their purpose by going with the Playstation 3 instead. The study goes on to say that, although 23 percent of consumers are planning a Blu-ray purchase, even those aren’t in a hurry to get one, choosing to wait until at least 2009 before they take the Blu-ray leap.

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The Mystery of the Disappearing iPhone Apps

It’s a story you won’t be reading in any Agatha Christie novel, but the mysterious allure is just as thrilling as the daily tribulations of Detective Hercule Poirot. It was a pleasant day in August, I remember it well. The day I realized that something was amiss in the city of Cupertino, California.

If you haven’t already noticed for yourself, Apple has been pulling the plug on a few of their most popular iPhone applications in their arsenal. It was only last week when the high profile app, NetShare, was plunked from the App Store inventory without a word, and now the popular Box Office application has been ripped from the metaphorical shelves. The really weird thing is that the developers of these apps haven’t received any explanations for the sudden recalls.

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Baseball gets hiTech, Oakland installs touch screens in new stadium

Cisco Field will become the Oakland A’s new baseball stadium when the Green and Yellow say goodbye to Oakland Alameda County Coliseum in 2012 and when it does come online, it will be doing so literally as their sponsor, Cisco Systems, will be wiring all 35,000 seats with wireless interactive touch screens. Fans will be able to look up stats, keep score, and even order a beer or hot dog directly through the interface (and probably pay for it with your credit card while other fans overlook and copy down your number).

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Wasp Knife injects ball of gas to freeze organs, sounds unpleasant

The Wasp Knife might be the least pleasant way to be stabbed to death, not that there is a pleasant method for doing so. Designed for use by hunters and divers as protection against bears and sharks, the specially designed knife has an exploding tip that injects a highly compressed ball of gas which freezes the victims organs in a radius about the size of a basketball.

While a knife with such awesome brutality might be great for protecting against the dangers of the wild, British officials are worried that the Wasp Knife might fall into the wrong hands. Result? People dying in pretty unpleasant ways. We can only imagine how bad it would suck to have a frozen bowel.

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Boeing Skyhook is Retro-futuristic and awesome

I grew up near Seattle, Washington, and one of the biggest companies in the area is, of course, the Boeing Corporation. They have a testing field located outside the city that is almost as big as Sea-Tac Airport. The aviation giant recently announced the development of the Skyhook JHL-40.

The Skyhook is a terrific looking aircraft with eight engines. Four of them are vertical rotors that can give some extra lift, allowing the airship to lift 40 tons. The other four engines are directional propellers to control the precise movement of the Skyhook.

What I would give to live close to Boeing again as they develop this advanced airship. Not only is it a quantum leap over the Goodyear Blimp, but very environmentally friendly. The Skyhook has a reduced carbon footprint, and does not disturb the landscape like an airplane or helicopter.

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EyeSite Kiosk debuts at Georgia Wal-Mart

Shoppers who head towards the Georgia Wal-Mart will be pleased to know that there is the EyeSite kiosk available, making it a snap for folks to get their eyes checked while they’re busy shopping for their weekly groceries or simply taking a stroll through. The EyeSite kiosk is the brainchild of Atlanta entrepreneur Bart Foster, and his start-up company, SoloHealth, is currently working hard at testing the self-service vision screening device in several markets. Foster hopes to raise the awareness among people concerning the importance of visiting their eye care professionals for regular eye exams. After all, studies have shown that those who used the kiosk were in the end, recommended to pay a visit to an eye care provider in the immediate future so that their vision will not deteriorate any further.

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