New Hack weds the XBox 360 and a Wii Remote Controller


Taking Halo or Call to Duty to a whole new level, Hackers have created an Wii IR Remote sensor and driver to port the trademarked remote setup to the Xbox 360. This latest hack turns the epic video game and console into a full fledged killing simulator.

Course, that’s not all the Xbox is good for. There’s sports games like Madden NFL, MLB Baseball or Tiger Woods Golf, there’s even hack and slash games like The Elder Scrolls. Imagine firing a phaser for the latest Star Trek Legacy game, or Battling for Middle Earth in The Lord of the Rings (can we virtually put “my precious on?”), the possibilities are endless (especially when you have this hero game pack which let’s you strap on the sword and shield).

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PhotoViolationMeter offers win-win situation

smartmeter.jpgParking bays with meters are often a pesky part of our lives that we have to live with, especially when you’re in a rush for an appointment and lost the sanity of mind to feed the meter with a few coins. More often than not, you tend to insert less coins as you underestimate the tardiness of the other party whom you’re supposed to meet up with, resulting in a lovely “invitation” from the local municipal council to have a tête-à-tête with your bank account due to your negligence and forgetfulness. The invention of the PhotoViolationMeter could see an end to such situations, since this is a networked parking meter solution that aims to introduce some semblance of efficiency and fairness to all parties involved, ranging from civilians to the municipalities.

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Shadows utilized as method of communication

shadow-communication.jpgJapan being the country with the highest saturation of cellphone subscribers in the world is surely also one of the most connected societies around. I suppose this mode of communication is not enough, as Japanese researchers are currently working on shadows (yes, those pesky things that follow you in the presence of light) in order to come up with a non-intrusive method of keeping in touch with friends. This system will be known as Teleshadow, and it streams a video of whatever you’re doing at home over to your friend’s house via the Internet. No idea on why anyone would want to have their privacy invaded in such a manner, and it surely sounds as though this method is three steps behind current video calls made using the help of a webcam.

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New iMac first look is lean and mean …

New iMac
Apple announced the new iMac today. It’s not as boxy or ugly as it’s predecessor, thankfully. Dumping the 17” screen in favor of 20 and 24” models, the iMac is made out of aluminum, glass and sports a very thin keyboard that comes in wired and Bluetooth versions, along with 2 stock 2 USB 2.0 ports built in. Under the hood? A 2.4GHz Core 2 Extreme processor with ATI’s Radeon HD 2600 Pro graphics card, 1 terabyte of storage space, 802.11n, Bluetooth 2.0, and 1GB of RAM (the new iMacs support up to 4GB RAM). (Catching my breath)

iMac Keyboard

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Lenovo brings Linux to laptops


Lenovo, the no. 3 personal computer maker in the world, has just dropped news that they will be introducing a new line of laptops that will not be powered by Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system, instead settling on Linux. This effectively sets the tone of being the strongest endorsement of open-source software by a major computer maker to date. Microsoft might be the number one operating system in the world (and have been for quite some time already, sitting in more than 90% of the computers in the world), but Linux blows its trumpet by being one of the fastest growing types of software used on servers and a variety of other powerful business computers over the past decade.

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Scientists working on levitation technology

levitation-cracked.jpgI tell you, scientists are a mad bunch. Who in their right mind would invent vehicles that move much faster than the speed of sound, or even this thing we call a keyboard that makes communication and documentation so much easier compared to the traditional pen and paper route? Well, them mad scientists are at it again, having recently discovered a novel method of levitating extremely tiny objects that could see a revolution come upon the design of micro machines. This new report claims that physicists are now able to manipulate the Casimir force (vastly different from the fictional Force found in the Star Wars universe) that under normal circumstances, causes objects to stick together via quantum force.

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Electric motocross the ZeroX why it really is better than they say

zero motorcycle electric bikeRecently a number of people have noted the ZeroX. While I can’t typically stand the multiple review of vehicles, this is one of those cases where I feel more than qualified having both designed an electric bike years ago, and having raced a solar car cross country here in the states.

You’ve probably seen the high points and guessed about the low points.

It’s been stated that it does 0-60 “in a flash” and people complained that it was a rather nebulous statement. It does not give concrete numbers and leaves you thinking someone is trying to dupe you. Even if it is a tad slower than a standard bike (which I’m willing to bet it’s not any slower, remember, electric motor torque curves are nearly flat, most likely there is a bundle of wheelspin). In most off-road situations riders typically don’t eclipse 30-40 miles per hour, which most likely this thing is a beast getting to that speed. So what you’re left with is a speedy fun hog.

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Tom Tom gets you lost lost?

Satellite Navigation
Experts say Satellite Navigation Systems can be hacked and steer you the wrong way

Hackers may be moving on to more interesting subjects as security experts report that in car satellite navigation systems can be easily hijacked remotely giving drivers false directions and getting them just plain lost.

Speaking at major security conference in Las Vegas, Andrea Barisani and Daniele Bianco demonstrated live how simple electronics available to anyone can intercept accurate GPS data and replace it with false instructions getting a reliant driver lost, or worse.

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Musical search engine to come soon

music-search-engine.jpgThe search engines of today might be able to do just word and images searches, but how many of them will be able to take a sound sample and retrieve similar tunes? An Australian computer scientist believes that the upcoming search engines in the future will be able to do just that – retrieve music on your behalf whenever you belt out a tune to your computer. She strongly holds on to her views that the next three to four years will see such a search engine appear on anyone who loves music. Currently, there are still a fair number of problems to solve, such as the wide range of music genres available as well as ‘the effect interference from things such as sound quality and environmental noise have on the ability of the program to detect notes.’

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Waiex electric aircraft unveiled

e-plane.jpgSports aviation is an extremely niche market, and you have to have a healthy bank account balance if you’re thinking of diving into this hobby. With oil prices going nowhere but up, this situation could see sports aviation end up as an even more exclusive endeavor, especially for the average enthusiast. Innovators are trying to tackle this problem by making sports aviation more affordable for the next generation. Sonex and Aeroconversions have taken up the task, and their collaboration has resulted in the Waiex electric aircraft – the culmination of the E-Flight initiative.

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