Surface Pro Woes

The highly anticipated launch of the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet went over well. How well? So well that inventory levels appear to be minimal just two days later. Shoppers flocked to Microsoft’s website at the stroke of midnight, February 9 to place orders but encountered frustration. 128GB units ($999) ended up selling out, leaving 64GB units at $899 as the available option. Other shoppers chose to visit Staples or Best Buy, only to find only a couple units on hand – which, of course, went quickly.  Speculation is that total inventory levels were lower than anticipated. Could it be an effort to portray it as more popular? Was there supply chain issues? Or was that Microsoft’s intention? Who knows.

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Reduce Broken Product Deliveries

On average I am sure most of us get some Internet product delivered on a regular basis. Some may come from around the corner. Many end up coming from many miles away. Who knows what happens from the moment you place the order until it ends up in your hot hands. There’s the warehouse picking and packing process. Then tagging and delivery to a distro point. Then the shipping via truck or plane or both. And the driver on the receiving end of course. Your ‘new’ product undergoes quite an experience before even getting opened.  Returns of broken products due to the delivery products cost retailers billions of dollars a year and cost buyers plenty of time and hassle.   

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Are You Ready for CES?

We gadget folks of the world we always look forward to the holidays. Not so much because of Christmas but because that means CES is just around the corner! The 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show kicks off in Las Vegas at 10am local time on Tuesday. With over 3,000 exhibitor booths in 1.87 million square feet of exhibition space and over 150,000 attendees – gadget lovers are bound to be overwhelmed with the latest and greatest in technology. Booths have been in progress for a month and The Verge followed along during the process if you’d like to see what it takes to build CES.

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Cocaine Vaccine – Curing Addiction in One Shot?

Drug addiction is a plague on society, watching someone succumb to an addiction is a horrible thing. Tearing apart families and causing untold amounts of physical and emotional pain. It must take a tremendous amount of emotional strength to fully recover from something like a true addiction. Luckily, I can’t imagine being in a situation like that, but what if someone I loved was? What would I do then?

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