Cement that Absorbs Pollution

If you’ve ever cycled on a busy road you’ll know how bad pollution can be. Inside of letting cyclists filter the pollution out of the air (via their lungs) the answer might be in cement. This is what physorg had to say on the echnology: Tests on a road near Milan showed TX Active cut … Read more

The Hewlett Packard Enterprise Server is literally bullet-proof.

In a bizarre stunt, HP has released a video of an experiment where they fired a .308 calibre bullet into one of their Storageworks servers to show that they are truly “bulletproof”. As if potentially destroying a half a million dollar’s worth of electronics weren’t enough; they somewhat outrageously set up a fish tank behind the server.

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Wicked Laser Review

One of the best things about running the coolest gadgets site is that we sometimes get sent cool gadgets to play with review and test. We’ve just received are favourite review piece so far, courtesy of one of our sponsors, Wicked Lasers, who sent us a cool (or should that be hot) Extreme Nexus 95 mW Laser Pointer.

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The Da Vinci Code online, prize competition.

In a great piece of viral marketing Sony pictures have teamed up with the search engine Google and released on online puzzle to promote their upcoming film; “The Da Vinci Code”.

The prizes on offer include:

• A PS2 Playstation Console (with the Da Vinci Code game of course).

• A Sony BRAVIA V Series LCD TV,

• 5 pairs of Eurostar standard class return tickets to Paris,

• 5 x special The Da Vinci Code edition’ K750i Sony Ericsson phones,

and other prize bundles.

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George Bush has illegal music on his iPod?

This is hilarious. It’s a video of George Bush discussing his iPod after a recorded interview with Fox news. In a supposedly informal post-interview chat, the President lists the songs he has on his iPod, (at least one of which must have been “illegally” ripped from a CD, as you’ll see).

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