Sports Performance Meets High Tech

catapult_2How to athletes keep getting better? Just when we think an athletic feat is unsurmountable, a record is broken. Hits, runs, pitches (the throws…not the grass), bats, bowls, tackles, speeds, heights, goals, assists…the quantities and speeds continue to reach new records. Ever wonder how they keep improving what we believe cannot be improved? Sure, advancements in diet, exercise, training, video and scouting have revolutionized the athlete’s life. But in our ever-growing age of technology you can guarantee the tech involvement in enhancing athletic performance is high. One Australian company has been and continues revolutionizing how technology and human performance collide and advance.

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Apple Pay – Making Changes to how you Charge


There are very few of us that don’t walk around with at least one credit card these days. They certainly do have their conveniences. What I find alarming is the sheer numbers of folks that have had their credit card information compromised, or even stolen. It’s gotten to the point where every time I hand someone my plastic, I find myself eying them up with unfounded suspicions. Heck, its almost enough to make me want to start carrying cash! 

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VegiBee – What’s the Buzz About?




I’m sure many of you have heard about the mysterious mass die-off of honey bee colonies that pollinate around $30 billion worth of crops here in the US alone. It has so decimated America’s Honeybee population that scientists tell us that one more bad winter and the effect on our fields would be devastating. Studies are suggesting several reasons for this bee apocalypse, none of which seem easy to fix. What shall we do about our dwindling bee populations and the effect on our gardens?

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Coin – ALL your Credit Cards in One

Unknown I have to admit I’m not the most organized gal on the planet. My wallets a mess, I have a gazillion credit cards, none of which are where they should be at any given time. I use one to pay for something, and stick it in my jacket pocket. I use another one, and it goes into my dressy handbag, only to be found 3 months after it expired. I need the cards, but I sure wish they were a little easier to keep track of.

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Powdered Alcohol – New Beverage Enhancer causes a “Stir”


Picture it. You and some college chums are heading out to the movies… the beach… a ballgame. You know that a frosty adult beverage would make whatever you’re doing a little more relaxing, and fun, but the drinks are expensive, or simply not allowed at the venue. Sure, you can sneak the stuff into the place in a watermelon, or a boda bag strapped to your bum, but fret no more, the answer to your dilemma may just be on the horizon.

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Technology and Tastebuds – Digital Lollipops Could Taste like Turkey


Ah Thanksgiving, I believe it exists not only to remind us of all the things we have to be thankful for, but also to drive home the fact that eating is a wonderful thing. Of course too-much-turkey hangover, and a 5 pound weight gain overnight …not so much. If only we could have all the pleasure of food and snacks, with none of the pesky after effects.

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Bitcoin – Like Spending Cash, Online?


I spent some time today trying to firm up my holiday travel plans. While I perused some online travel agencies, I came across one that just announced  it would now accept Bitcoins as a form of payment for airfare booked through their website. Bitcoins? I think I’ve heard of them, some sort of decentralized digital currency, kind of like cash for the internet, but I believe it’s time to learn more…

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CES Unveiled – a Preview of Things to Come


Today I’m off to the Consumer Electronics Show kick-off event in New York City. Designed to offer up a sneak peek at some of the years most innovative products in the technology arena. A full 2 months before the CES main event to be held in Las Vegas, CES Unveiled will shine the spotlight on some of the latest and greatest tech products, and award winning innovations that might just be making their way to a store near you.

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Leveraged Freedom Chair is really Going Places!

When I was kid, I had a dirt bike accident and broke my leg. I spent that entire summer confined to a wheelchair, forget the fact that I couldn’t swim because of the cast, and my leg was hot and itchy for the whole 10 weeks, I hated the wheelchair. I could never get anywhere fast enough, my arms hurt, and well, lets face it, there hasn’t been too much wheelchair innovation in a long while. What if I really needed that chair for a long time? What if I needed it forever, and what if I lived in a country that didn’t have all the ramps and sidewalk accessibility that I always took for granted?

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The Un-Coolest Gadget Is…

For as many cool gadgets there are in the world there are plenty of gadget failures. We all probably invested in Betamax, Laserdisc or some other technology that didn’t take off. Sounded like a great idea at the time, right? The famous UK TV program The Gadget Show recently polled 1000 viewers to determine the biggest gadget disaster of all time. Some were good technology, but were executed poorly and competitors pounced. Some were ridiculous technology that customers never adopted. But they all have one thing in common – they failed.

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