LeapFrog Epic tablet targets your little one

leapfrog-epicWhen it comes to tablets for the little ones, you can be sure that the name LeapFrog would, well, leap into your mind, pardon the reference. They have, after all, rolled out their fair share of tablets in the past that target children, with a robustness to match, and the LeapFrog Epic is the latest model from them to hit the market, as it comes with special play and learning experiences that have been designed to adapt as a child grows up – in other words, to maximize the lifespan of the device.

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VTech delivers InnoTab MAX tablet for your little ones

innotab-maxMonkey see, monkey do, or so that is how it has been for quite a fair number of years already – or should I say, generations. Having said that, it is interesting to know that you do not have to purchase another iPad for your toddler simply because he or she sees you using yours, and wants one, too. VTech knows this, which is why they have come up with the InnoTab MAX tablet for children.

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Dell Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet targets the demanding road warrior

dell-latitude-rugged-tabletA tablet is a pretty useful thing to have, although not all tablets do come in a form factor that is rugged and long lasting. Dell might have just the thing for those who would want something that is a whole lot tougher than normal, and that would be the Dell Latitude 12 rugged tablet. Specially designed for mobile users who demand performance and reliability in the worst of conditions, this particular tablet is capable of surviving water spills, sand and dust, drops from over four feet as well as extreme temperatures.

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JPay has a tablet for inmates

jp5-miniWhen one stays in the slammer, the choice for entertainment would be extremely limited, that is for sure. You would most probably want to kill your time by reading books or exercising in your cell, but other than that, access to electronic devices might be restricted or extremely limited, too. What if we were to tell you that there is such a thing known as a tablet for inmates? JPay is the one behind this idea, having announced the official release of the company’s next generation inmate tablet, calling it the JP5mini.

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Durabook R11 makes a splash with a bang

durabook-r11When it comes to tablets, these tend to be rather fragile – however, this does not mean that there are no parties out there that do happen to work on a tougher or more rugged model. GammaTech Computer Corp. has come up with their fair share of tough devices in the past, including the Durabook TA10 tablet, and this time around, it would also be another tablet of theirs that will grace the headlines – where it would be the Durabook R11 in play. What makes the Durabook R11 stand out from the rest of the crowd? For starters, it happens to be the lightest and thinnest unit in its class, tipping the scales at a relatively lightweight 2.73 pounds, and will arrive in not one, two, or even three, but a quartet of separate bundled configurations.

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Nextbook Flexx 2-in-1 Windows tablets arrive at Walmart

FLEX-11If you have been on the lookout for tablets for quite some time already, but never really managed to settle on a particular model, how about giving the Windows platform a go? It will definitely be a refreshing change from that of your regular Android or iOS-powered slate, and you get to taste something alternative as well. E FUN has decided to help make your decision easier with the introduction of the Flexx 11 and Flexx 10 tablets that will run on the Windows 8.1 operating system, not to mention having an Intel Atom processor power these bad boys, accompanied by detachable magnetic keyboards in order to make you all the more productive while you are on the move.

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RuggON reveals Rextorm 10.1” rugged tablet

ruggonRuggON has just announced a spanking new range of rugged tablets under the Rextorm family, where it will come with enhanced battery life as well as graphics capability which should allow it to be more than a decent purchase. Basically, the new Rextorm tablets are able to last longer in the field, as well as deliver a more comprehensive vehicle and office docking solution, depending on the situation. The latest version of the Rextorm rugged tablets happens to be the PX-501B, where it will run on the latest 5th generation Intel Core i5 processors (5350U) with Intel Turbo Boost Technology up to 2.9GHz, Intel vPro Technology, and integrated Intel HD Graphics 6000 (up to 1GHz). Sounds like a heavy hitter right from the get go, don’t you think so?

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OtterBox encourages you to type this time around

otterbox-keyboard-portfolioMost of the time, the name OtterBox would more or less evoke the idea of a rock solid protective case for a particular smartphone (like for the Samsung Galaxy S6) or tablet, and sometimes even delivering waterproof capability to the device, depending on your budget and needs. Well, this time around there is something that is off the beaten path, which many tablet owners should be able to look forward to. I am referring to the OtterBox Agility Tablet System, which is more than capable of transforming the humble tablet into one of the most versatile pieces of technology out there.

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