Ellipsis 10 tablet from Verizon

ellipsis10It has been said before, and it will continue to be said – at least for quite some years more, that the tablet world is more or less divided into two different segments. One of them would be the iOS platform from Apple, while the other huge chunk would merrily ride on Google’s Android mobile operating system. The thing is, there are Windows-powered tablets in the market as well, but the presence of those are marginal at best. Verizon has decided to roll out a so-called sequel to its previous home-branded tablet, calling the new tablet the Ellipsis 10. The Ellipsis 10 is touted to be powerful enough to get everyday work done while you are on the move, accompanied by a stunning display, clear sound and massive battery life.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 ups the ante for tablet markets

surface-pro4Tablets are pretty useful mobile devices to tote around – they get the basics of computing done on the move, without requiring the kind of technicality involved with a desktop or a laptop, and yet is extremely light and portable enough for you to tote around without breaking your back. It would be great if the tablet’s computing performance continues to grow so that it will be on par, or at least get as close as possible, with that of a normal, mid-range notebook, although do expect the limitations in its user interface (assuming there is no keyboard attachment or mouse accessory) to continue to bug it. Microsoft ensures the evolution of the working table progresses in the right direction with the Surface Pro 4.

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The Skull Charger – get into the spirit for the month of Halloween

Skull Charger

Do you love Halloween more than Thanksgiving and Christmas combined? Every year we hit October and the Halloween decorations begin. We basically have to start the fun at the beginning of the month since as soon as Halloween is over it’s Christmas time since no one cares about Thanksgiving unless they’re eating turkey. People start putting up Christmas lights and keep them there well into the winter for aesthetics, but why fight it when you can join in with your own fun?

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Pixel C tablet from Google has its own keyboard accessory, too

pixel-c-tabletI don’t know about you, but do you think that the folks over at Microsoft must feel proud in a sense, seeing that its biggest rivals have now taken a serious look at what their Surface Pro 3 tablet is capable of, only to come up with iterations of their own? Apple has since revealed the iPad Pro which is more or less what Microsoft’s offering is capable of – although Apple did wave their magic wand over the iPad Pro to dupe some gullible folks into thinking that it is the next best thing since sliced bread. Apparently, Google might have taken a page out of Microsoft’s book this time around with their Pixel C tablet that will run on the Android mobile operating system – and yet sports an optional keyboard accessory that helps you be more productive as and when the need arises.

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Amazon’s new Fire tablet goes for just $50

fire-tabletThe tablet industry has gotten rather crowded lately, although it must be said that the iOS and Android platforms have dominated the landscape for quite some time already. Well, it looks like Amazon has not thrown in the towel where tablets are concerned, what with past models like the Kindle Fire HD, and this time around Amazon intends to keep your wallet happy with an asking price of just $50 attached to the new Fire tablet, now how about that? Of course, Amazon has ensured that this will not be some sort of sloppy piece of hardware, but rather, it will have the kind of innards that are respectable enough to be productive on the move.

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LG G Pad II 10.1 packs quite a punch

lg-g-pad-ii-10-1When it comes to tablets, there are basically three different kinds of platforms from where you can pick from – the iOS side, the Android platform, or less used would be the Windows operating system. At the end of the day, it is not so much the hardware than the software that carries a particular device, although the hardware does play quite an important role, too. LG knows this, and it is nice to see them roll out the LG G Pad II 10.1 which arrives in a compact design alongside a clearer display and more powerful functionality, clearly an improvement over their previous tablet.

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Bamboo Spark bridges the gap between ideas on paper and the digital world

Bamboo Spark

When I was growing up, any idea or thought was drawn or written out on paper. You get used to smell, texture, and movements associated with drawing on a sheet of paper, so it was hard to transition to the digital world when you love doing things the old fashioned way, even if it takes twice as long. If you’ve ever wished you could do things the way you wanted without having to cause yourself more hassle, then this is the time to be alive.

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iPad Pro does make one see how futuristic the Surface was

iPad-proApple might not be all that great at coming up with an original idea with each new product that they released, but they are pretty savvy at taking existing ideas and polishing them to such an extent, that the ordinary becomes extraordinary, an object of lust. Take the iPad Pro for example – this new 12.9” tablet with Retina display (5.6 million pixels) offers groundbreaking performance with the new 64-bit A9X chip, making it a truly portable beast with all-day battery life, not to mention the ability to take advantage of over 850,000 apps in the App Store, it looks all set to forge new paths in productivity, design, illustration, engineering and medical, to education, gaming and entertainment while one is on the go. This is certainly a change from the regular iPad.

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Acer Predator 8 gaming tablet is a first

predator-8-gallery-frontWhen it comes to tablets, most of the time we would think of tablets as being productive add-on devices to our notebook or desktop. As for gaming, sure, you will be able to enjoy a little bit of Angry Birds here and there, as well as some of the more engaging RPGs that are there, but to see a tablet as a serious gaming device? You’re kidding me, right? Acer wants to introduce a paradigm shift with what they deem to be the first dedicated gaming tablet in the world, the Acer Predator 8.

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Archos Diamond Tab tablet arrives

Archos-Diamond-TabArchos of France did roll out their rather stunning Archos Diamond S smartphone not too long ago last week, and this time around, it looks like they are going to forge forward with a tablet under the Diamond line – and the device will be aptly known as the Archos Diamond Tab, plain and simple. The Archos Diamond Tab also happens to carry the distinction of being the very first octa-core 4G/LTE tablet, which means if you are hooked up with the right carrier and data plan, surfing on this bad boy is not going to be a problem at all, but rather, a real breeze.

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