Levitatr Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

I must admit that I could not do this post without a physical keyboard with keys. I tried to do a post from my Droid X before, and it just didn’t work.

Apparently, James Stumpf has had the same problem when he was typing on his iPad, and he was on a an airplane when he had a funny yet inspirational thought. What if the keys could just grow up out of the glass?

This is the idea of the Levitatr, a Bluetooth keyboard that can retract its keys when not in use. The idea is to prevent accidental key presses, and keep dirt and crumbs out. You can watch a video of it after the jump, and they really try and make retractable keys as dramatic as possible.

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Fusion Garage Grid10 tablet price plummets to $299

Just how much do you think a tablet should retail for on average? Of course, when you talk about hot stuff like the iPad 2, then half a grand seems to be reasonable, but how about those devices from less famous manufacturers? Surely you have heard of Fusion Garage before somewhere, where the company came up with the Grid10 tablet. It seems that even before the tablet has started to ship, it has already received a price cut.

Yes sir, imagine your wares getting slashed from a reputable $499 all the way down to $299 – and when you think about it, it might as well be a “Buy one at $499 and receive two FREE HP TouchPads!” promotion, considering how HP decided to introduce a really massive price cut to just $99 for the 16GB Wi-Fi only model of their now defunct TouchPad, not too soon after it was released. Well, I certainly hope that the Grid10 will not call it quits so soon, even before it is released! Surely there is a method to this madness?

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Pierre Cardin jumps aboard the tablet PC game

Great – it seems that French fashion house decided that selling clothes – nay, fashion, is not good enough for their bottom line that they have decided to venture into the world of consumer electronics – the tablet here in particular. Yes sir, don’t you think that these are worlds apart? I mean, you don’t see Gucci or Versace taking such a step – either the management at Pierre Cardin are visionaries, or they have lost the plot.

Still, let us see what they are able to churn out on the electronics front other than belts and dapper shirts. Aptly named Pierre Cardin tablet PC, this is the UK’s first, where it will obviously be easy on the eyes (guess the aesthetics are influenced by their experience in the fashion line) alongside user-friendly technology that rides on the Android operating system from Google – no idea on which version it runs on though, but we’re betting it isn’t Honeycomb.

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Griffin IntelliCase for the iPad 2 announced

Griffin has just announced the IntelliCase for the iPad 2, which will definitely add a whole new dimension to the protection of your precious new tablet when it comes to protection. After all, dropping your shiny iPad 2 against the hard concrete floor is something that is a surefire heartbreaker, even more so when the display cracks up. Well, the IntelliCase for the iPad 2 is slightly different as it is not only a folio stand, but also sports an automatic wake-up closure.

Yes sir, the IntelliCase from Griffin is proud to be what some dub “a perfect marriage” – merging protective polycarbonate to ensure the back of your iPad 2 is well protected, while flexible thermoplastic polyurethane is used in front which helps offer protection to your multi-touch display. Magnets are cleverly placed right in the cover itself in order to trigger sleep sensors that are located inside the iPad 2, letting the device wake up automatically whenever the case is opened, and sending it back to dreamland when the case is closed.

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iPad Head Girl turns, well, heads

There’s an app for that – and in the case of the iPad (or iPad 2, it is your call), surely this must be one of the zanier ways to promote or advertise an app. The iPad Head Girl as she is called, is actually an advertising campaign by viral marketing company Thinkmodo, as they decided to come up with this unique looking piece of headgear which looks really realistic, sporting a girl covering her head with four iPads standing in a vertical manner. This ad intends to promote the launch of what used to be a girly magazine – but it has been injected with plenty of testosterone, calling it Cosmo for Guys.

Since many guys love gadgets, it makes sense that Cosmo for Guys is an iPad exclusive magazine courtesy of Hearst – no newsstand copies for you to look out for! Definitely one of the more interesting advertisements that we have come across to date, not to mention creative in its very own way. Watch a video of the iPad Head Girl in action after the jump.


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Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit – CPR for your iPhone?

Here’s a story thats hard to believe, a few years ago, I left my cell phone out by the pool and that afternoon there was a horrible rainstorm that fried it. That same evening, as I lamented the loss of my phone, a band of thugs kicked in the front door of our home and robbed the house while I hid behind a clothing rack, with my fried phone in hand. While most of us have dropped a phone in a sink, toilet or tub, I doubt too many folks have wished for this next product as much as I did…

Meet the Wet Smartphone Emergency kit from Dry-All, originally used to protect moisture sensitive military equipment.  It has been used to keep gun safes dry and for moisture removal for hearing aids. It is now being used for drying wet cell phones, wet smart phones, wet electronic tablets, wet iPods, ipads and other electronic items. This kit absorbs all of the moisture in the wet phone quickly, allowing the phone to continue working as normal without losing your contacts, applications, pictures, or music. Woo-Hoo!

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Hands on with the iPad Handstand

Some of you might remember when we reported on the iPad Strap. At the risk of sounding cliche, I would say that the Handstand for the iPad is the iPad Strap on crack.

Actually, it’s the iPad Strap on some type of drug that makes you spin. The iPad Strap is a good way of keeping only one hand affixed to the iPad, so it can be used like a portable presentation board. The Handstand does that, but it allows you to spin the iPad on an axis with the hub at your palm. You can watch a video of it in action after the jump.

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VTech InnoPad introduces little ones to tablets

The tablet world has just gotten more competitive, what with the iPad 2 being imminent for a release later this year alongside plenty of other tablets that intend to challenge Apple’s dominance coming your way as well. Of course, what better way to introduce your little ones to tablets without having them break your new iPad than with a child-friendly model?

We’re talking about the VTech InnoPad, where this cutting-edge, multi-function tablet is capable of delivering interactive and animated reading, educational gaming and creative activities via a library of cartridges.

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Security Case for iPad

While we have looked at other solutions that make sure your iPad remains in pristine condition when traveling and carrying it around, how about a case for the iPad that makes sure no one is able to access its contents? Enter the Security Case for iPad, where this form fitting case will literally lock your … Read more

Belkin rolls out new sleeves for the Apple iPad


Belkin is betting that Apple’s latest iPad device will sell millions upon millions, but we don’t think it will ever hit the 250 million mark that the iPod family has arrived at over the years, unless the iPad comes down in price drastically. As with any other Apple device, it comes with a delectable design, although some of us are already grumbling about the extra fat bezel of the iPad which was incorporated so that you won’t accidentally touch the screen when moving it around unlocked. Most importantly, we ought to keep the screen in a pristine condition, as reading on a scratched and smudged display isn’t exactly the preferred option. Belkin answers this clarion call with three new sleeves in the form of the Vue, Max and Grip (as seen above). More on each of them right after the jump.

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