Biblezon comes up with special tablet for the Pope

biblezon-tabletWhen you are a revered figurehead and leader like the Pope, you can be sure that you will have your fair share of adoring masses and fans, never mind the fact that you are a spiritual leader to more than a billion people on the planet as well. Well, this means the kind of stuff that you use need not be of the ordinary mold, and this would include the tablet. Forget the already expensive iPad Pro, how about a special tablet just for the Pope?

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Booqpad revealed for 9.7” iPad Pro

booqpadThe team over at booq, who happens to be designers of stylishly functional laptop bags, backpacks as well as carrying cases for creative professionals, have just lifted up the curtain on their latest addition. This new star to the “show” happens to be known as the Booqpad for 9.7-inch iPad Pro. This particular model of the Booqpad makes it easy to switch between working and playing mode, where it will bring together the security of a snap case with the practical benefits of a multi-fold folio, in the end delivering versatility, protection and style. It will also arrive complete with a removable magnetic polycarbonate 9.7-inch iPad Pro, folio and notepad, making it the ideal create-and-carry solution. The Booqpad for 9.7-inch iPad Pro will sport an asking price of $60 a pop if you are interested in picking one up for yourself.

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Amazon Fire HD 10 announced

Fire-HD-10When it comes to tablets, the world is more or less divided into two different segments – one that aligns itself with iOS and Apple in the form of the iPad, while the other would be Android-powered tablets from a myriad of hardware manufacturers. Of course, certain manufacturers prefer to take the road less traveled with a variant of Android, and this time around, we have the Amazon Fire HD 10 that has just been released. This is not the first tablet that the folks over at Amazon have rolled out, and hopefully it will not be the last, too!

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Asus Transformer Mini is a lightweight 2-in-1 PC

Transformer MiniAsus has definitely taken the right steps to work on the Transformer line of devices in the past, where the name itself implies that it is not so much a straightforward piece of hardware, but rather, it comes across as a multiple-use machine that fills up different niches from time to time. For instance, there was the Asus Transformer Book Flip that can function as a tablet or a notebook, depending on the situation, without removing the display from the keyboard itself. This time around, we have the Asus Transformer Mini that has been touted to be the lightest 2-in-1 PC in the world.

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E FUN rolls out detachable Nextbook

nextbook-detachableI am pretty sure that many of us have heard of the name E FUN before, as this is one company that introduced the Nextbook brand which has frankly grown by a few more models over the years. This time around, it has rolled out a spanking new Nextbook that comes with a detachable design, and the company has even marketed it as a gift that you can get for dad or graduates. In other words, the new E FUN Nextbook 10.1 2-in-1 tablet is worth checking out.

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Alcatel Pop 7 LTE hits T-Mobile

alcatel-pop-7-lteDid you know that Alcatel happens to be the number four mobile phone manufacturer in North America? Yes, that might come across as surprising, but this does mean that the company would then have a certain level of know-how when it comes to rolling out mobile devices that are worth your time – and hopefully, money, too. Well, their latest attempt would be the portable LTE connected tablet known as the Pop 7 LTE, where it is set to arrive on T-Mobile.

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Griffin wants to protect your iPhone SE and iPad Pro

survivor-at-griffinPurchasing a brand new device would also mean one thing – going all out to make sure that it is well protected from knocks, drops, and accidental scratches. After all, who does not want to be a good steward of things entrusted to us? Griffin has long been in the business of offering protective cases to modern day devices, including the recently released Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. This time around, Griffin has revealed a range of protective cases for the newly announced 9.7-inch iPad Pro and iPhone SE, as these new accessories deliver a wide range of designs which have been tailored to fit various lifestyles while protecting and keeping each device in pristine condition.

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Satechi launches Aluminum Apple Watch and Lightning Charging Stand

Satechi-Aluminum-Lightning-Charging-StandSatechi is a household name when it comes to accessories for your mobile devices, and this will include those meant for Apple devices as the design that Satechi uses does flow alongside what Apple has already delivered. This time around, one will find that the more recent two offerings from Satechi, which will be part of its metallic series, will comprise of not one, but two products in the form of the Aluminum Apple Watch Charging Stand and the Lightning Charging Stand.

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The Chatlight makes video meetings look more professional


If you have a smartphone with a camera, you have undoubtedly fiddled with taking pictures of everything from your face to your lunch. Moving just one degree to the right or left will change how the camera adjusts the lighting, making things look blown-out white, like shadow creatures, or in particularly well-lit areas, as if you had an entire lighting crew at your disposal. If you FaceTime with family, coworkers, and friends, your lighting setup may not always be what you would prefer. This is especially the case when you are dealing with different time zones, like my sister and I who have to coordinate California and Japan.

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TechFaith Wireless ships rugged JNOTE Android phablet to Europe

jnoteMany of us already own a smartphone, and it can be safely assumed that an accompanying device o go along with the smartphone is a tablet. After all, a tablet offers a far larger real screen estate for your eyes to feast upon, not to mention that it will also be able to let you watch movies in a greater level of comfort tan ever before. For those who would prefer to spend their screen time with something larger than that of a smartphone but smaller than a tablet, a phablet would straddle the line in between. However, some of us happen to lead lifestyles that are more “dangerous” for our sensitive gadgets, which is why there is a need for rugged devices to be up and about. It looks like TechFaith Wireless of China has filled this niche pretty well, having announced that it has recently commenced shipments of it ruggedized Android phablet into the European Union.

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