CTL Chromebook Tablet Tx1

Those in the education line know that having the right kind of tools are essential in making sure that one is able to glean the maximum amount of knowledge during the learning process. Over the years, educational tools have varied and changed — for the better, of course. This time around, technology has stepped further ahead with the CTL Chromebook Tablet Tx1 that was specially developed for the education sector.

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Scosche BaseLynx system keeps devices organized during charging

When it comes to accessories for mobile devices, there is one particular name that tends to deliver well thought up solutions consistently: Scosche. This time around, this innovative company has come up with an elegant solution to the challenge of keeping multiple and diverse devices charged and organized via its all-new BaseLynx system. With a myriad of mobile devices that each person owns these days, it makes perfect sense if there is a system which will be able to keep everything well organized, and the Scosche BaseLynx system does seem to fit the bill perfectly.

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New Microsoft Surface Go tablet hits all the right notes

microsoft-surface-goThe tablet industry is not exactly one that sets the world alight with news of a new model, but when it hails from Microsoft or Apple, it is best to sit up and take notice. There is a brand new Microsoft Surface Go tablet in town, where this 10-inch bad boy will have a starting price point of $399, arriving in a couple of hardware specifications for the discerning road warrior to choose from.

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Blackboard offers you a new way to write

blackboardNo, this is no ordinary blackboard that the older generation grew up with, where the use of chalk and a duster educated millions of children during their formative years. This is the blackboard of the 21st century, where technology has been fused to an ancient idea in order to deliver the best of both worlds. The folks behind the Boogie Board has come up with the definitive Blackboard, where it has been described as an electronic writing tool that features Liquid Crystal Paper, enabling one to write, edit and erase as though one was using pencil on paper.

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LeapFrog offers the LeapPad Ultimate tablet for kids

When it comes to kids, you know that they can be boisterous. Very boisterous in fact, and through their hyperactivity and running around, they are bound to cause something to break. This means handing over a brand new smartphone is not the best of ideas, since a random drop is most probably going to result … Read more

OIO introduces Amp iPad speaker case

oio-ampThe idea of tablets being used as a portable media player is not new at all, but then again, neither is it something which is all the craze these days. The tablet market has definitely been on a decline, if slightly, in recent times, and it does not look as though it is going to pick up anytime soon either. This does not mean that there is no money to be made where tablet accessories are concerned, since there is still a sizeable market out there. However, the choice of accessories would certainly come under scrutiny, since there is plenty to look forward to if you are going to kit out your tablet — or iPad in particular, with a speaker case. Yes, you read that right — a speaker case, which is something that does not arrive every other day.

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Asus Transformer Mini is a lightweight 2-in-1 PC

Asus has definitely taken the right steps to work on the Transformer line of devices in the past, where the name itself implies that it is not so much a straightforward piece of hardware, but rather, it comes across as a multiple-use machine that fills up different niches from time to time. For instance, there … Read more

E FUN rolls out detachable Nextbook

nextbook-detachableI am pretty sure that many of us have heard of the name E FUN before, as this is one company that introduced the Nextbook brand which has frankly grown by a few more models over the years. This time around, it has rolled out a spanking new Nextbook that comes with a detachable design, and the company has even marketed it as a gift that you can get for dad or graduates. In other words, the new E FUN Nextbook 10.1 2-in-1 tablet is worth checking out.

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verykool Cyprus LTE phablet ready to rock and roll

cyprus-lteWhen it comes to smartphones, there are so many different kinds of models out there in the market, so much so that it can be rather difficult to pick and choose if you would like to enjoy a new model from time to time. What if you feel that a smartphone is a bit too small for your use, and yet a tablet is something that you are not too comfortable to use? Perhaps meeting both needs in the middle ground has led to a boom in the phablet industry, and yet another phablet that is ready to hit the market would be the verykool Cyprus LTE phablet, where it will also be known by its model number SL6010.

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Panasonic Toughpad FZ-Q1 announced

panasonic-toughpad-fz-q1Panasonic is no stranger when it comes to rolling out notebooks as well as tablets that are of the tough variety, especially when we are talking about the Toughpad. We have come across various Toughpads in the past, and boy, were they ever able to live up to their reputation. In fact, the most recent member of the Toughpad family of enterprise-grade ruggedized tablet devices was announced not too long ago, where it will be powered by an Intel processor with Windows 8.1 Pro as the operating system of choice, as the device bears the name Panasonic Toughpad FZ-Q1.

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