E Fun introduces new Ares 11A hybrid tablet

nextbook-ares-11aE Fun might not have the kind of sales volume as Apple does with their fair share of iPads in terms of tablets moved across the counter, but this does not mean that they are not going to roll out any kind of hardware and just give up in the face of the competition. No sir, in fact, E Fun intends to make a splash at the upcoming CES by expanding their range of Nextbook Ares Android tablets by introducing a brand new 2-in-1 model. This particular model will be the 11.6″ Ares 11A, where it boasts of Android 5.1 Lollipop as the operating system of choice, and will be powered by a quad-core Intel Atom x5-Z8300 processor that has 2GB of RAM in order to deliver a pretty smooth performance right from the get go. Expect the Nextbook Ares 11A to hit the market some time in the second quarter of next year as it is accompanied by a recommended sticker price tag of $219.99 a pop.

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JPay has a tablet for inmates

jp5-miniWhen one stays in the slammer, the choice for entertainment would be extremely limited, that is for sure. You would most probably want to kill your time by reading books or exercising in your cell, but other than that, access to electronic devices might be restricted or extremely limited, too. What if we were to tell you that there is such a thing known as a tablet for inmates? JPay is the one behind this idea, having announced the official release of the company’s next generation inmate tablet, calling it the JP5mini.

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Durabook R11 makes a splash with a bang

durabook-r11When it comes to tablets, these tend to be rather fragile – however, this does not mean that there are no parties out there that do happen to work on a tougher or more rugged model. GammaTech Computer Corp. has come up with their fair share of tough devices in the past, including the Durabook TA10 tablet, and this time around, it would also be another tablet of theirs that will grace the headlines – where it would be the Durabook R11 in play. What makes the Durabook R11 stand out from the rest of the crowd? For starters, it happens to be the lightest and thinnest unit in its class, tipping the scales at a relatively lightweight 2.73 pounds, and will arrive in not one, two, or even three, but a quartet of separate bundled configurations.

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The Dotlens – Making your Smartphone Smarter


I remember the first time I was introduced to a microscope, I was instantly intrigued, and wanted to “magnify” absolutely everything I could get my hands on. Some of it was spectacular, other things? Well, let’s just say I will never be able to un-see them. But all in all, the ability to see the world around me in such detail was wondrous, and something everyone should be able to experience, and the Dotlens may just be the gadget that brings that experience home.

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Dell rolls out Venue 10 7000 tablet

dell-venue-10-7000Tablets – there are definitely two major camps out there, running on Android and iOS, with the latter boasting the likes of the iPad. Of course, we should not forget the Windows-powered tablets, but those tend to be the minority more than the majority. Well, Dell has made another appearance in the tablet camp with their latest model, the Dell Venue 10 7000, which was specially designed to impress the masses with its stunning features, best tablet display technology available and full-size detachable, magnetic keyboard for better productivity while you are on the move.

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Drop – a kitchen assistant that will remove the mess from cooking

Drop Connnected Kitchen Scale

When you want to make a meal from scratch, you know how much preparation it’s going to take. You need to make sure you have all the ingredients at the ready, a few hours to prep and cook everything and of course, a little extra time to do the myriad of dirty dishes at the end. If you wish you could streamline some of this process and improve your cooking skills while you’re at it, then having a personal assistant in the kitchen probably sounds like a wonderful idea.

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SciO is a molecular sensor that will help you learn about the world


We have a general thirst for knowledge of the world that can’t be quenched. We were born with no understanding of our surroundings, and have to be taught what things are, how they work, and how to interact with what’s in front of us. After a certain point, it’s up to us to gain knowledge about the world rather than being educated by teachers or parents.

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Sony Digital Paper targets the professional fraternity

sony-digital-paperIn a profession such as the legal line, you would definitely have to deal with paper. Plenty of paper, so much so that sometimes, you do wish that the entire shebang can be digitized so that all of the documentation required can be carried up and around on a single tablet. Sony might have a hand in that, as they have just announced the Sony Digital Paper, providing professionals with a new way to read, annotate, and share documents electronically.

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Deceased lady’s iPad cannot be used due to Apple’s security rules

ipad3-launchI know that there are moments in life when nothing seems to go your way, and you wished that you would receive a break. Well, the Grants would have felt that way too, when John Grant’s mother, Anthea, breathed her last without having written down her Apple ID as well as password somewhere. After all, who would have thought that it would amount to a rather grievous matter? While Anthea did ensure that she bequeathed her iPad to her family in her will, her family who do not have her Apple ID and password, are hence unable to make use of the iPad. Basically, her iPad has now ended up as a rather large sized paperweight. Is there a way out of this conundrum?

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