Watch out for ATM Skimmers

skim1-2I never heard of an ATM Skimmer before today, but now that I have, I am scared. It reminds me of the time when I heard about the identity thieves that supposedly dig in your garbage to get your personal information. I’ve been shredding my bills ever since.

The ATM Skimmer is most certainly a cool gadget, unless you are a victim of it. As you can see by the illustration, it is a slot that is designed to fit over an ordinary ATM card reader of your typical ATM.

This particualr one was found on a Citibank ATM in Woodland Hills, California. When a customer went to withdraw some cash, little did he or she know that his or her card was scanned by a thief. The Skimmer also had a tiny camera to record the user as he or she entered his or her PIN number. I would imagine that the thief probably planned to have retrieved the Skimmer, and started printing phony ATM cards. Then the scoundrel would have gone and made some seriously illegal withdrawals.

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Portable Anti-Spy Cam Scanner for the highly suspicious


You’ve probably seen all types of spy cameras by now.  Well now there’s a device for those of you that are paranoid that someone is keeping an electronic eye pointed directly at you.  Just pull out this not so subtle device and you’ll know for sure.  Of course with this big bulky thing, they’ll also know that you know.  At least you’ll finally know the dreaded truth though.  You’ll either find that you are being watched or that you’re just an incredibly paranoid human being.

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Bionic Ear with Headphones let you spy on the neighbors


For those of you that enjoy listening to conversations at a safe distance, now you can have a gadget to help you out with that.  You can also watch intently through the built-in monocular.  Of course this could be used for things besides spying.  For nature lovers you could sit in the woods and watch a far off deer or listen to the birds.

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4GB Spy CMOS Camera Cap With Remote Control


You may have seen the very expensive baseball cap with a built-in camera and a hand held digital monitor.  That device would be ideal, however, if you’re on a remotely strict budget, you might want to get this hat instead.  It has all of those lovable spying capabilities, but won’t leave you completely penniless.  Of course the hat itself is slightly more odd looking, so it helps if you’re not too concerned about looking fashionable.

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Gryphon Stealth Wingsuits could replace parachutes

gyphon4.jpg.scaled.500So what are we looking at here, a still shot from the next Transformers movie? No, believe it or not, that is a human, one wrapped up in a wing-like contraption.

This is a little pet project of the Special Parachute and Logistics Consortium called the Gryphon Next Generation Parachute System. The idea is instead of soldiers bail out of planes with parachute things on, they put something on that helps them take full advantage of the sky.

In other words, it isn’t a parachute with a big silk canopy that is slowly falling to the earth like giant slow-moving target. No, this Gryphon Next Generation Parachute System would allow a parachuting soldier to get far away (about 30 miles) and would be invisible to radar.

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Dash Cam Dually films the inside and outside of the car

carcamdually-thumb-454x550-29175I have seen a lot of cameras that are made to record the action outside the car. I honestly can’t think of any reason to have one of these unless you happen to get in a lot of accidents, and you don’t want your insurance rates to go up any more than they already are.

The major difference between the Dash Cam Dually and regular car cameras is that you get two cameras. Most cameras only show the action outside of the car, but this one has a second camera to show the inside of the car.

In addition to these 1.3 Megapixel cameras, it also has four infrared LEDs to illuminate the inside of the video for proper filming. It also has a G-Shock sensor that displays five level settings that can record the impact points. So if you have an accident, it will record the impact, along with a GPS receiver to log the exact location, speed, and direction.

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Senseaware really knows how to track a package

4131661328_dc69d351da_oI don’t know about you, but I remember a time where you couldn’t track a package from Fed Ex or UPS online. No, in my day, if you expected a package from Fed Ex, then you waited for it, just like everyone else.

FedEx has stepped up their tracking game with Senseaware, a drop-in sensor for packages that monitors everything.

This device is about the size of a BlackBerry, and it tracks everything like temperature, exact location, and whether or not it has been opened or exposed to light. It even has a built-in accelerometer so it will detect when it has been dropped.

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SecureShot clock is nanny-cam with Atomic Clock

nannycam-thumb-542x426-28461This next product must be for those who really want more control in their life. The SecureShot is a way for you to watch others, and it has an atomic clock.

I suppose you could call it a Nanny-cam, just like the one seen in Meet the Parents and The Nanny Diaries. Unlike the cameras put on stuffed animals, this one looks like an ordinary clock.

Assuming you think that an atomic clock is ordinary. Yes, this is one of those clocks that will always be accurate, and if the batteries run out, the clock will be back on time when they get replaced. Looks like it can also do the temperature as well.

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Brando’s SPY Wireless Camera Pen comes with PMP

WirelessSpyCamPen_11_640xThis would not be the first time we reported on a Spy Camera Pen, and it probably won’t be the last, either. Normally, spy stuff made for the consumer looks pretty shabby compared to the technology in James Bond or Mission Impossible movies, but this one from our old friends at Brando looks quite decent.

The SPY Wireless Camera Pen + PMP comes in two parts, a transmitter and a receiver. The Transmitter is the pen itself, that transmits with 2.4 GHz. It has a rechargeable battery powered by USB and shoots 640 x 480 video with a lens that no one would ever see unless they looked really close. The lens is positioned perfectly for secret shooting in one’s breast pocket.

The receiver is essentially a PMP with a 3.5 inch screen. Not only can it pick up what the camera is seeing, but it is good for playing all kinds of formats, such as MP3, WMA, MP4, FLV, not to mention JPEGs and e-books. It has 2GB worth of memory built in to it, and expandable with the TF/Micro SD Card slot. It also has a TV out so you can see what you want on a bigger screen.

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