Wireless Panasonic Camera keeps you informed

Those of you that often leave your home unprotected and travel the world probably could use a little something to keep you from worrying.  Sure, you could get an alarm system for your home that alerts you when someone has entered your home, but sometimes you just need to see for yourself that everything is in perfect order.  That’s where this Panasonic BL-C230A Wireless Camera would come in very handy.

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Cross Spy Camera

This is one of those gadgets that you’d have to be a bit on the goth side in order for this to work.  After all, if you’re in a business type attire then a chunky black cross is going to appear just a bit on the strange side.  Which would make the gadget absolutely pointless since its whole purpose is to be stealthy and catch people in the act.

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Racing Car Spy Camera

If you have a thing for spy gadgets and toy cars, well then you’re in luck.  Brando has released a toy car that happens to have a camcorder built directly into it.  I couldn’t really guess as to what you’d really need it for, but perhaps you have someone you’re just dying to catch in the act.  Then again, you might just want to be able to brag to your buddies that you own a spy camera.

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Wild Planet Spy Video TRAKR

As a kid you always dream of those ultimate spy toys that allow for you to torture your siblings.  As an adult you might still want them, but it’s doubtful that you’ll feel reassured living with a  kid that owns one of those serious spy gadgets.  This TRAKR would be a whole lot of fun, just as long as you’re the one controlling it.  It’d be pure misery for anyone around you that doesn’t possess something like this.

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Armatix pistol won’t fire without the watch nearby

armatix-.22-pistol-1I have never heard of the Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show, but I think it is just hysterical that it abbreviates to SHOT. It sounds like a fictional group in some anti-gun propaganda film.

Anyway, during SHOT, a German company known as Armatix had a smartgun like I have never seen before. This pistol is programmed not to fire unless you get a wireless arming signal from a special wristwatch.

As you can see from the photo, there is a green light. It means you can fire the gun. A red light means you can’t fire it. I’m not certain if the red warning light should mean that the gun will fire, so don’t mix up the light colors. The lights on the gun remind me of the phasers in the last Star Trek film.

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iPod-like Mini Spy Camera Camcorder


This may look like yet another dorky iPod knock off that will never look as good as the original, but it has an extra angle.  This fake iPod doesn’t play any music, instead it spies on everyone around you.  Sure, it’s less than subtle when there’s a hole right in the center of what looks like it should be a screen, but if the people you’re spying on are complete morons you’ll be just fine.

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Thunder Generator creates some wicked shockwaves

sonic_noisemakerblaster-thumb-550x207-32284Do you know what you are looking at? It looks like a firehose, doesn’t it? You know how firehoses can disperse crowds? This device, known as the Thunder Generator, can also disperse crowds, and can do a better job.

The Thunder Generator uses ordinary sound with liquid petroleum, cooking gas, and air to create explosions that can create such a shockwave, that they can literally blow people away.

That is, if a person is standing close enough, say, 30 feet, it could kill that person. If a person is standing at the other end of a football field, than they will be stunned by the blast.

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