ExoSkeleton to create SuperSoldiers

Aliens 2 exoskeleton

Remember that great scene in Aliens 2 where Ripley wants to help and hops into a exoskeleton loader and picks up a pallet of military equipment that weighs hundreds of pounds? The Catepillar style exoskeleton does all the work, but Ripley’s controlling the arms and legs like they’re extentions of her own. Well, with the Sarcos Military Exoskeleton, that day is here.

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CX-008 GSM SIM Card Spy Ear makes you feel like James Bond

CX-008 GSMWhen I was young I idolized James Bond. He got to go on top-secret missions, had beautiful women and always got the bad guy. Most importantly though, Q always hooked him up with the best gadgets to use when out on assignment. While you won’t see most of the gear he used on the market these days, here is one device that’s worthy of 007. The CX-008 GSM SIM Card Spy Ear may have a strange name, but it would be most useful when you need to listen in on a conversation remotely.

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Portable USB Shredders allow you to shred on the go

Handheld USB shredder

There’s USB power for just about everything these days. So, when we found the Portable USB Paper Shredder by Kinlan Industrial it wasn’t that too suprising. But it is very helpful for those who travel for a living.

People who deal with sensitive information on the go really need a means to destroy documents without having to lug around a shredder that has to plug into a wall socket. Weighing in at a svelte 12 ounces and fitting in the palm of your hand, the Portable USB Paper Shredder can either run on four AA batteries, AC adapter or the USB power from a laptop/PC. Now that’s flexibility. It can also shred standard documents with it’s 10 inch length.

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The hidden camera detector

camera detector
There has never been more visible and more worrying hidden cameras around, almost everywhere that you go you are likely to be caught on camera, but there is nothing that we can really do about it, because it is the way that we live now. But there is also a growing amount of hidden cameras used for surveillance at work and sometimes even at home, whatever the reason there is now a small device that you can use to see if there are any hidden cameras watching you.

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Prison Pen useless as a weapon

prison-pen.jpgAfter watching too many Hollywood productions, I am convinced that prison inmates would do anything and use everything in their power to plan an escape, and even the humble pen is not spared as it can be improvised into a life threatening weapon. This is one of the reasons why inmates are checked thoroughly before entering a prison in order to prevent a riot. The Prison Pen brings a new twist to the humble writing instrument that everybody knows and loves – it is not only capable of helping you in putting down your John Hancock, it also doubles up as a useless weapon in the event some pea-brained inmate tries to plot a hostage situation.

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