The Immobilizer Phone – Don’t Take That Call!

by Julie

You know the feeling of leaving a store late at night, and walking out into a dark parking lot? While you don’t actually believe that anything is going to happen, you breathe just a little faster knowing that it could. I know I always like to hold my keys in between my fingers thinking I could hurt someone with them, but holding 5 million volt stun gun that looks like a cell …

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The Cheaters Spy Shop – Here’s Looking at You Kid!

by Julie

As you might imagine the Cheaters Spy Shop is looking to appeal to our most insecure selves, it counts on our deep distrust of our significant others, well not mine exactly… I mean my husband is a great guy, right? Of course, you’d tell me if there was something going on wouldn’t you? Wait a minute! What do you know? Anyhow, for those of us who can’t be sure, Cheaters …

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Lorex Home Video Monitoring System with Skype

by Mark R

I have reported on Lorex’s products before, like that Baby Monitor a while back. I was impressed with the ease of their technology, and it is imitated and taken a step further with the Lorex Home Video Monitoring System (LW2020/LW2030 Series). This Live Connect allows the user to connect a wireless Gateway device to their home network and plug in the camera it comes with. When the handheld monitor is …

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SpyNet Laser Trip Wire

by Edwin

We’ve seen a couple of devices from the SpyNet range before, and obviously this one is more of a defensive alarm than anything else. The name of the $39.99 SpyNet Laser Trip Wire gives the game away, where this trip wire will let you re-enact scenes from various films that offer nail biting moments, including Catherine Zeta Jones’ fine derriere snaking herself through a maze of trip wires in the …

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Smart-i Wireless Spy Camera

by Edwin

With the advancement and miniaturization in electronics these days, you can never quite tell just which device is a spy camera, or at least, comes with some sort of surveillance mechanism within to watch your every move in an unsuspecting manner. I would suppose jealous spouses who wonder what’s going on with their other half who started to dress up sharper than ever before, splashing a dash of cologne or …

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Spy sunglasses with remote

by Edwin

With the advent of the Internet, there has been far more user generated content than ever before, and the proliferation of cameras in cell phones have also aided the growth of sites like YouTube, where you get to capture unique moments on the spot. Well, if you want to participate in something more covert, it is going to take more than just a regular digital camera or camcorder – you …

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SpyNet Night Vision Mission Video Watch

by Edwin

Do you happen to feel a little bit like James Bond at the moment, and want to make sure that you have the gear to go along with your spying adventures in the future? Well, ThinkGeek might have just the device for you – the SpyNet Night Vision Mission Video Watch. It looks like a kid’s toy at first glance, although this is the real deal (of course, it won’t …

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