Recover deleted text messages with the Cell Phone SIM Card Spy

Cell Phone Sim Card Spy

Have you ever deleted an important file that you didn’t have backed up anywhere? When that happens it’s horrible, but you can’t blame anyone but yourself for not keeping proper backups. However, if you delete something like an important text message, you at least have the comfort of knowing that there’s no easy way to keep constant backups of those. What’s great is that now there is a device that will allow you to recover deleted text messages from your phone.

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Tap your own phone line with Teleport 2.0

Teleport 2.0

I’ve never really thought that anyone was “out to get me.” Sure, back in the day I thought I was going to get into some hot water over all of those Napster downloads I did (I was on dial-up at the time, so couldn’t have downloaded that many), but never to the point where I thought that someone was tracing my calls, or that I should be recording calls I received. However, were I needing something to do just that, I’d probably consider the Teleport 2.0.

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T-PLS Grappling Gun is Finally Reality

T-PLS Grappling Gun is Finally Reality

Question: What do Batman, Spider-man, and Tarzan have in common?

Answer: They both travel via swinging, and so can you.

Digital Force Technologies actually invented something straight from the movies and my adventurous dreams with the T-PLS pneumatic “tactical line-throwing system”. I don’t know about you, but when I saw the photo here, my eyes practically bulged out. All I could think of was: “Wow, someone finally invented a grappling hook gun”.

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Puppy Wireless Spy Camera

Puppy Wireless Spy Camera

There are a couple of ways to spy on other people, and one of the best is to use a spy camera. Needless to say, the camera in questions must not bring a lot of attention to itself, otherwise the spying plan goes down the toilet, and you will need to get another way to work as an undercover agent.

With that being said, the Puppy Wireless Spy Camera, which is a recent addition at Brando, looks like the gadget that can get the job done.

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Corner Shot gets them before they get you

Corner Shot

Clearly, our current conflict in Iraq was the inspiration for the Corner Shot, a gun that can literally shoot someone from around the corner.

I suppose that one sniper guy from Saving Private Ryan would have probably lived a longer life, had he one of these, and would have said a lot more Bible verses.

As you can see, the gun has a built-in screen so you can exactly what you’re shooting at. I’m not certain how it works, but I’m guessing it’s got a tiny little camera or a mirror or something.

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BOSS Body Scanner

Boss Body Scanner

You know, I just really don’t want to report on this, because I cannot stand anal-related prison jokes. However, this is something that just begs for it.

So what is this I’m reporting on anyway? Oh, yeah, the Body Orifice Security Scanner, or BOSS, for short. It is a mobile chair with three sensitive sensors that can detect metal items as small as a paper clip or pin.

Do not ask me why an inmate would have a pin or paper clip up their…ahem. Actually, I heard that the real worry is that prisoners might bring in memory cards for cell phones, and could make some drug deals. Actually, I’ve heard that some prisoners can smuggle entire cell phones up their (oh, man, don’t make me write it. Now my readers are going to have to think about it!)

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Your calculator might just be staring back at you

Spy Calculator

The holidays are a time for giving. Which also means that you’ll likely be on the receiving end of your fair share of gifts (or coal). With all of the cool things you get in colorfully-wrapped boxes, there is something you may want to consider. Your new calculator from that creepy guy in accounting might actually be watching you. That’s right, someone has taken an ordinary printing calculator and stuffed a spy cam inside.

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Fluorescent light powers camera


NEC of Japan has stumbled upon a new development – it has successfully rolled out a wireless camera which can be powered by a fluorescent light – and act that is done by simply attaching a ring-shaped component for power acquisition to the bulb. This surely beats the inconvenience of solar energy, where only power can be stored whenever there is sufficient sunlight available. The implementation of this fluorescent-powered wireless camera means the camera can practically be used round the clock without running out of juice – as long as the office lights are turned on. Having said that, it is a tad inconvenient to have all the lights on at night when there’s nobody at the office, so I guess this is good enough a solution for the time in between evening and night when folks are wrapping up their duties in their respective cubicles.

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Vertipod could be the Segway of the Skies


I remember watching episodes of Jonny Quest and seeing flying pods being used by the bad guys to hunt down Jonny and Hadji. I remember thinking to myself – man, those are so cool I can’t wait for the day we have those in real life! Well, according to a story in Wired, that day may have come with the Vertipod, a propeller-powered personal hover aircraft that operates like a helicopter in “ground effect.”

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