Lorex Home Video Monitoring System with Skype

I have reported on Lorex’s products before, like that Baby Monitor a while back. I was impressed with the ease of their technology, and it is imitated and taken a step further with the Lorex Home Video Monitoring System (LW2020/LW2030 Series).
This Live Connect allows the user to connect a wireless Gateway device to their home network and plug in the camera it comes with. When the handheld monitor is turned on, the user has the camera’s image, instantly!
That is good for when you need a baby monitor or secret surveillance camera, but what makes this really neat is that the camera can be connected to Skype. This means that the user can monitor their camera from any Skype-connected PC, Mac computer, and it also works on the iPhone 3GS/4, iPad, and iPad 2.

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Dropcam – Watch your World from Anywhere

Every time I come home from work, my dog looks so guilty, I try to touch the pillows on the couch to see if they’re still warm, I check for tell tale signs of dog hair in the middle of my nice clean bed, all while he slinks around knowing he’s done something. I don’t know what he’s up to, but I’m just about to find out…
Meet Dropcam, the new wifi webcam that allows you to monitor video of whats going on at your home or business from anywhere, via the web or even on your mobile device. The Dropcam is very small, easy to set up and very easy to use.
Simply connect the Dropcam to your Wi-Fi network using 802.11 b/g. You can also use a wired connection with the included ethernet cable. Dropcam works with most types of consumer routers and supports WEP, WPA, and WPA2 encryption. The Dropcam sets up in a flash and because there are no technical skills required, you just need to plug it in, and you’re done. Watch a demo after the break.

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Washable RFID Tags – Soon to be Tracking your Hotel Towels

Imagine this if you will, it’s about a week after your fabulous vacation to Miami, and you just finished washing your clothes, and all the really cool towels you stole form the pool area, when there’s a knock at your door, as you put the last towel on the shelf, the towel police take out your front door and rush up your front staircase.
Okay, thats probably not exactly how its going to happen, but thanks to a Florida company that has patented a washable radio frequency identification, or RFID, chip designed to track towels, robes and even bed sheets, at the very least, you could be getting a bill for the darn things.

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PhoneSheriff – Know Where your Kids are, and What they’re Doing

Retina-X Studios just announced the availability of PhoneSheriff for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows smartphones. This parental control service for mobile phones allows parents to monitor, filter, and restrict their children’s smartphone activities. The parent sets the software to record and block activities associated with specific numbers and it can also track locations via GPS.
PhoneSheriff is a stealth application which allows parents to see everything their kids do while on the phone, like every text message sent or received, every call dialed or received and all videos and pictures captured by the phone. Yikes! Then, parents can check the kids actions by logging onto the hidden interface on the phone itself, or in order to be extra sneaky, they can log into a secure Web panel from any Web browser to view the recorded logs and stored GPS locations. Boy I’m glad my parents didn’t have this stuff when I was a kid!

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Brazilian police can scan hundreds of faces per second with a pair of sunglasses

The 2014 World Cup is going to be in Brazil, and preparations are already underway. Security is going to be tight at this event, and I have heard that the police will have something to protect the innocent like Robocop.
The plan is that the police will be wearing sunglasses with cameras that can scan 400 known criminals per second from up to 12 miles away (they are generally optimized for about 150 feet). The sunglasses are wirelessly connected to a database that can compare with the facial profiles of 13 million people, and can check for 46,000 points on the face for an exact match.
Not only can it scan for criminals, but the sunglasses have a screen where an officer can get instructions as far as what to do next. Again, it works like Robocop, without a classified Directive 4.

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