Wickr – This Message will Self Destruct in 5 Seconds


Does anyone out there remember Inspector Gadget? Where at the start of every episode, Inspector Gadget gets a note containing his next mission, the final line of each of these messages states that, “This message will self destruct in 5 seconds.”  Have you ever been in a situation where you only wished you could self destruct one of your e-mails, texts or an inappropriate picture or two? Phew! I have.
Well now you can, a new app called Wickr saw the need for folks to be able to keep tighter security on their communications. Wickr, encrypts your messages, kills, metadata, lets you remain anonymous, lets you decide who gets to see your stuff, and for just how long they get to see it for (from a mere second or two, to a several days) before your message self destructs, leaving no trace. Boy, I wish I had that a few late night e-mails ago.

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the Stalker – For all the Pictures you were Afraid to Take


I went to a rock concert last year, and there was a 75 year old woman there, in a long blonde wig, a bikini top, hot pants and go-go boots. I will never forget my amazement when she turned to face me for the first time… I spent the entire rest of the evening fixated on trying to get a picture of her dancing without her seeing me. I never got that picture, and without it, no one will ever believe how freakishly hip she really was…
Well, I won’t be caught unprepared again – Check out the brand new Stalker Secret Photo Spy App for iPhone. This secret photography tool allows you to catch all kinds of candid action without calling attention to yourself or your iPhone, and it even allows you to quickly disguise the screen as an innocent text message should someone decide to look over your shoulder.

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D-Link's MovieNite – Keep an Eye on the Kids, from the Couch

Let’s not forget its going to be Mothers Day soon, and I thought this next item might be just the gift you were looking for. If your mom thinks about family first, and deserves a little “down time” D-Link’s new gadget might just give her the best of both worlds.
Movienite from D-Link lets Mom stream brand new movie releases the very same day they come out on DVD with VUDU and there are no subscription charges or or late fees for her to worry about (just pay as you watch), or maybe your mom is more of a Netflix girl, with her new Movienite streaming media player, she can do that too, but thats not all… 

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Twine – Hang on, I Just got a Tweet from my Air Conditoner

If you have even the mildest kind of anxiety issues, you know what its like to worry. I cant say I’ve actually ruined a vacation, or extended trip away from home, but I can say that I have worried about the house flooding or freezing or even the fridge breaking down (and yes, that happened once, hence my discomfort now.) Wouldn’t it be nice if the stuff at home could talk to you?
Now it can, Twine is a wireless device thats used with a cloud-based service. The unit includes WiFi, as well as temperature and vibration sensors, and it also has an expansion slot for other kinds of sensors. Twine is powered by the on-board micro USB or two AAA batteries. So Twine can not only warn you of an emergency, but it can tell you that your laundry is done, grandma is awake, or that you left the garage door open! So go ahead, let the stuff in your house text, tweet or e-mail!

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Surveillance camera checks out 36 million faces in a single second

When it comes to attaching a name to a face, I am really, really bad at that. However, when you get a computer to do so, you can be sure that the sophisticated algorithms used these days (especially those in the movies) are more than capable of detecting just the face you were looking for in a jiffy. I do have a question though – how come the software that government agencies and intelligence outfits use in the movies tend to be out of this world? From afar, they are able to capture a face, blow it up a gazillion times and even add more information to the pixels already there for a crystal clear mugshot.
Try asking the authorities to do that in real life when it comes to CCTV footage of a thief from a hundred yards or so, and they will say that it is nigh impossible, as all you will get is a blurred picture of a face that could very well resembles a million other people out there on the streets. Well, here is a snippet of good news for you – there might be hope just yet, although this is just a small step. Hitachi Kokusai Electric has come up with a surveillance camera system that is capable of searching through data on 36 million faces – and the kicker is this, it is capable of doing so in a single second.

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Swann HD PenCam and PenCam 4GB does discreet video surveillance

These days, many of us carry at least one video recording device – the smartphone, and whether we use that or not is another matter altogether, as different smartphones have varying hardware crammed inside that will affect the output quality. As for the tablet, the same principle applies, and holding a tablet is far more unwieldy compared to having a smartphone nestled in your palm comfortably. Well, either way, they are not exactly the most discreet method of getting things done, which is why Swann came up with the HD PenCam and PenCam 4GB.
Yes sir, these two devices conceal a miniature video camera and DVR within what looks like, and works like an actual pen. Yes sir, this means you can still get your John Hancock down when the situation calls for it, and also capture a recording of your married colleague flirting with the office secretary as a form of blackmail, so much so that he has to bring you donuts and coffee every morning to keep his dirty secret safe. Let us take a look at what the HD PenCam and PenCam 4GB are able to offer in closer detail right after the jump.

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SocialShield – They Know What You Dont.

I worry about my daughters Internet use. Obviously, I spend a lot of time on the computer myself, and I feel as though I have taught her well, but lets face it, if you put an 8 year old up against an adult, well lets just say most of the time the adult is going to have the upper hand. I dont want her to feel as though I am treating her like a baby. I just want her to be safe.
Enter SocialShield, a leading cloud-based social network monitoring service. SocialShield gives parents affordable and easy to use tools that help them provide Internet safety for their children in their online environment. SocialShield technology warns parents of any questionable activity on their child’s social network accounts so they can feel comfortable about who their children are interacting with online, what photos and conversations are being posted, and where their children have profiles and because SocialShield works specifically based on “exception reporting” technology, children can still use these networks with a feeling of privacy and independence.

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The Immobilizer Phone – Don’t Take That Call!

You know the feeling of leaving a store late at night, and walking out into a dark parking lot? While you don’t actually believe that anything is going to happen, you breathe just a little faster knowing that it could. I know I always like to hold my keys in between my fingers thinking I could hurt someone with them, but holding 5 million volt stun gun that looks like a cell phone, well, that could give me an almost unfair advantage over a would be attacker!

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