Chui – The Smartest “Smart” Doorbell Ever!


I admit it. I lean towards being a little anti-social. I don’t usually run to answer the phone, and I certainly don’t ever answer the door, unless I knew you were coming. For the phone, Its easy to just let whoever it is leave a message, and if it was someone I wanted to speak to, I call them back… but the front door? That’s a whole other issue, and even though it’s my house, there is something creepy about sneaking around, trying to peep through the curtains, to see who’s there…

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Brinno Digital Peephole Viewer – Knock, Knock?


I’ve taught my daughter the same thing we all learned as kids, NEVER open the door, unless you’re absolutely sure who it is on the other side. Yes, we have little peepholes on our hotel room doors and at our homes… but now even they are a risk. Reverse peephole viewers allow those so inclined, to look right into your private space, and even photograph you without your knowledge. I’m not liking that.

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Swann HD RemoteCam lets you make video recordings discreetly

hd-remotecamSwann Security is no stranger when it comes to security monitoring, and this time around, they have yet another device that will cater to those who would love to perform a covert operation from time to time. I am referring to the HD RemoteCam, which is the latest device from their range of covert recording devices. The HD RemoteCam was specially designed to look like that of a standard issue car remote complete with a keychain to boot, as you go about your business discreetly recording your target in high definition glory, not to mention it being full well capable of snapping photos as well as capturing audio with but a single push of a button. Once done, you can even opt to share what was recorded onto different websites.

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Live!y – High Tech, for Independent Seniors


I used to laugh at the commercials for the emergency alert necklaces for seniors. Remember them? “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” But now, I realize those devices, serve a purpose, especially for older people that live alone. I also am starting to see that caring for a parent, or any loved one that lives alone, can be very stressful. Did they take their medicine? Did they eat? Is there a device that can answer questions like that, without me having to call on the phone, nagging all the time?

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The Narrative Clip – Your Brand New Photographic Memory


You’ve seen it in every movie, every TV show, that dramatizes loss. A fire guts a house, and while there’s real pain in the destruction and damage, the real loss, is in the memories. Photographs, and recordings of a life well lived. It’s human nature to want to preserve the past, to share it with others, to relive our lives as we grow and change. How about a way to really chronicle our lives, for ourselves, for our families?

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The Peephole Reverser – Who’s in There?


There are a few things in this world we don’t even notice anymore. Take, for instance, the peephole. Almost every hotel room door has one. Your front door is likely to have one, and while we may sometimes use them in order to determine who has come a-knocking on our doors, we never really think too much about who could actually be looking right back in at us.

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Flir One – Thermal Imaging for iPhone


There are many Thermal imaging cameras on the market, these devices reveal variations in temperature that can help it’s user’s to detect electrical failures, leaky ducts, hot motors, fire, energy loss, or even the presence of animals or people lurking in the darkness. These camera’s can help you visualize countless situations that would be otherwise impossible to detect, from useful, to entertaining, but sadly, these specialty device cost thousands of dollars.

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iTrail – Keeping Tabs on your Car, Kids, or Keys.


My daughter’s only 10, but already I imagine the day she starts to hang out alone with friends, or worse… starts to drive . Who among us doesn’t have a horror story that involves a teen driver? Unfortunately, I remember being a teen (keep your snickering to yourself) and I couldn’t imagine anything bad ever happening to me. I took chances I shouldn’t have, and while I’m still around, I know kids who weren’t so lucky. Is there a way to keep kids safe, when driving, or even just shopping around the local mall?

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OFF Pocket blocks all signals to your phone, and keeps you untrackable


There are a lot of reasons to be worried about your privacy these days. It seems as though our emails, phone calls and texts are all subject to viewing by a government agency somewhere. You can prevent this sort of tracking by using some services to encrypt your messages, but what about the fact that your phone can be used to track your location at any given time? You’ll need some extra protection against that.

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barZapp – Can I Scan your I.D. Please?


I remember being a, shall we say, a young adult? Some extra make-up and a newly purchased fake I.D, getting a six pack of little green bottles of beer and drinking them with my best friends up near the lake. Those memories used to be so much fun, now I have a daughter of my own and she’s highly likely to create the same horrors for me, that I did for my mom… but for her, pulling the same nonsense is getting tougher every day.

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