Wireless Panasonic Camera keeps you informed

Those of you that often leave your home unprotected and travel the world probably could use a little something to keep you from worrying.  Sure, you could get an alarm system for your home that alerts you when someone has entered your home, but sometimes you just need to see for yourself that everything is in perfect order.  That’s where this Panasonic BL-C230A Wireless Camera would come in very handy.

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Thunder Generator creates some wicked shockwaves

sonic_noisemakerblaster-thumb-550x207-32284Do you know what you are looking at? It looks like a firehose, doesn’t it? You know how firehoses can disperse crowds? This device, known as the Thunder Generator, can also disperse crowds, and can do a better job.

The Thunder Generator uses ordinary sound with liquid petroleum, cooking gas, and air to create explosions that can create such a shockwave, that they can literally blow people away.

That is, if a person is standing close enough, say, 30 feet, it could kill that person. If a person is standing at the other end of a football field, than they will be stunned by the blast.

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Watch out for ATM Skimmers

skim1-2I never heard of an ATM Skimmer before today, but now that I have, I am scared. It reminds me of the time when I heard about the identity thieves that supposedly dig in your garbage to get your personal information. I’ve been shredding my bills ever since.

The ATM Skimmer is most certainly a cool gadget, unless you are a victim of it. As you can see by the illustration, it is a slot that is designed to fit over an ordinary ATM card reader of your typical ATM.

This particualr one was found on a Citibank ATM in Woodland Hills, California. When a customer went to withdraw some cash, little did he or she know that his or her card was scanned by a thief. The Skimmer also had a tiny camera to record the user as he or she entered his or her PIN number. I would imagine that the thief probably planned to have retrieved the Skimmer, and started printing phony ATM cards. Then the scoundrel would have gone and made some seriously illegal withdrawals.

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Portable Anti-Spy Cam Scanner for the highly suspicious


You’ve probably seen all types of spy cameras by now.  Well now there’s a device for those of you that are paranoid that someone is keeping an electronic eye pointed directly at you.  Just pull out this not so subtle device and you’ll know for sure.  Of course with this big bulky thing, they’ll also know that you know.  At least you’ll finally know the dreaded truth though.  You’ll either find that you are being watched or that you’re just an incredibly paranoid human being.

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Dash Cam Dually films the inside and outside of the car

carcamdually-thumb-454x550-29175I have seen a lot of cameras that are made to record the action outside the car. I honestly can’t think of any reason to have one of these unless you happen to get in a lot of accidents, and you don’t want your insurance rates to go up any more than they already are.

The major difference between the Dash Cam Dually and regular car cameras is that you get two cameras. Most cameras only show the action outside of the car, but this one has a second camera to show the inside of the car.

In addition to these 1.3 Megapixel cameras, it also has four infrared LEDs to illuminate the inside of the video for proper filming. It also has a G-Shock sensor that displays five level settings that can record the impact points. So if you have an accident, it will record the impact, along with a GPS receiver to log the exact location, speed, and direction.

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The Next Room Eavesdropping Device


Listening in on the neighbors is always way too tempting to resist.  If your walls are just a little too thick, you can pick up this handy gadget to help you out.  Instead of trying the usual trick of pressing a glass against the wall, you could have an actual gadget do the job.  Plus, this is far more portable than carrying around a glass.  Although keep in mind, the seller does warn that some countries do actually prohibit the ownership of spy devices.  Which makes it seem all the more awesome.

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Little Buddy GPS device keeps track of your kids

Drop this into your child's backpack and keep track of them where ever they go.
Drop this into your child's backpack and keep track of them where ever they go.

There’s a nifty little device being sold at Best Buy which keeps track of your kids everywhere they go. It’s called the Little Buddy GPS Tracker and it uses global satellite positioning and cellphone technnology to help parents keep track of kids. And the best part is, parents can place the Little Buddy just about anywhere from backpacks to lunch boxes to even stick it into their pockets when they aren’t looking.

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The Tiny Spy Camcorder Clock


There are all types of spy gadgets out there, the trick is finding the one that blends in the most with your style.  After all, if you have top of the line electronics everywhere, a cheap alarm clock is going to stand out.  If you have very sparse college room type furniture then a tissue box holder with a camera in it is probably going to raise some eyebrows.  Well this tiny clock is just one of the many ways you can spy on people while you’re away.

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