Magellan Echo Fit includes sleep and step tracking

echo-fitNot all fitness and activity trackers are created equal, there needs to be a breakout model from time to time that will introduce a paradigm shift into the industry. Some manufacturers might prefer to take the route of miniaturization, such as the Goccia that has been touted to be the smallest activity tracker in the world. Well, Magellan has stepped forward by introducing the Echo Fit, which is a new device that will include both sleep and step tracking into its arsenal of sensors.

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Zepp Labs intends to help softball players improve with new sensor

zeppZepp Labs alongside Premier Girls Fastpitch (PGF) have come together to settle on an agreement that will see a multi-year partnership formed, as Zepp is now the designated Official and Exclusive Swing Analysis and Technology Platform of PGF. Using Zepp’s advanced 3D technology, it will be able to assist softball players regardless of their age and skill levels, as part of an effort to improve their game. The sensor is extremely small, and is a snap to attach right at the end of a bat.

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X-Doria announces KidFit activity tracker

kidfitChildren are extremely active – and in this new generation, where many of them grow up on a sugar rich diet, they tend to be hyperactive and have lots and lots of energy to expend, that disciplining them the right way requires plenty of wisdom as well as love, sprinkled with some stern looks along the way. Since adults are able to enjoy gadgets such as activity trackers including the Razer Nabu, why not the little ones? X-Doria sees this particular need, and has since announced the KidFit.

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Hotblack is a timepiece that shows off football results as well as the time

hotblackI know that some of us are still reeling from the shock of seeing how defending world champions Spain fell to a four goal deficit to Holland, not to mention how Portugal capitulated to Germany in such a manner just yesterday, losing by a similar deficit of goals. Well, World Cup fever is upon us again, and it is nice to see how the passion of the masses are displayed for an entire month, all the way through different ups and downs. Having said that, we have different ways to keep ourselves up to date with the different scores various matches, with the Internet being the primary medium for many, I believe. How about a watch? Well, certainly I must be referring to a smartwatch, but no, the Hotblack timepiece does not work that way.

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Cheers! To Drinkable Sunscreen?


There is nothing I like better than the feel of the warm sun on my face, and the hint of a golden glow that a nice suntan imparts.  What I am not particularly fond of is a raging sunburn, or worse, skin cancer. That being said, it happens. I’m never as diligent with the sunscreen as I should be… Its messy, the sand sticks to it, and it makes me break out, but, its better than the alternative.

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