Epson Runsense SF-110 knows where you are, tracks your fitness details

epson-runsense-sf-110When it comes to fitness watches as well as GPS watches, there are many examples out there in the market for the discerning consumer to pick one from, but it can be a rather tricky thing to do if one is not too sure of the reason for purchasing one – perhaps even out of peer pressure. Well, just when you thought that all Epson did was to roll out printers and projectors, here we are with the Epson Runsense SF-110 that is said to merge daily activity monitoring alongside GPS capability into a new fitness and running wearable piece of tech – a location knowing, fitness calculating timepiece, if you will.

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Acer Liquid Leap+ Fitness Tracker arrives in the US

acer-liquid-leapThe world of wearable technology is definitely about to kick off in a big way, as more and more devices from various manufacturers are starting to hit the market. The thing is, the functions of these wearable devices are not too far out of the ordinary, and there is no real “killer app” yet, so to speak, that makes them as indispensable as the smartphone that we carry in our pockets and handbags everyday. Well, perhaps this is a step in the right direction, although it might not be the total solution – the Acer Liquid Leap+ Fitness Tracker that has just made its way over to the US.

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TomTom Bandit action camera available for purchase now

tomtom-banditThe action camera market does seem to get a little bit more crowded now, considering how existing players continue to improve and up the ante from time to time. Contour has their fair share of action cameras from the ROAM series, while GoPro has certainly established themselves with the Hero name. As for TomTom, a name that we would think be associated with GPS navigation devices in the early years, has just revealed that their TomTom Bandit action camera is available for purchase.

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Polar Team Pro targets team sports

polar-team-systemThe name Polar would definitely resonate with those who are involved with sports and fitness gadgets, as Polar has come up with its fair share of such devices including the Polar M400 GPS training watch. They happen to be the most trusted heart rate data provider when it comes to elite level clubs and national teams in all major team sports including NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS and U.S. Olympic sports. Hence, it is far from surprising to see Polar come up with the Polar Team Pro, which is the most advanced team sports coaching solution to date. The Polar Team Pro was specially designed in order for it to meet the demanding needs of fitness, strength and conditioning coaches who work in top-tier team sports.

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Griffin announces LightRunner LED illuminated armband

griffin-lightrunnerGriffin has just made an announcement concerning their latest release, which would be the LightRunner LED illuminated armband. Of course, while the LightRunner is the star attraction here, this does not mean that the remaining redesigned armbands for adidas are not worth one’s attention, although we will concentrate more on the LightRunner this time around.

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Polar M450 bike computer looks to be the complete package

Polar-M450Technology looks to have permeated into every single sector of our lives, from the car to the home, and heck, even when you are cycling on your bicycle. Well, there are bike computers in the market for a good reason – to help you keep track of your fitness progress in order to monitor your workouts and see where you can go from here. After all, anything that can be measured, can be improved upon, generally speaking. Polar, a name synonymous with fitness products, has just revealed the M450 Bike Computer that will target cycling aficionados regardless of their type.

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Sports Performance Meets High Tech

catapult_2How to athletes keep getting better? Just when we think an athletic feat is unsurmountable, a record is broken. Hits, runs, pitches (the throws…not the grass), bats, bowls, tackles, speeds, heights, goals, assists…the quantities and speeds continue to reach new records. Ever wonder how they keep improving what we believe cannot be improved? Sure, advancements in diet, exercise, training, video and scouting have revolutionized the athlete’s life. But in our ever-growing age of technology you can guarantee the tech involvement in enhancing athletic performance is high. One Australian company has been and continues revolutionizing how technology and human performance collide and advance.

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