Slendertone hopes to help you in the battle of the bulge

slendertone-absYou know, life can get pretty challenging once you have gone past a certain age. It is as though your body is unable to keep up with you any longer. Case in point, the battle of the bulge around the waist, and for some of us, this would also extend to our thighs and the arms. Apparently, our food intake has reached a point where the once mighty metabolic rate has petered out, resulting in us piling on the pounds. If you are one of those who would like to have some assistance from a technological point of view when it comes to shedding your weight, perhaps it would be good to check out just what Slendertone offers during your exercise routines right after the jump.

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MyGuard Sport lets you exercise in comfort and safety

myguard-sportIt pays to exercise as that would certainly be able to extend one’s life as well as provide a greater degree of quality when one still walks on this earth. Of course, there are many different kinds of ways to exercise and getting one’s health in order, where joining up with a gym would certainly do its bit in ensuring you can sweat out buckets in relative comfort and safety, but for those who would prefer to have something that is less sterile, then taking a run or walk along the pavement at the neighborhood is always an option. How about making sure you are visible at all times in order to minimize the risk of you ending up as a statistic? This is what the MyGuard Sport is all about, where it comes in the form of a safety illuminated armband that will be able to hold mobile devices while providing one with peace-of-mind during day and night fitness activity.

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Kopin’s Solos eyewear created for cyclists

solosWhen it comes to wearable technology, you can be sure that there will be dime a dozen different models out there in the market that does a whole slew of things, and this will certainly work differently for various folks. Having said that, wearable technology also has its fair bit of nuances that can be rather niche in their market – such as the smart glasses sector. While Google’s Glass has come and gone (although it has been said to be resurrected and will see a new model arrive in due time), but this does not mean that there should not be any more innovation in this area. Kopin Corporation feels that there is a need for their latest model, the Solos, that comes in the form of an ultra-lightweight eyewear which has been aerodynamically designed for optimal performance, comfort and style – targeting those who get around on a bicycle.

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Griffin Technology introduces Trainer Hip Belt

trainer-hip-beltIt definitely pays to exercise, as our bodies were not meant to be inactive in nature. After all, sweating it out releases all the feel good hormones, not to mention sweating will also help us clear our bodies of toxins along the way. While there are many different ways to exercise, as well as activities that one can do , running seems to be one of the more affordable ones – not to mention, common amongst many of us. Running with your favorite music playing in the background also goes some way in helping you maintain momentum, or to push you to achieve the next level of performance. This might mean wearing an armband, but here is a comfortable alternative that will boast of touchscreen access for smartphones, in addition to four convenient headphone openings for universal smartphone compatibility and highly visible reflective accents for enhanced safety – and we are referring to the Trainer Hip Belt from Griffin Technology.

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BSXinsight ensures fitness buffs have a more accurate reading of their own bodies

bsxinsightBSX Athletics happens to be a sports tech company that is an industry leader when it comes to real-time muscle monitoring. Not only that, they have just rolled out the second generation BSXinsight, where this particular model will see its capabilities expanded to include the likes of real-time monitoring of muscle oxygenation, daily activity tracking, and third party connectivity. The BSXinsight works this way- it will collect personal workout data, and then athletes will be encouraged to make use of it in real-time. In other words, athletes are now better equipped to make meaningful on-demand adjustments in the midst of their workouts, knowing that they are maximizing their training session by being at peak performance.

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Polar Loop Crystal delivers form and function

polar-loop-crystalWhen it comes to activity trackers or fitness trackers, there are more and more players to the market – or perhaps, newer and newer models that have arrived to showcase just how much more accurate the new models are compared to the older generation of devices, and that is fine, of course. However, most of the time we see some plainly designed devices rather than one which can double up as some sort of fashion accessory, which is why the Polar Loop Crystal was created.

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InBodyBAND fitness wearable does more than measure your activity

inbody-bandThe world of wearable technology has certainly gotten a whole lot more competitive in recent times, which is not a bad thing at all. On the contrary, one can say that it is a good thing to happen to us, as there are so many different other kinds of devices which will be able to help make our lives more streamlined and focus. For instance, if you have always wanted to shed some kilos from the waist, but do not really know how much minimum physical activity that you should clock during each “shift”, an activity tracker would definitely do you a whole world of good. InBodyBAND, a name that has dealt with body composition analysis for quite some time already, has just launched its very first fitness wearable that is known as the InBodyBAND.

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Polar A360 monitors your heart rate in style

polar-a360There has been some rather interesting heart rate monitors that we have seen in the past, where one of them would be the Swimmer’s Talking Heart Rate Monitor. Now that was certainly unique in all capability and sense, and this time around, we have something that is more “normal” in a sense, although it is still captivating enough to have if you happen to be a fitness enthusiast or a sports buff who would want nothing better than to keep track – accurately, too, of your workout in this aspect. Enter the Polar A360 that intends to monitor your heart rate in style.

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