GoKart Golf Trolley Review

by Al

I recently took delivery of the GoKart electric golf trolley and as we’re having some nice sunny weather over here in the UK I’ve been able to take it out for a couple of rounds, here’s my thoughts and experiences with it.

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Callaway upro mx heads for the greens

by Edwin

Are you an avid golfer who wish that you could spend much more time at the green instead of in the office? Chances are at that level of fanaticism, you will definitely subscribe to golf magazines that teach you how to improve on your game, and you will always be on the lookout for better devices in the market that can help you with your swing. Enter the Callaway upro …

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SkyKap – It’s like a caddie in your hat

by Julie

Let’s face it, to some of us golf is more than just a game. Okay, to some of us, it’s a lot more. Some of us are completely addicted to it. In fact, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat around on a Sunday and wondered just how long it was going to take that golf loving husband of mine to come home. Geez. Maybe the SkyKap Advisor, …

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Twilighttracer Golf Ball

by Edwin

Love golfing and want to practice with whatever spare time you have? Well, hitting plenty of golf balls on the driving range doesn’t mean your skill would improve, and you will also spend a whole lot on balls as well. The Twilighttracer Golf Ball might offer something different to your game, where a £9.95 ‘investment’ will feature a powerful internal LED that can flash colored lights for up to 5 …

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Weed Whacking Golf Driver for the noncommittal golfer

by Ally

Let’s face it, not all golfers are the serious types.  Some of them are just out for a day of goofing around with good friends.  Now this Weed Whacking Golf Driver might be appalling to slip into a serious game of golf (if you could even succeed at it), but for the relaxed game your buddies might even start requesting to borrow it.  After all, a little beer and a …

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Practice Green Putt Returner

by Edwin

If you’re the only one in your household with a love for golf, then you might want to check out the Practice Green Putt Returner since it will definitely help raise your game without requiring any assistance from your family. After all, with over 150 PGA tour professionals using this, you surely can’t go wrong, can you? This robotic ball return is capable of retrieving practice putts on your behalf, …

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Golf Bag Alarm System

by Edwin

Love the game of golf? Well, for folks who are aboslutely enamoured with this sport will definitely have a great love of their golf bag as well (or bags for the real fanatic). To make sure that nobody tampers with your golf bag whenever you are not around, how about investing $49.95 in the Golf Bag Alarm System? This unique device comprises of a motion sensing radio transmitter that doubles …

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Kangarila – A New Twist on Golf

by Al

kangarila golf

Kangarila is new way of playing golf which I’m sure will add an extra level of frustration (as if golf isn’t frustrating enough) in a fun kind of way. Described as “Kangarila let the balls decide”, each ball is effectively a spherical dice dictating which club to use on your next shot (with a few bonus rules thrown in). Launched early this month at the London Golf Show, there are …

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