PGA Tour Indoor & Outdoor Putting Mat

by Edwin

Golf widows, the next time your husband feels the itch to head for the green after forgetting his promise of bringing you out that day for some time together, it is time you put your high heels down. Make sure he has at least 28.99 left on his credit card so that he is able to “buy” this for himself – with you making the purchase, of course. We’re talking …

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Backyard Driving Range

by Edwin

You know sometimes you just want to head off to the nearest driving range and whack a fair number of balls just for some exercise or to let out your frustration, but even moments like those can be prevented simply because you are too lazy or tired to get into your vehicle and pony your way through rush hour traffic just to get to the nearest driving range. Since there …

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Bracketron Cradle-iT Golf Cart Mount

by Edwin

Golfers have a far wider array of tools (or toys, depending on your point of view) to play with these days whenever they are on the green, so it isn’t only toting around a bag of clubs now. The Bracketron Cradle-iT Golf Cart Mount is one accessory that you might want to consider if you own a piece of golf GPS equipment – either that, or you want your smartphone …

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Indoor Outdoor Mini Golf Course

by Edwin

If you are an avid golfer and would love to get your game on just about anywhere, then perhaps you might be interested in shelling out $169.95 for the Indoor Outdoor Mini Golf Course? The name itself implies that you can give this a go indoors if the weather is not favorable at all for you in the great outdoors, while when the sun is out and all is well, …

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SensoGlove helps improve your swing

by Edwin

If you are a huge fan of golfing, and practice your swings religiously, surely you are always on the lookout for something better to help reduce your overall score. It can be said that the game of golf does subscribe to the adage “practice makes perfect” in some way, but not 100%. After all, once you have conditioned your muscles to swing in a certain way, correcting or improving that …

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Green Pro Golf Accessory

by Edwin

Do you love spending some time on the green, getting some exercise in addition to honing your golf skills? If the answer is in the affirmative, then you won’t have any problem by getting the 14.99 Green Pro Golf Accessory. Walking the entire 18 holes is already exhausting enough as it is for the moment, even more so when you need to bend down constantly to pick up your ball …

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Putt Guide ought to let you improve your game

by Edwin

Golfers can be quite sensitive when it comes to their game, and any comments or criticism might not be welcome at all. Of course, we all know that we learn best if we are willing to humble ourselves and listen to the opinions of others when they matter. In this case, it would be listening to the Putt Guide. While it isn’t exactly the most classical form of gadgets where …

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Robocup Golf Ball Return Robot

by Edwin

You know what? If you love practicing your putting, then you had better be a good shot – otherwise you would end up spending more time retrieving those wayward golf balls instead of “celebrating” your successes. Of course, there is always the option of training a dog to let it do all the retrieving, but it doesn’t really help in a way since you will end up with dog slobber …

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