Pro Chip Floating Golf Game

by Edwin

So you have got the itch to whack a few balls even while you are fully dressed up to the nines at the office? I guess other avid golfers in your circle of influence feel the same, too. The thing is, since you are not your own boss, it can be rather tricky and challenging to get some time off – anytime you like in order to tee off. Well, …

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Drink Dispensing Driver

by Edwin

Tackling an 18-hole golf course does require some bit of endurance and a certain degree of physical fitness for sure. The thing is, it is all the more important to make sure that you remain well hydrated throughout the entire course, so that you do not end up collapsing on the green with your caddy requiring to drive you back to the clubhouse’s medical facilities on a buggy. Well, what …

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Swim Time Aqua Golf Backyard Game

by Edwin

All right, so now that summer will soon be upon us before we even know it, it is time to make sure that the entire household is well prepared to usher in plenty of sunlight, fun and laughter. What better way than to spend your time outdoors instead of remaining cooped up throughout the entire day? Teenagers and kids won’t mind that though with video games at their disposal, but …

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Golf Swing Recording Video Camera

by Edwin

Tiger Woods has definitely battled his way back to top spot in the world of professional golf, and he certainly had to go through plenty of obstacles along the way, which I believe that the second ascent proved to be a whole lot harder than the first. Well, one of the things that he normally did was to improve on his golf swing, and of course, he had swing coaches …

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Hover Like This Champion

by Alison

The game of golf has not had many transportation revelations in its history. The pull cart helped get the bag off the back. And of course the golf cart made the game even easier for lazy people and made long, hilly courses more bearable. But even those have limitations like not driving on the green or not being able to get across water. Hard to imagine that anything else could …

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Keep Playing Into the Night

by Alison

I fondly remember the childhood days of playing games outside until you could not see a foot in front of you. Neighborhood football, baseball, basketball or soccer games got everyone out of the house and active. That moment when parents started yelling “come home” out the door was always a sad moment. When mom said that it was pitch black out I never had a comeback better than “but moooommmm, …

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Nikon Laser Rangefinder COOLSHOT AS announced

by Edwin

Are you an avid golfer who would love to have the chance to improve your golfing skills? If you have answered in the affirmative, and yet do not have the kind of monetary resources to hire the likes of a professional golfer to give you some tips, resigning you to depend on online pages as well as glossy golf magazines, perhaps having an electronic tool to help you out might …

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Teach Yourself Like the Pros Do

by Alison

Challenges always exist when improving the golf game. Take a lesson from a pro and they will tell you something different than the previous guy did. Invest in a new driver, said to give you more distance, only to realize your lack of swing talent will prevent it. Heck, even tour pros have issues. Eyeline Golf creates training tools to help golfers of any ability. Their product lineup helps golfers …

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