Indoor Outdoor Mini Golf Course

If you are an avid golfer and would love to get your game on just about anywhere, then perhaps you might be interested in shelling out $169.95 for the Indoor Outdoor Mini Golf Course? The name itself implies that you can give this a go indoors if the weather is not favorable at all for … Read more

SkyKap – It’s like a caddie in your hat

Let’s face it, to some of us golf is more than just a game. Okay, to some of us, it’s a lot more. Some of us are completely addicted to it. In fact, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat around on a Sunday and wondered just how long it was going to take that golf loving husband of mine to come home. Geez.

Maybe the SkyKap Advisor, is just the thing to get him home faster. A hands free, voice activated microcomputer GPS system contained in the brim of a regular golf hat. With some pretty amazing technology, The Advisor provides personal audio responses activated by the golfer’s commands. The Advisor gives the distance to greens, bunkers, water, boundaries and a whole lot more.

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Weed Whacking Golf Driver for the noncommittal golfer

Let’s face it, not all golfers are the serious types.  Some of them are just out for a day of goofing around with good friends.  Now this Weed Whacking Golf Driver might be appalling to slip into a serious game of golf (if you could even succeed at it), but for the relaxed game your buddies might even start requesting to borrow it.  After all, a little beer and a round of golf calls for a couple of short cuts throughout the game.

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Ultraslide: For speed skaters, golfers, and extreme exercisers

My wife loves to watch The Biggest Loser, but I really can’t stand it. I suppose that I should cheer these obese people while they lose weight, but like most reality shows, The Biggest Loser has so much unnecessary drama.

The Biggest Loser also does a lot of very obvious product placement. On one episode, one of the trainers walks up to the contestants and talks about how Extra Sugar Free gum can curb their appetite. I didn’t see the episode where they showed the Ultraslide Slide Board, but it is a product worth giving a spotlight to.

You can watch the video of it in action after the jump, and you an see how the user has to make sideways speed-skating movements. This is good for “deceleration, rotation with a lateral push and energy system development for golf”.

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Paragolfer brings the links to the disabled

Paragolfer makes playing 18 a breeze for the disabled
Paragolfer makes playing 18 a breeze for the disabled

Life is markedly challenging for the disabled. But what’s always impressed me is how they never let that challenge really define who they are or limit the life they live. And when technology helps in that regard, so many of life’s passions – namely golf – suddenly come into view. And with Paragolfer, it’s flat out the truth.

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GPSGolfShot offers better experience on the greens


Regardless of whether you’re an avid golfer or one who just likes to tee off once a month at the greens, GPSGolfShot is able to cater to your needs. This is not a new way to strike the ball, but is instead an application that will be made available to Verizon Wireless customers on an exclusive basis, relying on GPS technology to help golfers navigate through new and familiar golf courses. Knowledge is (potential) power, and applying such knowledge ought to give you an edge over the rest of the competition if done in the correct manner as you will hold all the relevant information about the course on your handsets before you even hit the ball once.

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Can the Gyroscopic Golf Club improve your game?

I might not be the best reviewer for this next product, because I am neither a golfer nor a physicist. Be that as it may, I humbly present the Gyro Swing, a golf club that uses principles of physics to improve your game.

As you can see in the photo, the golf club has a tiny wheel inside of it. I’m not really certain what powers it, but this wheel can spin at a dizzying speed of 20,000 rpm. The spinning motion allows the user to “feel” the correct shot.

How can this work? Some of you might remember a little experiment that you did in a high school or college physics lab where you spun a bicycle wheel, and then you could miraculously balance the axle end on the side of a desk, as long as the wheel was spinning.

In short, spinning a wheel within a golf club removes any shaky movements that the golfer can unintentionally put on it. The result is a smoother swing that will strike the ball at a correct angle.

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Putter Bot Could Revolutionize Robot Sports

We already have Battlebots, where Robots take on each other in something resembling wrestling, so why not have them play other sports, like golf?

Well, this Putter Bot Remote Controlled Golfer is certainly a good start. It may not be a fully automated robot per se, as it needs a human to command it. Let’s face it, the robot is doing most of the work.

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