Golf Gadgets

When it comes to sport I reckon golfers have the biggest choice of gadgets. This section of coolest gadgets is where we share all the cool golf gadgets that we come across. So you want to improve your game and get to the 19th hole a bit quicker, see if there’s a golf gadget to help you out.


Golfer’s Clandestine Cooler lets you have a break on the go

by Edwin

Golf is not exactly the cheapest hobby in which one can indulge in, but neither does it cost a bomb such as car racing. Still, you would need to have a substantial amount of money to get started, ranging from the set of clubs all the way to a golf club membership if you would like to get serious with things. Having said that, walking the entire course is a surefire way to end up thirsty, especially in the sweltering summer heat, and this means ordering drinks from the club’s restaurant. However, if you are in a pinch this month and would like to save some money on the side, investing in the $89.95 Golfer’s Clandestine Cooler does make plenty of sense.

As its name suggests, the Golfer’s Clandestine Cooler comes with the cooler concealed within a golfer’s shag bag. Sly swingers can then enjoy their chilled libations of choice on the links, saving money in the process. The bag surreptitiously stows enough beverages to keep an entire foursome refreshed over a full round, as it has enough room to hold a dozen 12-oz. bottles or 18 12-oz. cans, in addition to 5 lbs. of ice. It provides a welcome relief to lukewarm refreshments that are smuggled in via shorts pockets, or waiting for what seems like infinity for a chilled clubhouse beverage.

Garmin Approach S20 GPS golf watch announced

by Edwin

garmin-approach-s20When it comes to GPS golf watches, you can more or less rely on one particular name that can just about deliver all the time, and that would be Garmin. In the past, the company has rolled out its fair number of GPS golf watches, and this time around it looks like the Garmin Approach S20 GPS golf watch is set to further cement the legendary performance of Garmin’s products in this niche market yet again.

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Junior Golfer’s Electric Golf Cart brings him places

by Edwin

junior-golf-cartMonkey see, monkey do. It seems that our children love to pattern their lives after us, after all, what better example do they have than their parents or guardians? It is either that or the world that will shape the way the think, act and speak. Having said that, if you are an avid golfer and have brought your little one around the course before in a golf cart, then chances are pretty high that he might grow up thinking that he would want one of those fancy golf carts for himself. While his friends get presents of small electric cars, how about surprising him with the $299.95 Junior Golfer’s Electric Golf Cart?

The Junior Golfer’s Electric Golf Cart happens to enable budding golfers to play 18 backyard holes in comfort. It works in more or less the same manner as that of an actual golf cart, allowing riders to travel forwards or backwards, as well as to relax between holes on the cushioned seat under a nylon canopy. There is the plastic putter, iron, and driver which are stored conveniently in a golf bag, which in turn will rest in the back of the cart. The cart itself travels at a safe 2.5 mph and even boasts of a working horn just in case the family dog needs to be alerted. A 10-hour charge provides up to 40-minute rides.

SensoGlove delivers its digital golf glove

by Edwin

new-sensogloveSo, you think that you are a pretty good golfer among the rest of your peers, and would like nothing better than to go for a few rounds on the green to whack away all of those Monday blues. Calling it a spot of much needed exercise as well, you aim to improve on your game – but do not really want to invest in huge sums of money for a personal golfing coach. This has left you to the devices of golfing magazines, cut outs from the newspaper, as well as YouTube videos that you suspect are nothing more than clickbait. How about being a person who trusts in digital instruments – which would mean that the time is due for a new version of the SensoGlove?

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OptiShot Golf reveals the portable OptiShot2

by Edwin

optishot2Do you eat, sleep, and breathe golf? If you have answered in the affirmative, then I am quite sure that you are an avid fan of picking up various golf magazines in order to better know how you can improve on your strokes to reduce your handicap, and have also amassed quite the number of golf videos so that you can watch how the pros do it – and follow them in their stead. Of course, the more hardcore ones out there would actually go for a one-to-one coach, which can end up to be pretty expensive in the long run. What if there was a mobile device that could help you improve on your golf game in the long run (or at least it claims to), without having to break the bank? This is where OptiShot Golf’s OptiShot2 come in handy.

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The Glowing Golf Balls make sure you don’t have to turn in early

by Caitlyn

Glow-in-the-dark golf balls and canister

When you’re having a good day playing golf, you don’t really want to stop just because the sun is going down. Of course, you don’t really have a choice, as you not only can’t see where the ball is going, but will have no way of finding it once it lands. If you just can’t help but keep playing, then why not light up the golf balls so they’re easier to find?

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EyePutter Golf Putting Trainer could improve your game

by Edwin

eye-putterGoflers would do a whole lot in order to lower their score. After all, it is not exactly a cheap game to be involved with, and they tend to want to pick up new gear from time to time, hoping that their latest purchase would be able to help improve their performance in the next game. We have seen a fair number of gadgets that target golfers in the past too, such as the Eagle Putt Trainer, and this time around it would be the $39.99 EyePutter Golf Putting Trainer.

SkyMall claims that the EyePutter Golf Putting Trainer will be able to lower your golf game by 8 to 10 strokes (!) with this simple device, which is a rather bold claim. Although I myself do not play golf, it would be interesting to hear what experienced golfers have to say about this device. The EyePutter Golf Putting Trainer basically lets you see the line every single time that you would like to putt, making it somewhat more like a video game than anything else. Golf handicaps will eventually be lowered on the green (hopefully!). There is a built-in level within that helps keep your putter blade square and the angled mirror unit ensures you’re always on-line, leaving you free to focus on technique and building pro-level muscle memory instead.

Floating Golf Game – never play the same game twice

by Edwin

floating-golfWhen it comes to golf, opinions about the game is definitely polarized, or at least split right down the middle. After all, golf widows will tell you of the different kinds of reactions they have each time their husbands return home with a new set of golf clubs, and sharing just what their future timetable will be like when it comes to the week’s golfing sessions ahead. Since you yourself do not like the game of golf and yet would like to know his friends better, how about arriving at a compromise? This win-win situation will require the $49.99 Floating Golf Game to be part of your home – assuming you have a swimming pool in the first place, of course.

The Floating Golf Game is said to be a hit in or out of the pool, although it is a whole lot more fun in the pool. This fun game will definitely test your golf skills to the limit, since you can always try to chip your ball onto the floating green, or to practice your golf swing at the time of your choice. Either make use of that new club you just purchased, or the included plastic one that arrives with each purchase. Each Floating Golf Game will include a floating soft foam 3-hole pool green with golf flag and pole, a tee-off pad with storage slot for balls, a 27″ golf club with handle grip, and 8 soft foam balls.