Inflatable Referee Costume

by Liam

If you thought the Inflatable Sumo Costume was cool, then you’re definitely going to love the Inflatable Referee Costume. If you need a neat way to make fun of a ref. who wasn’t making the right calls or just want to have a really funny costume to wear, this Inflatable Referee Costume could be the perfect thing for you. When inflated the costume puffs out to look like a really …

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The Beer Butler

by Paz

The Beer Butler

We’ve held for as long as we can stand it without posting yet another football World Cup gadget, until we came across this curious Beer Butler from the Gadget Store.  The Beer Butler gadget features a sliding base shaped like a football. When someone needs a fresh drink, you simply load it up and give it a shove in your drinking partner’s direction. The remarkable thing about this gadget is …

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Bargain Robot Football Game

by Al

Robot Football

If you’re like me and enjoy watching football but don’t quite have the required level of skill to play it (only just not quite mind) then robot football could be a good closed season alternative.

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Football Remote

by Al

Football Remote Control

We’re probably a bit late reporting on this one but as England are playing today it seemed appropriate to mention the Philips Universal Remote – World Cup Party Edition. The World Cup remote control is shaped and colored like a football pitch. The buttons are colored and positioned as opposing players but must admit it’s a formation I’ve never seen before. The only reason I’d need this remote when watching …

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A couple of football gadgets

by Paz


We’ve a few more football gadgets for you. Apologies perhaps to our US visitors and people who aren’t keen on football, but we hope you can bear with us for the next four or five weeks….

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Football urinal sieve

by Paz


As our regular readers will already know, the World Cup festival of football is just a few days away and the coolest gadgets team are hot on football gizmos at them moment. Here’s a fun idea for men’s public toilets – a urinal sieve with a set of goalposts.

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We are Giving Away England Flags

by Al

England Flag

Our friends over at The Gadget Store have noticed we have a small affection for the beautiful game (football to those that don’t know what I’m talking about) and have kindly donated a box full of England flags to give away to our readers. So if you want a free St. Georges flag (3ft x 5ft or a car flag) leave a comment to this post saying what you like …

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Football World Cup special contact lenses

by Paz


We’ve filed these bizarre contact lenses under “Football Gadgets”. They’re certainly striking – if you’ll pardon the football pun! These cool-looking contact lenses were manufactured by a German optician, Stephanie Berndt, to celebrate the forthcoming football World Cup.

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