SportsCast Wireless Scoreboard offers free Football stats

SportsCast Wireless Football Scoreboard
Having access to football information when there isn’t a radio, TV, or internet around can be a tricky situation. One of the options is to ask someone the score of a game, but in case you are home alone, it is impossible to do so, in the end you keep wondering if your team lost the match, or if next week’s game is easy, or if the stats are good.

Well, with the SportsCast Wireless Football Scoreboard you are able to check all that information, and much more. The Scoreboard works wirelessly (connects to a satellite) to get game stats about a specific game, which are updated every 15 minutes. This solution means that you don’t need a TV, a computer, or a radio, in order to know how your football team is performing.

Besides the game-by-game stats details, the SportsCast is also able to display information about schedules, standings, scores and so on. There are even special features related to regular, playoff season, pre-season, and off season.

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New Hack weds the XBox 360 and a Wii Remote Controller


Taking Halo or Call to Duty to a whole new level, Hackers have created an Wii IR Remote sensor and driver to port the trademarked remote setup to the Xbox 360. This latest hack turns the epic video game and console into a full fledged killing simulator.

Course, that’s not all the Xbox is good for. There’s sports games like Madden NFL, MLB Baseball or Tiger Woods Golf, there’s even hack and slash games like The Elder Scrolls. Imagine firing a phaser for the latest Star Trek Legacy game, or Battling for Middle Earth in The Lord of the Rings (can we virtually put “my precious on?”), the possibilities are endless (especially when you have this hero game pack which let’s you strap on the sword and shield).

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Head injuries monitored via wireless helmets

wireless-helmets.jpgWatch any football game of today and you’ll be amazed that the players seem superhuman despite facing tackle after tackle, with no sign of fatigue or pain. Many coaches and team physicians have also seen these happen right in front of their eyes and are wondering how the players endure such punishment, leading to several college teams teaming up with Simbex to create the Head Impact Telemetry (HIT) System. This is the first and only commercially available system which is capable of measuring head accelerations (a more sophisticated word for impact) in real time during games and practices.

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Board? I’ll knee you!!! (ok, it’s about knee-boards)

So, yes, I’ve already shown proof I’m a tad weird, but, here’s more proof.flyboys kneeboard

I think Knee-boards are cool.

Yes, I’m still not quite sure why either. Maybe it is because you can use them to carry important little notes like,

“If flying upside-down, do not release bombs.”


“Pay attention to the radar when flying, those other dots you see at your altitude can hit you and it’ll be bad.”

So you know, important notes that pilots use. While I’m not a pilot, I always am writing notes to myself, as well as cruising all over the office. So, you guessed it, I’ve always wanted one. Maybe this falls into the same category as the wrist coach for why I think it’s cool to be doing something and be able to read important information, (just ask any NFL quarterback).

Maybe this’ll be the year I finally buckle down and get one for myself.

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From now on we’ll call it the Lovie Pump.

Yeah, I said it!Lovie Smith getty images

Lovie Smith, the Head coach of the Chicago Bears (they’re playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday,, American Football,,, never mind).

Anyway, he has been wearing a sideline jacket that everyone has been asking about and no one had a clue about. Well I finally sorted it. Thanks to Paul Lukas the proprietor of Uniwatch, a great blog (oh yeah, he writes for ESPN too) that’s all about what athletes are wearing (though I think he could write a bit more about the ridiculous new Mclaren race suits, but we aren’t talking about that now,, poor Fernando & Lewis).

This jacket he’s wearing is really cool, or better than that, it’s warm. As some of you know, Chicago Illinois is known for having cold winters,, very cold (it’s the freaking Windy City!) This jacket from Reebok has air pockets inside and pumps for inflating them in the pockets for inflating them.

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Inflatable Referee Costume

Inflatable Referee Costume
If you thought the Inflatable Sumo Costume was cool, then you’re definitely going to love the Inflatable Referee Costume. If you need a neat way to make fun of a ref. who wasn’t making the right calls or just want to have a really funny costume to wear, this Inflatable Referee Costume could be the perfect thing for you.

When inflated the costume puffs out to look like a really large referee. It’s great because the arms and legs also puff out so you don’t just look like you have a bunch of pillows stuffed under your shirt.

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The Beer Butler

The Beer Butler

We’ve held for as long as we can stand it without posting yet another football World Cup gadget, until we came across this curious Beer Butler from the Gadget Store

The Beer Butler gadget features a sliding base shaped like a football. When someone needs a fresh drink, you simply load it up and give it a shove in your drinking partner’s direction. The remarkable thing about this gadget is that as it approaches the edge of the table, it stops without going over the edge – but how?

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