Solar Pool Light

There is nothing quite like the use of solar power to make sure that there is still an earth around for the next generation to live in. After all, using fossil fuels for so long has clogged up our atmosphere, not to mention having countries go to war just to get a spoil of its natural resources.
Solar power might not have an efficiency level that is agreeable to most people just yet, but it is enough for basic use such as in the case of the Solar Pool Light. This device can be set up anywhere within a pool sans wires, where it will deliver bright underwater illumination without missing a beat. A couple of solar panels are located on the top of the unit to provide adequate juice for the internal rechargeable batteries, delivering up to 10 hours of light after 10 hours of sun exposure. That’s pretty good returns – an hour of light for an hour of juice.

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Newest High Tech Invention – The Leaf?

It’s no surprise that we are involved in an energy crisis, the reasons why are being debated worldwide, and I guess everyone has an opinion, but that being said, it’s a problem nonetheless. In order to make a contribution to the energy issue, scientists are developing a new high tech weapon in the race to become self sufficient, the leaf. Yes, you read it correctly. Allow me to explain…
In order to create artificial photosynthesis scientists have built a mechanical version of the leaf. Using the leaf, water and sunlight to strip H2 out of H2O they can make hydrogen fuel, all by using only the materials that make up solar cells. Using a silk screen and solar paint they make a white film on a glass slide and die it in order to capture the energy from sunlight and then to produce cheap electricity. Watch a short video HERE

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Neon Green mixes fashion and gadgets wth solar power

When it comes to companies, it is all about what type of image that you want to present. In the case of Neon Green, it would appear that they are a company that is techno-conscious, fashion-conscious, and environmentally conscious.
I first saw them about a year ago, when I went to CTIA Spring 2010. They had these weird gold naked mannequins at their display that looked like props from the movie Goldfinger. Of course, what got my attention were their products.

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Solar Powered iPhone? Yes Please

So, I take my cell phone with me no matter where I go. I consider it a luxury, but I also like to think that I would have it with me in the case of an emergency, like when my brand new car broke down this morning, and I was stuck on the side of the highway. Oh I had my phone alright, but the battery was dead, and the charger was in my other (and I guess, better) car.
Well that wont ever happen to any of us again if Apple has it’s way. According to U.S. patent reports, Apple wants to be able to incorporate solar cells into some of their touch screen products. Can anyone say iPhone 5? Okay, can anyone say iPhone 6 then? Anyway, let’s imagine if you will, the premise of throwing your phone up on the dashboard and having it be ready to go anytime you need it. Awesome.

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Scosche kickBACK P1 tough case for the iPad

Mention Scosche Industries and you will definitely receive a nod of approval among folks who own iDevices, as this is one company that has proven itself in the past when it comes to delivering quality. After all, the company is an award-winning innovator of iPod, iPhone and iPad accessories, and are currently more than happy to bring you some Yuletide cheer this year with the availability of the much anticipated kickBACK P1, a shatterproof polycarbonate and shock resistant rubber hybrid case that boasts an integrated kickstand for iPad, not to mention the solVUE solar powered Bluetooth speakerphone. If you want to know more about either device, there is always the temptation to read on after the jump.

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Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

Let there be light – at least, that is what you will be saying to yourself when you bring home the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750. Why so, you ask? Well, this is the first device of its kind – it is a light powered keyboard. This unique peripheral will juice itself up whenever there is light, even when indoors (so you don’t have to bake yourself and get a nasty tan when using your computer), doing away with battery hassles of the past. Being the next big innovation where keyboard technology is concerned, even when you leave the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 in total darkness, it has enough juice to work for up to 3 months before requiring some sunshine to replenish its reserves.

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British student invents a solar-powered refrigerator

In Namibia, Miss Emily Cummins is known as “The Fridge Lady”. This is because she invented a solar-powered refrigerator that is can help many poverty-stricken Africans.

The solar-powered refrigerator works with two cylinders, one inside the other. The inner cylinder is metal while the outer one is wood or plastic. In between these two cylinders is either sand or soil, which can be soaked with water. The sun’s rays heat the wet material, and as the water evaporates, the heat is removed from the inner cylinder. This keeps the fridge at a cool six degrees Celsius.

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