Solar-Lighted Umbrella

by Edwin

Now, the $149.95 Solar-Lighted Umbrella is definitely something that you might want to consider assuming you have a yard or garden large enough to fit it in. I guess it goes without saying that those who do not own landed property and are currently living in apartments, you can rule having the Solar-Lighted Umbrella around, since your balcony might not be large enough to accommodate it, either. It would be …

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Kindle? Check. Sun? Check

by Alison

I love taking the Kindle on vacation. Load up your books and boom. You are lost in a world of nonfiction…or fiction if you choose. Kindle battery life is unbelievable too. Yet any bookworm away from home may tend to run low on power. Sure if you only read 30 minutes a day you will get a month. But if you plan on not peeling your eyes away while basking …

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Plenty of Portable Power

by Alison

Unfortunately, we live in a world where natural disasters are a reality. Blizzards, tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes, torrential rains, tsunamis, floods. The list is intimidating. Preparedness remains about our only defense in many situations. Those living in the line of such disasters have become accustomed to preparing themselves with things like food, water and sandbags. Yet our technology keeps us connected to the world. Why sacrifice contact with the outside world …

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Solar Cassette Wallet Calculator

by Edwin

There are times in life when you just need a calculator to help sort out the collection of figures that are sitting right in front of you, and those moments come when you realize that your mental faculties are not exactly in the pink of health. Well, forget about whipping out your smartphone every time, as you can never quite tell how sometimes when you are working on some numbers …

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Solar Power and Social Responsibility

by Alison

Some of you may have heard of the WakaWaka Light, a Kickstarter success from 2011 made by Off-Grid Solutions. This solar powered, LED lamp gives a night of light after 8 hours of sun. The key is their power management which ensures it is more efficient than other products on the market. If you don’t believe it read their reviews.  In raising funds the makers also donated 800 units to …

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Go Away Pesky Birds!

by Alison

Most of you have probably experienced the hassle of large birds. They are fun to feed and seem really sweet and all, until they start dive bombing you in the back yard or raiding your shrubs and leaving their unwanted deposits on patios, cars, you name it. Time for a device that will help scare the suckers away, not hurt them and not require electricity.

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Solar Power Generator

by Edwin

We live in an era that is desperate to be green, after seeing how the industrialization that happens all over the world has started to make segments of the earth uninhabitable. After all, what was once lush and verdant forest areas have turned into parched deserts, and the thirst for oil among the nations have not subsided, but only increased. Well, you might want to live out the green life …

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Charge Devices With Solar Tree

by Alison

Inevitably we can never get enough charge in our devices. We often have to leave the comfort of power ports to watch the kids’ games or head to the beach. But why sacrifice the possibility of missing that important call or email? Rest assured that you can channel the sun into your electronic devices using this portable USB Solar Tree, just $55.00 from The panels on the “branches” enable …

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