Solar Charging 1-LED Torch


If you’re tired of dealing with batteries, then this would be one less gadget you’d need to purchase batteries to use.  Although it won’t make everything you own magically convert to non-battery gadgets, it does take a little bit of the stress out of your life.  Just put this flashlight in a spot that it can catch some sun and it’ll be ready to go whenever it’s needed.

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The Solar Powered Dragonfly Kit


Lawn ornaments are still found in a great deal of yards, yet slowly they’re changing.  It used to be you could watch them change as soon as there was a strong breeze.  However, instead of these dragonflies flapping their wings with the wind, they are powered by the sun.  Thankfully, they do still keep their power source eco-friendly, but in a slightly more hi-tech way.

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Solar Insect Theatre attracts bugs to put them on display


Most people dislike having a light outside purely due to the insects that the light seems to attract.  Perhaps it’s time to embrace what the lighting attracts, instead of trying to find ways to get rid of those bugs.  This theatre puts the bugs on display that normally are attracted to the bright shining lights at night.  It not only puts nature on display, but it also is eco-friendly by making the light solar powered.

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Neuber Energy Sun Bag generates power when outdoors


Solar power is pretty big, and as time progresses, research has pushed the technology even further forward with a greater degree of efficiency for its solar panels. After all, using renewable energy sources that are environmentally friendly as well is the way to go considering the non-stop explosive global population that might just stress the planet too much that it can no longer sustain itself due to rapid industrialization across the globe. For folks who tend to carry a bunch of gadgets with them wherever they go, the inclusion of their respective chargers could prove to be a bane to one’s shoulders, especially during long haul trips where light is the operative keyword here. The Neuber Energy Sun Bag solves this dilemma, offering more than ample room to store your range of cellphones, portable media players, handheld consoles and other devices while boasting Konarka Power Plastic solar panels on the outside, making it the lightest solar energy bag available on the market at the moment.

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The ReNEW Solar Battery Charger


Buying rechargable batteries is always far better than purchasing the disposable ones.  However, it’s still not a perfect method.  It helps so that you’re throwing away less batteries, but at the same time you’re still plugging something into the wall and using your electricity to charge the batteries.  Instead of plugging a battery charger into the wall, this ReNEW would allow for your rechargable batteries to become even more eco-friendly.

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Kiran Solar Lantern provides affordable lighting


There are quite a few solar gadgets out there and unfortunately a lot of them can get a touch pricey.  Well for once, this lantern is incredibly cheap.  Instead of grabbing the kerosene or battery lantern when you head out into the world, you could grab this eco-friendly solar one.  Surprisingly it’s actually said to shine brighter than your old kerosene lantern would.  Plus it’ll give off light for several hours when it has a full charge stored up.

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Dow Solar Cells nearly invisible on rooftops

Form and function: Dow's new solar shingles blend in and collect solar energy.
Form and function: Dow's new solar shingles blend in and collect solar energy.

The cool thing about solar panels is that they save you money on electricity and are incredibly “green.” The not so cool thing is that they’re unsightly and incredibly inefficient in converting solar rays into electricity. But they’re getting better. And thanks to Dow Solar Solutions, form is improving right along with function.

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Ceramic Solar Sphere Lantern seems disguised as candle


Here’s a solar lamp that almost appears to disguise itself as a candle.  If someone were to walk past this lamp without paying attention or see it at night, they’d very likely write it off as a candle without giving it a second thought.  Well this glazed ceramic sphere will keep on giving you eco-friendly light, without you having the same concerns as you would a candle.  Things like looking for a lighter and then attempting to remember to turn it off again.  You get all the soft glow you want and no risk of burning down your front porch.

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Solar Blinds store sunlight to use as power

Solar blindsOne of the problems with solar power is the sun. Yeah, it’s got this thing, where it just isn’t out all day, you know?

Okay, that was a bad intro, but you know what I’m talking about. I’m sure that you have seen all those solar-powered chargers before, but they are a lot like those electric screwdrivers that take an hour to charger for only five minutes worth of use. Not only that, you have to put the charger in some place out in the sun.

It makes sense to put a solar charger on a window blind, doesn’t it? After all, it is a blind’s job to keep out the sun, and it faces the sun every day, right? This is the initial concept behind the Some Shine Solar Energy Storage System.

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