Solar Spark Lighter

This is one of those camping gadgets that is interesting and if you could get used to the change, could be very handy.  It’s not something that’s really an option in an area lacking light, but if you have a whole lot of sunlight it’ll save you from having to carry around a constant supply of matches.  Plus, unlike matches if something liquid spills in with your camping gear, it can still be used.

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T3 Transforming Solar Robot Kit

Instead of creating a car or some boring desktop item to demonstrate the usage of solar power, you should pick up a robot.  This particular robot is a kit that’ll let you or your children learn a little more about using solar power in a much more interesting way.  Plus after you’re all finished building the robot, you’ll have a fun little transforming robot.

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Tricod Solar Light Pot

Alright so you’re all set with lighting to go all aroung your garden and show off your house, but you need a little something extra for your patio.  This Tricod Orange Solar Bubble Light Pot would look great sitting out on your picnic tables.  It has the same look as a terra cotta pot, but mixes in a little bit of a whisical look with the cute bubbles cut out of it.

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Oasis Solar Stainless Steel Lantern

When you’re out camping it just kills the mood entirely to refill your gadgets with new batteries.  It’s way better if you can manage to go without changing batteries or plugging things in.  This solar lantern will allow for you to keep your light source juiced and working all night long.  Of course it looks like something you’d find at space camp instead of a camp in the middle of the woods, but at least you’ll be battery-free.

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Solar FM Radio Kit

Alright, so it’s not a solar portable iPod speaker kit.  Which means it might have slightly less appeal for the younger ones that are heavily attached to their MP3 player of choice.  However, for those that just love to build and use what they’ve built on a regular basis this little kit would be fun.  Plus this FM radio won’t require you to constantly replace batteries.

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Solar cells to be printed on paper?

The Source from this story really caught my attention. The title of it was “solar cells printed on paper”.

This is not the time to say “Nuff Said”. This is the time to figure out how in the world I can download the template of these solar cells, print out a bunch, and wire them to all the appliances an electrical devices in my house. Then I’m calling the power company and telling them that I am officially off the grid, and I am not paying their high bills.

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Landport Solar-Powered Speakers

Apparently these oddly shaped speakers are Japan’s very first set of active speakers that are solar-powered.  These look more like a cryptic scroll than a set of speakers, but they are speakers.  They’re also speakers that will help you become just a little more eco-friendly.  After all, every little bit helps.  These flat speakers are shaped just right to give you the sound you need and suck up all the sun they’ll require to keep up and running.

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The Solar Pool Heater

I should have known before I even checked just who this product would come from.  It just screams Hammacher, but somehow I didn’t figure it out till I looked.  This Solar Pool Heater will make sure that you never will have to go diving into an ice cold pool of water.  Instead it’ll stay slightly warmer to keep you from going into shock over the temperature.  Sure, it won’t turn your pool into a giant hot tub, but at least the water won’t initially seem icy.

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