World's Largest Solar-Powered Boat on a World Tour

I really like the look of PlanetSolar’s TURANOR. Not only does it look like a spaceship on water, but it is very eco-friendly as well.
As you might have guessed, the boat is covered with solar panels, about 5,380 square feet worth. In case you are wondering, the solar panels aren’t as fragile as they look. There are pictures from my Source of people walking on it.
These solar panels power two electric motors that can reach a speed of 15 miles an hour. Yes, that is pretty slow, and the TURANOR is on a long world tour.

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Nokero solar powered phone charger

Many of us go to bed at night with our smartphones hooked up to a charger, making sure that we would be more than ready for the next day’s gruelling office run, where you have phone calls to make, text messages to send, emails to reply to, and even checking in your Foursquare account to make sure that you have not lost Mayor status at your favorite coffee haunt. That sounds like the norm for plenty of folks, but wait a moment and spare a thought for those who live in less developed countries, where getting an iPhone 4 is practically out of the question.
Those folks will have to settle for feature phones with monochrome screens instead, and forget about 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity. Heck, chances are pretty good they won’t even have access to electricity in their own homes – up to 500 million of them, according to a Hong Kong and Denver-based company who is currently trying to push their solar-power charging panels which targets those who live in off-grid, often impoverished regions of the world.

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British student invents a solar-powered refrigerator

In Namibia, Miss Emily Cummins is known as “The Fridge Lady”. This is because she invented a solar-powered refrigerator that is can help many poverty-stricken Africans.

The solar-powered refrigerator works with two cylinders, one inside the other. The inner cylinder is metal while the outer one is wood or plastic. In between these two cylinders is either sand or soil, which can be soaked with water. The sun’s rays heat the wet material, and as the water evaporates, the heat is removed from the inner cylinder. This keeps the fridge at a cool six degrees Celsius.

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Solar Power Auto Cooler

Although you can’t exactly switch your entire world of gadgets into solar-powered ones, you can certainly take care of the smaller gadgets.  Having some sort of a fan to keep you cool when you’re not in the mood for air conditioning requires you to use more power from your car.  However, if you picked up this Solar Power Auto Cooler you could easily handle taking some edge off of that heat.

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Solar Toothbrush eliminates need for toothpaste

These days there’s very little that you can’t find in a solar powered form.  Now there is even a toothbrush in development that will require solar power.  This is no ordinary toothbrush though, it’ll actually eliminate any need for toothpaste should the tests go well.  Of course the toothpaste companies will probably sabotage the project somehow for fear of becoming extinct.  These things do happen you know.

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Wild Grass LED Lights

If you’re looking for something a little different as far as solar lights go you could pick up these Wild Grass Solar Garden Lights.  You can jam the stakes into the ground and make it appear as if you have random tufts of grass glowing in the dark.  If you have any extra gullible friends you could always convince them that the grass is a special variety that glows every single night.

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Wunda Weeder lets you lazily garden

Gardening is not a comfortable task.  Sure you can get a foam pad to prevent rocks from digging into your knees, but you’re still crouched over in the dirt with the sun blazing down on you.  It’s definitely worth all of that effort thanks to the finished product, but sometimes it might be nice to make the experience a little more enjoyable.  Thankfully one Australian inventor has created a device that creeps along the garden and lets you be far more comfortable.

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Solar Spark Lighter

This is one of those camping gadgets that is interesting and if you could get used to the change, could be very handy.  It’s not something that’s really an option in an area lacking light, but if you have a whole lot of sunlight it’ll save you from having to carry around a constant supply of matches.  Plus, unlike matches if something liquid spills in with your camping gear, it can still be used.

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