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One of the most techie and ecologically friendly ways of powering gadgets is via the the sun. This section of Coolest Gadgets is dedicated to gadgets that get their power from the sun’s rays, be it via solar panels or just simple heating.


Hanergy reveals new thin-film solar charging pack

by Edwin

When it comes to clean energy, many of us would love the idea of having a virtually inexhaustible supply of energy which is free and plentiful. That would certainly get gadget lovers’ adrenaline running: imagine being able to play with your smartphone all day long without having to worry about it running out of juice simply because you have the means to keep it powered up to maximum at all times, for free! Hanergy figured out the next best thing, a new generation mobile energy solutions that arrives in the form of a thin-film solar charging pack. This is an on-the-go electricity generator and storage device, where it boasts of thin film solar panels that provides an avenue for on-the-go charging when it comes to personal electronics.

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Reolink Argus 2 is a solar-powered security camera

by Edwin

reolink-argus2A man’s home is his castle, but the modern day home surely lacks defenses such as turrets and moats. Which is why it is all the more crucial to be able to install a security camera system all over the place. Do not think of security camera systems to be clunky ones, as the Reolink Argus 2 certainly redefines the role of what a security camera is able to do. This is a wire-free model, where it boasts of a long-lasting rechargeable battery, solar powering, starlight night vision, high-quality 1080p Full HD, smart PIR motion sensor, live streaming video with 2-way audio, and weatherproofing. In other words, the Reolink Argus 2 is the perfect surveillance solution, whether it is meant for the home, apartment, small business, workplace, warehouses, parking lots, construction job sites, vacation homes, rental property, RVs, marinas, farms, or stables, among others.

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LunaR is a solar-powered smartwatch

by Edwin

lunar-smartwatchA smartwatch more often than not comes with its very own collection of features apart from simply telling the time. It will, most of the time, be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, alerting you of any incoming messages or phone calls so that you know who is contacting you without having to go through the trouble of taking out your smartphone from your pocket. However, smartwatches have far less battery life compared to their standard issue counterparts, for one simple reason: the processor within, screen time, and other chips require plenty of juice compared to just having a few hands ticking away. Why not harness the power of the sun? This is exactly what the deal is with LunaR, a solar-powered smartwatch that has been launched on Kickstarter.

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Casio announces men’s G-Shock G-Steel line of connected watches

by Edwin

gshock-gsteelThe humble watch used to be a tool to tell the time, but over the years, it has ended up as a fashion statement, one that could even cost more than an entire house if it is studded with jewels and other kinds of precious gems. Well, the watch was said to die a slow death with the introduction of smartwatches, but such a prediction has proven to be otherwise. The luxury line of watches continue to sell well regardless of the economic climate among the well-heeled and famous, while the regular watch maintains its market share as smartwatches struggle to break into the mainstream consciousness and being a “must have” item on everyone’s wrists. Casio forges on with its very first connected watches for men, the G-Shock G-Steel line.

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Renogy reveals Lycan Powerbox solar-powered generator

by Edwin

renogy-lycanRenogy is a leading expert when it comes to renewable energy, and this time around, it has announced yet another addition to its stable of products — that is, the Lycan Powerbox. The Lycan Powerbox is different from all other portable power sources that you tend to see appear in the market for one simple reason — this is a solar-powered generator, which means it will harness the power of our solar system’s only star in order to keep it juiced up so that it can power other devices as well. We are looking at a commitment to 100% clean energy as well as zero maintenance, thanks to its interchangeable lithium-iron phosphate battery.

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Tertill is a weed-killing robot

by Edwin

tertillWeeds are the bane of any garden. They are so easy to grow and spread, and are extremely hardy. In fact, weeds are more or less useless, being more of a curse on the ground than anything else. However, just like life, we have to contend with the likes of weeds in order to make sure that anything that is worth attaining such as a good and rich harvest deserves to have hard work put in. If you have a reasonably large yard that you would like to protect against weeds using the natural way, how about considering the Tertill weed-killing robot? This is like a robotic vacuum cleaner, except for the garden.

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The Renogy Phoenix Portable Generator keeps you off the grid

by Caitlyn

Renogy Pheonix

While we like the idea of detaching from the world, there are a lot of gadgets that are just too darn useful to go without. Some of them still need power, but you don’t want to be forced to rely on being near an outlet if you’re trying to live as a hermit out in the woods. The obvious answer would be to rely on solar power, but what if you’re constantly on the move and can’t put solar panels on a roof you don’t have?

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Renogy’s Phoenix is an All-in-One Solar Powered Generator Briefcase

by Edwin

renogyMany of us who are office drones would most probably have a briefcase to work with as well, and this is more often than not reflected in the kind of documents that we bring to and forth from work. Well, while some briefcase designs are different from the rest that tells of your allegiance as to whether you are a Star Wars fan or not, Renogy has something that is very, very different in mind. I am referring to Renogy’s Phoenix, an all-in-one solar powered generator briefcase.

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