iPhone Unlocking Solutions enables iPhone 3G 2.2.1 to run on any network

unkock-iphoneDo you happen to be shopping for a cell phone at this point in time, and are looking forward to picking up an Apple iPhone 3G considering everyone else already has one (well, it looks like that basically anyways)? Folks who are thinking of doing so and yet not wanting to fall under AT&T’s contract have a choice – to pick an iPhone 3G up as a refurbished unit from eBay or some other online shopping site and use an unlock software solution. iPhone Unlocking Solutions has just the thing for you if you fall under that category thanks to their new one-click unlock software, where the software price has been temporarily lowered to a mere $29.95.

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Ditech improves Bluetooth Headsets with VQABlue Solution

I’m sure there are many Coolest Gadget readers who can’t live unless there is a Bluetooth headset attached to your ear. I’m sure that you have noticed a few problems that come attached to them, like mild discomfort and bad reception.

Fortunately, Ditech is on the job and worked to improve Bluetooth headsets with VQABlue solution. VQABlue is software available to headsets, and the user does not have to increase the memory of his or her headset for it.

VQABlue also improves the dual-microphone design, and now users can wear headsets in a way that is most comfortable to them. That means no more fiddling around with the headset until the caller actually has to be uncomfortable to hear his or her calls.

Ditech has also created “bi-directional algorithms” which can actually improve voice quality on both ends of the call. Many of the audio improvements on headsets today can improve the quality on the other end of the call, but not the sound for the caller.

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Bakelite rotary phone dialer

iPhone owners might looks pretty smug with their snazzy handsets, but there would be some who grew up in the first half of the last century who sometimes wish that they could relive the good old days of rotary dials? Well, MildMannered Industries has just the tonic for such people with the Bakelite – a … Read more

Cuil from ex-Google engineer

Google could end up bitten in the back by their ex-engineers as a group of them have founded a new search engine which is touted to cover three times as many Web pages compared to the monster known as Google. Man, and to think that we just celebrated the milestone of Google having indexed a trillion pages – it will be amazing to see how this start-up manages three trillion. The new company is known as Cuil Inc., will be launching it’s search engine today and hopes to deliver much better results compared to other major search engines. How does it do so? The answer lies in searching across more Web pages and studying them more accurately, leaving Yahoo! and Microsoft something to ponder upon. Perhaps they should now start talking to each other again about a merger if they are to survive the coming onslaught.

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Google has indexed a trillion pages

Google has announced a new milestone – the search-centric company has now indexed a trillion pages, and this number won’t stop there as they are growing at a steady rate of several billion pages per day. According to Google, they do not index every individual page out of the trillion figure, since “many of them … Read more

Users experiencing issues with SP3

Windows XP

I have several computers in my house, most of which run Windows XP. With the release of the third and final service pack for the OS, I did what I always do, which was absolutely nothing. I did not download the new data, but merely sat back, content with the way my computers were running; waiting to see what damage would be caused by the update. Apparently there has been plenty of damage done.

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Mac Mini + XBMC = The ultimate media center?

A couple of years ago (it doesn’t seem that long ago…) I waxed lyrical about the advantages of using a modded Xbox with XBMC as a living room media adapter.

Unfortunately technology moves on and my trusty Xbox just didn’t have the horsepower to play back high definition content. The next gen consoles can do it but they still aren’t as flexible as I’d like (although kudos to Microsoft for finally enabling DivX playback on the 360).

So what do to? The Mac Mini stepped in to fill the gap nicely; the new Core Duo models are fairly powerful, it’s tiny and it’s almost silent running. It’s also surprisingly good value for money – I can’t build a PC that ticks all those boxes for the price of a mini.

It seems like the developers of the original XBMC software had the same thought and they’ve been porting the media player software to OSX. Over the past month or so I’ve been watching the OSXBMC project with interest and it looks like it’s finally become solid enough for general use.

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BBMNATION for BlackBerry users

BlackBerry users, rejoice! There is now yet another social networking site for you to further lower your productivity. Known as BBMNATION, this unique portal enables you to hook up with other members using BlackBerry PINS. Although BBMNATION isn’t complete at this point in time, hopefully everything will be up and running in the near future. … Read more

PowerMate volume knob


All volume knobs on the computer are built alike – or are they? The PowerMate volume knob looks pretty ordinary at first glance, but inside it packs performance that more than meets the eye. Not only does this little number let you adjust the volume of your favorite tunes currently playing, it can also be used to edit home movies or scroll through long documents (although I would question use of that especially when the scroll wheel on the mouse does that just fine), or compose a musical score. All these functions are made possible courtesy of it being an assignable controller that can be customized according to your own needs.

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