Apple Mac OS X Lion released

Do you want to experience “the world’s most advanced operating system”? Well, surely you would have heard Apple “roar” when it came to the release of their latest version of the Mac operating system – OS X Lion. This is the 8th iteration of the operating system, bringing to the table (or rather Mac) over 250 new features. You can easily download it from the Mac App Store for $29.99 a pop, with the physical version coming your way in due time just in case you prefer having something physical in your hand for the amount of money exchanged.
Among the features that are found inside OS X Lion would include new Multi-Touch gestures, system-wide support for full screen apps, Mission Control which is an innovative view of everything that runs on your Mac, the Mac App Store that has been built straight into the OS, alongside Launchpad – a new home for all your apps, not to mention an overhauled Mail app.

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Skype 5.2 update for Mac offers group screen sharing

Sharing is caring, or so they say. Skype, the VoIP giant that was purchased by Microsoft, has not missed out on that particular adage, hence leading up to Skype 5.2 update for Mac which will deliver group screen sharing – something its predecessor failed to deliver. This new update would mean group communication being made easier than ever before, since you can share your display during a group video call. This is the perfect situation whenever you have something to troubleshoot, and since a picture is worth a thousand words, doing so over the screen is easier than combing through lines of fix-it text.
It must be noted that this is a spin-off of what has been available for some time already – screen sharing within a one-to-one Skype call. Apart from troubleshooting, there are numerous other reasons on why group screen sharing is cool – imagine making a document presentation to colleagues who are separated by thousands of miles, or to share holiday photos with friends and family?

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Augmented Reality Cinema shows you the scene where it was filmed

Normally, I don’t report on Apps here, as we could do a blog for that. However, this one I just couldn’t resist, but it is sadly still a concept.
If you are a regular reader of this blog, and I am told that we have many, then you know that I am nuts over all things augmented reality. This particular one can be used a famous movie locations.
You can watch the video to see it in action, and it looks simple to use. Find the spot where a movie was filmed, like the Westminster Bridge in 28 Days Later, and you will see the scene played out.

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Deep Shot is good for computer-to-phone transfers, and vice versa

Even though our computer and smartphones make our world easier to live in, it can be a pain to transfer the information back and forth.
Fortunately, Tsung-Hsiang Chang, an MIT Grad student and Google Inern, and Yang Li (also employed by Google) have created Deep Shot. Imagine doing something on your computer, like driving directions. Instead of going to the Navigation App on your smartphone and retyping everything again, you can just take a picture of the screen, and what was on the PC will be on your phone.
The reverse of this also works as well. So if you are doing something on your mobile phone and you want to type it up on your computer, just Deep Shot it from the mobile to the PC. You can watch a video of it after the jump for more information.

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RecognizeMe relies on facial recognition to unlock an iPhone

A few days ago, we reported on the Hoyos Eyelock USB Iris Scanner that allows the user to enter their laptop or desktop device via eye-scan. All it takes is just connecting it via USB, but what if you could get similar security on your mobile phone?
The technology is already here. What you can see in the picture and in the video after the jump is RecognizeMe, an App that is only available on jailbroken iPhones. This App uses the Facetime camera in order to recognized the registered user, and only then will it unlock the phone.
So who needs fingerswipes and passwords? Just look at the iPhone, which is something that you are probably doing anyway if you have your iPhone on hand.

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Evoluce uses a Kinect to control Windows

Some of you might remember when we covered the Gmail Motion a few days ago. I was told that Gmail Motion was essentially a big joke for April Fool’s Day, and that there isn’t a system where you can send emails by doing a “slapping a stamp” hand motion.
I think it is interesting that on the Gmail Motion video, it describes the keyboard and mouse as “outdated technology”. I suppose that if we are looking at the gesture-based technology of Minority Report as present instead of futuristic, then yes, the keyboard and mouse should be the equivalent of five-and-a-quarter inch disks.
Evoluce has figured out how to combine the Kinect for gesture-based computing on Windows 7. I believe that it comes in handy for the Media Center and other programs, especially for Microsoft Office and PowerPoint. There is a video of it after the jump.

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Grace Digital rolls out remote control app for the Android Market

Folks who are rocking to the world of Android smartphones as well as its growing Android Market presence will be pleased to know that there is another innovative piece of software coming your way thanks to Grace Digital, where the company’s innovative remote control application will offer users control over key internet radio functions including power, volume, channel selection, presets, alarm management, not to mention a whole host of other features.
Even better news is this – the Grace Digital Remote Control App is now available as a free download on the Android Market, so you need not worry about forking out additional dough after paying so much for a high end Android-powered device already.

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World Lens App can translate words inside of an image

I generally report on end-user consumer devices, and usually do not report on cool Apps on this site. Otherwise, I would constantly fill this blog with the cool Apps that come out everyday. Maybe we should have a separate blog known as Coolest Apps.

However, there are times when Apps show us how far we have gone with technology, and Word Lens from QuestVisual has exploded over the tech blogosphere with what it can do with its Optical Character Recognition technology.

Word Lens is the product of two and a half years of work from John DeWeese and Otavio Good. You can see a video of how it works after the jump, but I have no idea if it works as well as you see in the vid.

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Jawbone THOUGHTS unveiled

Mention the word “Jawbone” and most people would definitely have the image of one of those sleek looking Bluetooth headsets spring to mind. After all, Aliph did a pretty good job in getting word of their Jawbone series around, backing it up with some really solid performance where hardware is concerned, although certain quarters do feel that the physical size is still somewhat larger than most of the other Bluetooth headsets in the market.

No matter, we’re talking about software today, where Aliph just introduced Jawbone THOUGHTS, an iPhone application which enables users to easily send quick voice messages to individuals and groups, doing so without the need for typing or calling. Sounds like a dream, eh? Hopefully it will work out so as we describe the Jawbone THOUGHTS in the extended post.

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Use hand gestures to control your cellphone

Multi-touch gestures are something that many people have come to be familiar with ever since the iPhone made a splash a few years ago. Well, those gestures are great for folks who find a new way to manipulate their cellphones and smartphones, where it is known as the “Moove” MP3 Player. eyeSight Mobile Technologies might just have the solution for those who are interested in a new method of manipulating a user interface – after all, they are the developer of Hand Gesture Interface solutions for cellphones and consumer electronics devices, and have just announced the successful launch of a special new application (the “Moove” as mentioned earlier) that enables one to control a MP3 player software on a cellphone with simple hand gestures.

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