Perceptive Devices’ Smyle Mouse delivers hands-free computer controls

smyle-mousePerceptive Devices has something that might just help you navigate through the challenges of working with a mouse for a disabled person by drawing upon their expertise in the field of Human Computer Interaction, having announced the newest release of its gesture control software that is simply known as the Smyle Mouse. Those who are disabled will definitely find that a computer is of not much use if they are unable to navigate through the user interface, and thankfully, the Smyle Mouse software is able to help this group of users out.

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Kaspersky Internet Security for Android keeps a lookout for mobile device owners

is-for-androidViruses and malware happen to be quite a threat in this day and age, especially when one takes into consideration the sheer amount of mobile devices that we happen to own. Not only that, we are also less than careful with the passwords that we use, sometimes even sharing our social media passwords with others. Kaspersky Lab knows that it takes some effort to build a safety net in a connected lifestyle, which is why they have come up with a new version of Kaspersky Internet Security for Android that, apart from delivering improved performance speed and protection quality, it will also come with an option for managing protection via Android Wear devices.

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The Imitone – a mind-to-MIDI program that can make anyone into a musician


If you like coming up with songs, but don’t know the first thing about composing or playing an instrument, most of your ideas are likely going to be lost because you don’t have a way to record anything. If you can get your hands on some sort of keyboard, that’s a good first step as it has everything laid out for you. However, getting through the process of recording sometimes takes away from your original idea as you forget and muddle things as you go. Not knowing which key is which makes this even harder as you wouldn’t even know what to write down!

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IKEA relies on Augmented Reality technology to make furniture shopping easier for customers

ikea-arFurniture giant IKEA has always provided a fun shopping experience, where kids can have their kids meals and play time at Småland, while the meatballs are always a top draw. You can practically spend an entire day there with your family while the whole bunch of you shops for different bits and pieces that you think would fit into the new home. Well, considering how times have changed, IKEA too, wants to keep up to date by offering Augmented Reality (AR) technology which makes it easier for customers to shop.

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Razer Comms Beta connects gamers around the world

When it comes to gaming, there is one name that would definitely resonate with gamers – whether they are casual or hardcore, it does not matter. Razer is a name that has rolled out its fair share of hardware, be they mice, mouse pads, or keyboards (and even tablets recently), not to mention marrying such high-tech hardware to software apps that get the job done. Well, Razer’s latest effort would come in the form of the Razer Comms that is currently in Beta format, where it will help to connect gamers around the world. Let us learn more about Razer Comms in the extended story.

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iPhone Recovery Pro – So you Don’t Totally Lose it!

There’s a lot of good and bad that comes with technology, most of it is good, and I love it. But while our smartphones and computers streamline our lives they can certainly complicate them as well.We rely on our SmartPhones and computers for everything, all of our most important information, and then I’m also concerned about our kids, their connection with the world around them may just be too intimate. I love my electronics, don’t get me wrong, but I’d like a tool that keeps everything and everybody safe.

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LG Avatarbook announced

When we talk about consumer electronics firm LG, what comes into your mind first? Well, of course those snazzy looking Smart TVs would be right on the top of any wishlist for most folks, in addition to the wonderful fridges that seem to have a whole lot more functionality thrown into the mix compared to the TVs of yesteryear. Well, here we are with a new kind of interactive smart TV app which will do a whole lot more to augment your little one’s imagination, as it enables young learners to end up as part of beloved children’s stories as well as songs. In a nutshell, the LG Avatarbook will place your little ones squarely in the thick of action.

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Amazon updates their Cloud Drive Desktop app

Well, if you have yet to enjoy the wonders of the cloud, perhaps it is time to do so, and what better way to start than with a name that most folks are more than familiar with, even more so, trust? Amazon has their Cloud Drive app out for some time already, and now, they have introduced yet another update for the Cloud Drive Desktop app that will introduce a spanking new file synchronization feature which would make life easier for the end user to manage files across multiple computers, all thanks to the updated Cloud Drive Desktop app. This new app will play nice with both Windows and Mac platforms, where it will also include File Sync, which will enable users to easily store and access files in the Amazon Cloud right from a folder on their computer regardless of where they are, as long as they remain connected to the Internet.

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Facebook announces Graph Search

Now, I know that social networks are very different from what we normally serve up here, but this news is a wee bit too popular to not talk about – with Facebook announcing their very own social network search capability that comes in the form of Graph Search. Basically, Graph Search would empower Facebook users to have the relevant tools in order to map out their relationships with the people and things they care about. It is a living, breathing graph, and Facebook claims that right now, with over a billion people, it translates to over 240 billion photos and over a trillion connections. Truly mind blowing figures, and these are set to grow in time. Imagine how it would be like when one day, Facebook breaks into the China market.

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“Take a Break” Says Your Computer

Face it, we work too much. We stare at our computer screens and get completely sucked in. It is easy to do.  You know you have done it. You are working away at your computer and looked up only to realize that 3, 4, 5 or more hours have passed. Experts say that our attention spans are not built for it. So if we can’t remind ourselves to take a sanity break every so often who will? This may be a zen gadget, but it is definitely something we can all use!

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