Really Cool Portable GPS Tracker

Update: Somewhat annoyingly Think Geek have stopped selling this GPS tracker, however there is a huge selection of alternatives over on Amazon.

This must be one of (if not the) coolest spy gadgets I’ve ever reported on. It’s sort of a cross between a USB memory stick and a GPS receiver and what it does is store where ever you take it on the flash memory.

The Portable GPS Tracker is pretty small so you could either always carry it on you or use it in 007 spy mode by planting it on a person or vehicle you want to monitor. You may be wondering how you retrieve the stored info and secret routes, well that’s where it gets really cool.

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Phlash – The Flash for your Mobile

My last 3 mobile phones have all had an inbuilt camera, with each generation improving on the last. One thing I find most camera phones seem to lack is any sort of flash. Well I was obviously not alone in noticing this limitation, as you can now buy Phlash, the world’s first universal Camera-phone flash.

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Sony Ericsson K800i, K790i

Keen to capitalise on the explosion of photo-blog culture, today Sony Ericsson has announced the introduction of 2 phones, the K800i and the K790i. The K800i and the K790i will have integrated software (courtesy of Google), an RSS reader and most excitingly, a 3.2 mega-pixel camera. These new offerings, the first to be

marketed under the Sony Cybershot brand, mark an important departure from the current

line of Walkman phones.

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Mermory Stick Lego

Before my Sinclair Spectrum, Lego was my all time favourite toy. Even my Lego train-set was cool, in fact there wasn’t a single thing that I couldn’t make (when I was 7). Why am I going on about a toy that must be at least 50 years old? Today I saw a picture of a … Read more

Latest All-in-One P7200 Mobile by LG

Recently, I caught up with the latest release of mobile phone from LG. Impressive, yet irresistible in multimedia mobile phone technology, the all-in-one P7200 mobile is a must have for those who want the best out of their handset. The 180 degrees free-rotation swivelling sensation screen enables users to take pictures in any desired angle just as they would, just like one holding a digital camera.

Outdoing itself, LG has equipped the P7200 with a 2.0 megapixel camera that produces high resolution pictures and video clips with in-built flash. Designed with a voguish 17mm clamshell feature, it further improves the all-in-one handset with a dual sided display screens with a primary 262,000 color 2.0″ TFT LCD screen enabling users to enjoy high quality imaging.

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World’s Thinnest Clamshell Mobile Phone – Launched in Singapore

NEC Solutions Asia Pacific officially launched the world’s thinnest clamshell mobile phone in Singapore, on December 16, 2005 – the NEC N412i, i-mode mobile phone withe integrated mega-pixel camera. Though the phone might be available already in some countries, i.e. Australia, it will be available in Singapore exclusively only at authorised retail stores the following day, following the launch.

Boasting a modern, smart, compact, ultra-slim design, with NEC’s proprietary, cutting-edge technology, the N412i measures a mere 11.9mm in depth when folded, and with 47.9mm (width) by 101.5mm (height). With an ultra-light weight of 96 grams, the mobile phone supports the most advanced technology to take on the convenience of mobile internet and GSM/GPRS network. Further integrated with Bluetooth technology and SyncML, users can communicate quickly and freely with other compatible devices.

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NOKIA 6282 – High-speed UMTS performance for 3G

On December 1, 2005, Nokia unveiled one of the industry’s first mobile handsets designed to support 1900MHz UMTS networks expected to go online in the America during 2006. The new gadget features a 2.2 inch, 320×240 pixel QVGA display, a 1 megapixel camera, FM radio, digital music player with hot-swappable miniSD card support, Bluetooth technology and an eye-catching sliding design.

Once the markets start offering 1900MHz UMTS service, the Nokia 6282 phone (GSM 850/1900/1800/UMTS 1900 MHz) is expected to be available during the first quarter of 2006.

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