$20 Caption Contest – Vote Please

by Al

We had 13 entries in our recent caption competition, I’ve narrowed it down to 4 but need help deciding the overall winner (who’ll be receiving a $20 Think Geek voucher). So please vote for which you think is the funniest (I’ll announce the winner in 48 hours). {democracy:2} (if you can’t see the vote control thingie click here) We’ve also got a $600 gadget contest running at the moment, no …

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Prizes for Subscribing and Commenting

by Al


A few days ago we were dancing around as we found out we had 14,394 subscribers, still not really believing it we asked for comments and offered a prize to the funniest. We didn’t get the 14,394 comments (pah!) though 30 was a good start (thanks folks) and to celebrate the fact we broke the 15,000 subscriber mark the next day we’ll be sending out two random gadgets. The 2 …

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Hello Google Subscribers

by Al

Feed Readers

I was just looking over our stats for how many people follow Coolest Gadgets via our RSS feed, we usually have around 3,000 subscribers but yesterday we were showing 14,394, a whopping 380% increase! After doing a bit of research (thanks ShoeMoney and FeedBurner) it turns out that Google are now reporting the total number of subscribers using Google Reader and Google Personalized Homepage (not just the number of times …

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Public Apology – Holding Hands Up Time

by Al

Dunces Hat

I’ve had a sightly distraught email from Michelle over at American Inventor Spot saying that we published a copyrighted image of theirs and worse still removed the copyright notice. This came to me as something of a shock and worse still, turned out to be true. I’ve had a long chat with our writer of the post in question and it turns out he made an honest (albeit bloody stupid) …

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coolestgadgets.com is Closing

by Al


I’m sick of it, every time I tell somebody about the site I have to spell it, coolest *HYPHEN* gadgets *dot* com, which gets some what annoying when you’re wandering around a show floor, so enough is enough!

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Server Upgrade

by Al


We’ve had a bit of downtime recently and the site has been getting a tad sluggish, for which I apologise. This has been partly due to our traffic levels and also the fact some of the custom code was not well optimised (to which I will hold my hand up to). Anyway we’ve done a bit of clear up, upgraded all software to latest versions and have ordered some extra …

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CES Coverage

by Al


This is a very exciting time for CG and I. Today is my final day in the 9-5 rat race and as of 5PM this afternoon I’ll be a fulltime blogger, webmaster and frugal tight wad. Coincidentally this just happened to happen at the same time as CES (the largest Consumer Electronics Show in the World). So Marc and I will be flying out to Las Vegas tommorow morning to …

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Merry Christmas

by Al


Here’s wishing everybody a very Merry Christmas and I hope you get all the gadgets you deserve and don’t suffer the head I did last year :). Merry Christmas one and all.

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