$20 Guess the Gadget, Winner is…


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We had our first guess the gadget contest yesterday which turned into a “copy what the person above me said” which would of been okay if the first person hadn’t got it right. However first commenter Jack got it right, it’s a bra washer, well a device to protect your bra in the washing machine, the BraBABY. Joat then totally gave the game away by giving away the URL *rolls eyes*.

Richard made me laugh by changing his answers:

Is it a light? Or perhaps a set of stackable storage baskets…

That’s the way, now everyone knows it’s for washing bras… and everyone can enter the lucky draw! Thanks!
(It’s a bra washer!)

Mark S is right, it’s a bra holder

and Matthew of Gadget Venue had the most amusing answer: “Its a double secure hamster prison cell. Really!”

I’ll take Bra Washer or holder as the correct answer, so courtesy of random.org the winner is….

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Added an Award Winning Humor Blog to the Network

Say No To Crack

I’m delighted to announce that we’ve just added a new award winning site to our network, Say No to Crack a humor for all ages blog. I’ve been a fan of SNTC for a while and when the opportunity arose (and it being the end of my tax year) I just couldn’t resist.

Anita, the main writer on Say No to Crack has done a fantastic job in building the site in such a short space of time and is the main reason why it won the 2007 Bloggie Award for best new weblog. Anita has agreed to continue writing with us and is a fantastic addition to the team.

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$600 Gadget Draw, The Winner Is….

We had 10 entries in all to win our $600 gadget goody bag, bit of a low turn out but at least it means each has a 10% chance of winning. So the entrants are:

  1. 1 – Jeff with his promotional photo
  2. 2 – Arthur with his review of the TI-84 Review
  3. 3 – Erik a and his bargain LCD monitor review.
  4. 4 – Andrew with his cheeky reused post on the self stirring mug
  5. 5 – Mark who showed us how to make a digital picture frame
  6. 6 – Andi for sharing his experiences with Silverline headphones
  7. 7 – Jani for showing us his DIY skills with the LCD mouse
  8. 8 – Oscar for showing us how to keep fit with the Nike sports kit
  9. 9 – Kyle and his remote control watch review
  10. 10 – Jabbran with his comprhensive Bluetrek G2 review

Thanks everybody for taking part, we had some really good reviews and pictures. Now the winner is….

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