Fuzz Internet Radio – Wanna be a DJ?

I hardly listen to regular FM radio anymore. With all the free internet radio options, Pandora being one of my all time fave’s, couple that with satellite radio and all the tunes I have downloaded to my various iDevices and I though I pretty much had all my musical needs covered. Well, I have been wrong before (of course that was when I thought I was wrong and wasn’t) but what follows seems pretty interesting.

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Amazon Locker – Waits for your Packages, So You Don’t Have To

I don’t know whats happened to me over the years but going out to the shopping malls anytime after Thanksgiving is a fate worse than death. I choose instead, to pick out my gifts online and save them on my wishlist, simply adding them to my shopping cart at whatever pace my wallet will allow. The only inconvenience that remains (besides my credit card bill) is actually being there to sign for the stuff, sometimes its truly a hassle… probably for the delivery guy too, I mean how many times does he want to try and deliver my light up faux crystal punch fountain? Seriously?
Well, it seems like Amazon is trying to think of everything this season, by launching its Amazon Locker service. Amazon Locker simply lets you get your packages at secure locker type locations throughout the country. You find the locker that’s closest to where you want to be by using a zip code, address or even a national landmark and then you use that address when you check out. You can even save your desired locker locations for use during subsequent purchases.

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Frrole – Our World, as Seen by Us

I hardly ever watch the news on TV anymore, I usually just read the headlines online, that way I can avoid all the bad stuff that upsets me (and that I can’t do anything about) and just read the few things that I find interesting. I would enjoy a little extra local news, stuff that’s relevant, updated, and that I can read when I feel like it…
Welcome Frrole, taking the best of social media and bringing it home, Frrole considers input from millions of individuals and organizations as its “go-to” source for news. It also looks at universal data streams and not just at what a specific user’s social network is sharing. Covering more than 50 cities, Frrole also supports country specific news editions. The US edition is created by aggregating the top news from 33 US cities that Frrole covers.

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Remember.com Helps Us Memorialize Those We Loved


Memorial Day is almost here, a time for boats, beaches or barbecues, but I don’t think we should forget that here in the USA, Memorial Day is mostly about remembering the sacrifices that our brave men and women made in the service of our country. We should take a few moments out of our busy weekend to remember them, honor them, and say thank-you.
Our friends over at remembered.com are allowing folks to get a little more formal this weekend, by allowing us to create an entire memorial page dedicated to a beloved Veteran, or anyone else you would like to remember…a page that can easily be shared with family and friends all over the world and all for free.

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The Universe of Wilby – Safe Social Site for Kids


There’s a reason Facebook and Twitter are so popular, I think folks have a deep desire to remain connected and to be able to learn from , or simply observe others. I’m not commenting on whether that’s good or bad, only that whatever these services are offering, we are most certainly buying it, and our children are no exception. They want to be part of it too, but should they?
I think the answer used to be no, I couldn’t find the upside to my 9 year old having a Facebook account and some of the other “kid-friendly” sites are just a little too “childish”. But now we get to meet Wilby. With thousands of members from 20 different countries, Wilby.tv has officially launched an English version in Europe. Founded by three entrepreneurs (and fathers) concerned about Internet use among younger kids, and education both at  school and in the home, The Universe of Wilby is an online social universe helping children six and older by offering effective personal development tools in a safe, fun and educational online entertainment environment.

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Tvinx.com – Reporting on your Part of the World

We have quite a few popular information sites, and most of them fall into one of three categories, what’s happening, what to do, or where to get the best discounts. Finally, we have a site that is combining all three categories plus adding a social media aspect to create a worldwide social news system. It’s about time.
Welcome to Tvinx, definitely not your fathers social media website. Tvinx has a user base that actually generates news, reviews and other content. Tvinx is a free geolocation-based social news and networking platform that brings you the stuff you want to know about right in your part of the world.

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Kidsocial – the Social Network just for Kids

Mommy!? Why can’t I be on Facebook? If I had a dollar for every time I heard that coming out of my 9 year olds mouth… I know a million good reasons why she shouldn’t be on Facebook, only about a hundred or so of them am I willing to share with her in any kind of detail, but it doesnt seem to matter, as the question continues to be raised on average, about 5 times a week.
Well maybe this will shu… I mean, help her to be a happier even more well rounded child, Welcome, Kidsocial a brand new social entertainment website developed just for kids. Kidsocial lets kids listen to music, chat, play games and share photos all in a parent connected, kid-safe environment. The pages cannot be viewed by strangers, and things like sharing and becoming friends are only accomplished with the approval of the parents.

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