Last week’s CGOTW and $50 Winners are…

The winner of last week’s coolest gadget competition is the Peanut butter machine.

The Peanut Butter Machine allows you to create your own buttery peanutness at home! Just add peanuts! And it will take care of the crunchy/smooth debate too – just pick which kind you like and it’ll deliver it in minutes. You can use any kind of shell nut so you can create your own nutty buttery mixtures and best of all, you’ll know exactly what’s going in them – no additives or other nasties.

Congrats again to Decide What to Buy.

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Win $100 in this week’s coolest gadget

Welcome to another coolest gadget of the week. Simply vote for which ever you think is coolest and the winning blog will gain respect from the masses. Leave a comment explaining why for a chance to win a $50 Amazon voucher and (new this week) if you tell (not spam) a friend via the Email … Read more

Another $50 Coolest Gadget Contest

It’s that time of week again, please vote for what you think is coolest and leave a comment for a chance to win a $50 Amazon voucher, winners will be announced on Tuesday. Stash Reef Sandals Unless you’re going to the beach with a larger group, you are going to run into a problem: you … Read more

Please vote for this weeks coolest gadget

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Vote for CGOTW for a chance to win $50

We’re into our fifth coolest gadget of the week, some cool entries this week (along with what I reckon might be the worst entry yet), what’s coolest, you decide (as usual one voter/commenter will win a $50 Amazon voucher). Panic Mouse Motorized Cat Toy Cats like to sleep all day, but they need some exercise … Read more

Last Weeks Coolest Gadget (and $50 winner)

Broadband Internet in your Car

Thanks to everybody who voted and/or commented on the previous coolest gadget of the week, I think it went quite well especially as we started it on a public holiday in the US. The winner of the $50 gadget voucher goes to random commentator JD (“Miracle berry tablet! If you’ve tasted my wife’s cooking you’d want one too”), we’ll be in touch.

So what was last weeks coolest gadget:

In first place with 26% of the votes we have, Broadband Internet in your Car .

With in-car broadband internet, you can enjoy your favorite shows, check your mails and be updated with the latest news while on the road. Of course, if you are one of those who believe that everything is better on the laptop, a Wi-Fi hub is part of the package.

Read more about broadband Internet in your car over on Car Tuning Central.

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Win $50 with the 3rd Coolest Gadget of the Week

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Win $50 by voting in CGOTW #2

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