Amazon Locker – Waits for your Packages, So You Don’t Have To

I don’t know whats happened to me over the years but going out to the shopping malls anytime after Thanksgiving is a fate worse than death. I choose instead, to pick out my gifts online and save them on my wishlist, simply adding them to my shopping cart at whatever pace my wallet will allow. The only inconvenience that remains (besides my credit card bill) is actually being there to sign for the stuff, sometimes its truly a hassle… probably for the delivery guy too, I mean how many times does he want to try and deliver my light up faux crystal punch fountain? Seriously?

Well, it seems like Amazon is trying to think of everything this season, by launching its Amazon Locker service. Amazon Locker simply lets you get your packages at secure locker type locations throughout the country. You find the locker that’s closest to where you want to be by using a zip code, address or even a national landmark and then you use that address when you check out. You can even save your desired locker locations for use during subsequent purchases.

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Kidsocial – the Social Network just for Kids


Mommy!? Why can’t I be on Facebook? If I had a dollar for every time I heard that coming out of my 9 year olds mouth… I know a million good reasons why she shouldn’t be on Facebook, only about a hundred or so of them am I willing to share with her in any kind of detail, but it doesnt seem to matter, as the question continues to be raised on average, about 5 times a week.

Well maybe this will shu… I mean, help her to be a happier even more well rounded child, Welcome, Kidsocial a brand new social entertainment website developed just for kids. Kidsocial lets kids listen to music, chat, play games and share photos all in a parent connected, kid-safe environment. The pages cannot be viewed by strangers, and things like sharing and becoming friends are only accomplished with the approval of the parents.

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Winner of the 42″ LG LCD TV is…

First off I’d like to thank everybody that entered out Christmas competition and LG for providing such a super prize (which I’ve been happily using and reviewing the past month and will be sad to see go). The winner was randomly selected and is one of our Facebook fans (if you’re not a fan yet … Read more

Fan on Facebook? Then Stand A Chance to Win 42″ LG LCD TV

There are three days left to enter our contest to win a fantastic LG 42″ LCD TV, simply become a fan of Coolest Gadgets on Facebook to enter (full details, rules and other ways to enter can be found here). Good luck and have a great Christmas.

Competition Time – Win a 42″ LG LCD TV

I’m delighted to announce we have a great prize to give away to somebody for Christmas. We’ve teamed up with the cool guys over at LG and are giving away a brand new and cool 42″ LED TV (42SL9000) to one of our UK readers (sorry to our non-UK readers more international competitions will be … Read more

Vote and Win $50 in Coolest Gadget of the Week

Win $50 at Think Geek by browsing, voting and commenting for what YOU think is the coolest gadget. Digital Video Memo The Digital Video Memo is the future in leaving people messages no more using mass amounts of paper and scribbling down notes. You can now talk into the Digital Video Memo and leave someone … Read more

We can now connect on FaceBook and Twitter

Hi, we were a bit slow on the uptake to do this but you can now follow Coolest Gadgets via twitter and facebook. So you now have the following ways to keep up with coolest gadget news: Become a fan on facebook Follow us on Twitter Our RSS feed The daily email and of course, … Read more

CGOTW Time, What Gadget is Coolest?

Hope you’re having a fantastic Friday, it’s time to vote for what you think is this week’s coolest gadget (leave a comment for a chance to win a $50 Amazon voucher). USB Riff Rocker The USB Riff Rocker is essentially a USB controller for a game. You plug the little rocker into a free USB … Read more

Star Trek Communicator to finally become phone for VoIP crowd?

A few years back, an upstart cell phone company announced the holy grail for geeks to great fanfare … a cellphone that looked like a Star Trek Communicator. Everyone signed up to get word of when this cool homage to sci-fi geekery would ship and it was destined to be a very popular product. I mean, who wouldn’t want to indulge in a little “beam me up Scotty” fantasy while making a call to work? But alas, it wasn’t to be as a few months later, the company announced they couldn’t make it work, nor would Paramount/Viacom play ball if they did. Ready for round two? Only this time, it’s a VoIP/Skype platform that has the eye of Captain Kirk’s favorite method communication. Will geeks finally get their due? Or is it just another interstellar carrot on a stick?

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