Bitcoin – Like Spending Cash, Online?


I spent some time today trying to firm up my holiday travel plans. While I perused some online travel agencies, I came across one that just announced  it would now accept Bitcoins as a form of payment for airfare booked through their website. Bitcoins? I think I’ve heard of them, some sort of decentralized digital currency, kind of like cash for the internet, but I believe it’s time to learn more…

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I am ashamed to admit it, I am an e-mail hoarder. It’s true, I have tens of thousands of them. I promise myself that I’m going to delete the junk, so my important e-mails don’t keep getting lost in the pile, but every time I get started I feel so overwhelmed. It’s gotten to a point that I’ve considered just closing the account and getting a new one, but what about all the truly important items I have saved on there? I guess I’m between a rock and a hard place.

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Introducing Xbox Music – Another Reason to Love your Xbox

We certainly have a connection to the Xbox, we quickly succumbed to the pressure of a nine year old to get the 360 with the Kinect, so now the old Xbox is in the den, along with several hundred dollars worth of games, and so begins the brand new game collection. Now, I hear the new Xbox 720 is on the horizon, but that kid’s, is tomorrow’s story.

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Presta – for When You Want it Now!

I remember my first apartment, it had orange tweed carpeting, but it was lovingly furnished with rental furniture, and I found it to be a whole lot nicer than my moms old couch, or having the common “mattress on the floor” scenario found in many first apartments. Yes I paid more for it, but the place looked good in spite of the orange carpet, and they came to get the furniture when I was done with it…

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Toys R Us – Takes a Share of the Movie Market


I really enjoy the possibility that digital entertainment services may slowly but surely be reducing our need to rely on cable television. Every time I get my cable bill I cant believe how much I’m paying just to watch TV, and yet every month I write the check. Over the past year we have managed to lower the bill by dropping some premium channels in favor or services like Netflix, but that too carries a price, in the form of a subscription fee. I prefer a “pay for what I watch” option.

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Teachem’s School of You, Makes You the Principal

There is no denying the power of the Internet age. Anything you might like to learn how to do, good or bad, is at your disposal. Want to learn how to french braid hair? No problem, want to do it while embalming you recently departed cat, again, no problem. The wealth of information online is staggering. Imagine if all that education could be organized in some way…

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