Dronies – Dancing Airborne Robots for All!



We already know that drones are being used by our military. By now we’ve also heard that Amazon is looking into the possibility of being able to deliver some of its packages by using specialized drones. There are drones being manufactured for use inspecting rooftops for damage, or equipment problems. Yes, we know they can spy on us too… but think of all the positive possibilities!

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Murata Cheerleaders are robots that traverse on balls

murata-cheerleadersWe have seen our fair share of robots in the past before, and Murata happens to be one of the companies that do manufacture robots which have a practical sense about them. Case in point, this unicycling robot which has more or less mastered the art of balance – and that is close to half a decade ago! Time has surely seen plenty of advancements made in the field of technology, and what has Murata managed to cobble together between then and now? Pretty much, but the product that will take centrestage today happens to be known as the Murata Cheerleaders.

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Reconnaissance Robot scouts the land ahead of you

recon-robotWe might not be living in the age where the Jetsons fly around instead of driving, and they also have a robot nanny to help out in the house chores. Still, this does not mean that there are no advancements to be made in the field of robotics, and with the $79.95 Reconnaissance Robot, you can be sure that it will function as a decent introduction to the world of robotics not only for you, but for the entire family as well.

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The Dyson 360 Eye will blow the Roomba out of the water

Dyson 360 Eye

If you care about how clean your home is, you’ve likely heard the name Dyson before. This company is best known for creating expensive vacuums (they’re completely worth the money) that will never lose suction. Of course, there comes a time in every company’s life where they must expand to new territories, like that of the Roomba.

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Robots serve customers in China restaurant

robo-serverMost of the time, whenever we head to a restaurant and pay top dollar for the kind of food and drinks that we get, we would also be on the lookout for service that is on part with the price forked out. However, not all servers are always on the top of their game, since they might have domestic issues that is on their minds all the time, leading them to deliver sub-par service which in turn would affect a restaurant’s rating. Not only that, humans can also be inconsistent when it comes to treating one from another, but not so with robots. In fact, a restaurant in China is already starting to usher in a new era in the F&B industry, that is, through the use of over a dozen robots to cook as well as serve food.

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