Zyro DroneBall is a multiplayer, multidrone aerial ball

zyro-droneballThere are some great ideas out there from time to time, although these might need more than just talk to get it off the ground. In fact, pooling resources from various interested parties would go some way to help – and this is where the crowdfunding concept has taken off in a rather big way. Well, the Zyro DroneBall can be said to be a rather interesting idea which has appeared over on Kickstarter, where it is touted to be a smart ball (these days, anything that needs to be able to “sell” in the world of consumer electronics do seem to need to come attached with the word “smart”) that is also the first to interact with multiple players or drones and react like a player.

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DJI introduces their Inspire 1 drone

dji-inspire-1One might not have heard of DJI before, but the company happens to be a global leader in aerial photography and cinematography platforms. Hence, their expertise has led them to announce the release of their DJI Inspire 1, which so happens to be the world’s first flying 4K camera which is capable of delivering midair transformation in addition to carrying a built-in wireless HD video transmitter, stabilization indoors without the need for GPS and even more camera control than ever compared to other somewhat similar drones.

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