DJI makes a splash with intelligent Phantom 4 drone

dji-phantom-4So, you are currently in the market for a drone but do not know just where you would like to start. DJI, the world’s leading maker of unmanned aerial vehicles, might have something to clue you in with their latest release, which will be known as the Phantom 4. What makes the DJI Phantom 4 so special compared to the other drones that are out there in the market? It happens to carry the distinction of being the first consumer quadcopter camera that makes use of highly advanced computer vision and sensing technology in order to ease the task of professional aerial imaging moments.

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Powervision Robot reveals PowerEgg drone

powereggDrones are pretty big business these days, and you can be sure that there are many different parties out there who are more than willing to jump aboard the drone bandwagon just so that they can make a quick buck. Thankfully, the advancement of technology in this particular niche market has grown by leaps and bounds, so much so that having a device that flies around while capturing videos and photos simply will not do any longer. Heck, the landscape has altered in a way where design, stability and quietness as well as battery life do play a very important role – and Powervision Robot’s first foray into this market ain’t too shabby at all with their maiden consumer drone attempt, calling it the PowerEgg drone.

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Mouth-controlled drone is a crowd puller at Nuremberg Toy Fair

voice-controlled-droneDrones do seem to be all the rage these days, and not only that, they are also devices that need to be registered with the FAA if you happen to live in the US, or at least this is how it works at the moment. The reason behind the drone registration process? To be able to keep track of the drones so that in the event of unscrupulous use of a drone, it is easier to track down the owner and proceed with legal proceedings, if any. Still, controlling a drone does require a fair bit of skill as it is not like a video game, and here we are with FLYPRO’s controlled by mouth (Voice control) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), where it is known as the XEagle. On show at CES earlier last month, it is now on display at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany, where it has certainly wowed the crowds so far.

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Toshiba’s Amphibious Robot Dives Into Fukushima Reactor Pool

It might be close to half a decadthe e already, but there is still plenty of work to do at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan when it comes to cleaning up radioactive waste. Humans do play a role in performing some bit of that cleanup, as careful as a human can be, but there are also other segments which are deemed to be too dangerous for humans – although robots could play a starring role in this matter. Toshiba has stepped into the mix, where they have come up with a robot to tackle this particular issue.

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Yuneec Typhoon H drone delivers professionalism without breaking the bank

yuneec-typhoonDrones seem to be dime a dozen these days, as there are plenty of different models out there in the market, so much so that it can be rather challenging trying to keep up with which particular model is the next big thing that will arrive and make a splash. Having said that, how about ensuring that each new drone model that comes out would be better equipped than the last, bringing along with it an evolution in form and functionality? That is what Yuneec of China has done, where they have expanded their Typhoon series with the unveiling of the Typhoon H. The Typhoon H happens to be a new category of drone for the enthusiast, where it offers capabilities that were previously found only in high-end professional offerings, all without breaking the bank – relatively speaking, of course. We are talking about the Typhoon H sporting half a dozen rotors, a 360-degree gimbal camera and retractable landing gear, all retailing for a recommended retail price of $1,799 a pop.

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Budgee personal helper robot

budgeeRobots are pretty cool assistants to have around, don’t you think so? After all, they certainly do play a role in helping you to get out of a particularly tight and difficult spot from time to time. Having said that, the real world’s advancement in terms of robotics are not as fast as I would have liked, as we have yet to see the kind of individual personalities as found in the Terminator franchise, or even the nanny robot in The Jetsons cartoon. At least there is some progress, as evident by Five Elements Robotics’ work with the official launch of Budgee.

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Alpha 2 humanoid robot out to aid humanity

alpha2While we might be a long, long time away from the Jetsons era where domestic help around the home comes in the form of a robot, this does not mean that humanity is so far removed from reality that we have not made any huge strides in the world of robotics to see a Jetsons future materialize. On the contrary, what we see here with the launch of the new Alpha 2 humanoid robot by the folks over at robotics startup UBTECH Robotics is certainly a novel idea that is worth exploring, as the Alpha 2 humanoid robot is the first ever designed for practical household service and companionship.

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Xtreem Gravity Pursuit 1080p Video Drone does killer shots from the air

pursuit-1080p-droneDrones do seem to be all the rage these days, aren’t they? After all, it is definitely cool if you were to have something that shoots from the air, especially where professional photographers are concerned, in order to pick up some of the more interesting angles for their clients – especially at a wedding or some sort of high end social function. Well, the Xtreem Gravity Pursuit 1080p Video Drone might not be one of the smallest drones around, but it will certainly be able to get the job done – and in style, too.

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