Wingsland S6 mini drone could be a game changer

wingsland-s6Drones have more or less entered mainstream consciousness for quite some time already, and it does not look as though there is any stopping the drone fever from taking over on a large scale. In fact, there has been drones that arrived in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and the latest model to join the fray would be the Wingsland S6 mini drone. The Wingsland S6 mini drone is touted to be a game changer in the industry, as the most notable aspect of it would be the quartet of foldable motor arms in addition to its extremely thin body design.

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Tapia – the AI Robot who makes you feel feelings

Tapia AI

We live in a day and age where work is becoming more and more important, and our social lives are starting to suffer. It’s not that we don’t want to go out with friends, but if we want to keep our heads above water and move on to a job we don’t hate, we have to work harder than ever. That being said, it can get pretty lonely when you’re working, keeping up with a home, and trying to make sure your body isn’t falling apart.

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Zerotech reveals Dobby pocket drone

zerotech-dobbyDrones are more or less something that we are familiar with these days. At least, the sight of drones do not freak anyone out any more, and drones have also proven their worth on the battlefield through tactical victories and being able to take out the target behind enemy lines. Well, thanks to advancement in drone technology, miniaturization has made it possible for you to carry a drone in your pocket. Yes, you read that right — something that you might think jumps out from the pages of an Iron Man movie, right smack in your pocket. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the Dobby pocket drone from Zerotech.

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Asus jumps into robot territory with Zenbo

ASUS Zenbo_3When it comes to modern day children, their toys and games no longer require all that much imagination, since many of them would prefer to settle for bright lights, interactive toys like robots as well as pulsating sounds, as opposed to figuring out how a simple cardboard box is able to be “transformed” into a sleigh, or a time traveling machine, simply with the power of imagination. Where the Asus Zenbo is concerned, one would realize that the computer and smartphone manufacturer has now taken a detour of sorts in their range of products by revealing a robot at the recently concluded Computex 2016.

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Riley is a cute home monitoring robot

rileyWhenever you are not at home, as you are away on a business trip or a holiday, chances are your mind would go all the way back to whether your home is safe and sound from unwanted elements in your absence. It is human nature, and cannot be helped. Even worse is the feeling that you forgot to turn off the tap or the iron, don’t you think so? Well, having unwanted intruders is also another thing to worry about, so you might want to have some sort of security camera or surveillance device in the vicinity. If that is the case, then you would definitely fall for a Wall-E lookalike – the Riley.

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Flypro reveals new intelligent sports drone for the masses

flyproDrones are said to be an industry that is fast catching on, that is for sure, and you can see so many different sites about drones popping up all over the place, with various forums kicking off on this relative newcomer to the consumer electronics scene. However, not all drones are smart, although many of them in the new generation are a whole lot easier to fly compared to the first generation models. Hobby Expo China 2016, which happens to be the largest and the most influential professional model exhibition across the Asia Pacific region, saw hobbyist drones take center stage there, and Flypro took advantage of the situation by showcasing their next-generation intelligent drone for hobbyists.

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Hover Camera is an autonomous flying camera

hovercameraThere are drones, and then there are drones. The Hover Camera would fall under the latter category which is more often than not a unique device that will be able to capture videos and photos from afar and high up, but also carries the distinction of being an autonomous flying camera. Zero Zero Robotics is the company behind the Hover Camera, which is the first truly consumer-friendly autonomous flying camera that has been specially designed to be safe and portable, and yet allowing just about anyone to effortlessly capture exciting moments indoors and out, from creative new perspectives.

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