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Face it – we all sound like our parents. With the “I remember when” and “those were so cool” references you would think we would rather live in the past. Gadget makers everywhere know this and build plenty of Retro Gadgets for us to relive the glory days. Tune in here to get a blast from the past with today’s gadgetry.


Retro Toys Make a Big Comeback!

by Julie


It used to be a pleasure, shopping for gifts for kids, imagining their smiles as they got the toy of their dreams. Watching them play with it day after day, imaginations soaring. I remember the boy next door making sound effects for his cars, motors, and screeching tires. Those days are gone, replaced by a lot of plastic junk, and video games. Or so I thought… Continue reading » Retro Toys Make a Big Comeback!

The Mr. Christmas Jukebox – Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

by Julie


Who doesn’t love the magic of the holiday season? Friends, food and family abound, there’s a feeling in the air. The hustle and bustle of shopping, and cooking, and kids, reeling in wide-eyed anticipation. The things I look forward to the most are the traditions, the things my parents did during the holidays when I was a kid, that I do for my daughter now… Continue reading » The Mr. Christmas Jukebox – Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

The Polaroid Socialmatic – “Instant” Gratification

by Julie


Ah the memories, our old Polaroid SX-70 camera and the uber-expensive 10 pack of film… mugging it up, and then waving the pic in the air, or rubbing it on your pants thinking that magically would make it develop faster. The Polaroid instant camera is an icon, and one that has taken up where it left off, with this new high-tech development.

Welcome the New Polaroid Socialmatic, a cool concept gadget that has become the real deal. Comprised of a 14 megapixel front facing camera with flash, a 4.3 inch touchscreen LCD display, a Zero Ink printer and GPS, Wifi and Bluetooth capabilities, this baby’s cool-factor comes in its printing and sharing capabilities.

Check it out… when you take a picture with the back, or front facing camera, you can instantly share it on Facebook, or other social media sites using the built-in software over a Wi-Fi network, but the magic is that, at the same time, you can print out a little photo that will contain a QR code so other Socialmatic users can easily scan it and get a digital copy from Polaroid’s servers, and reprint it for themselves.

The Android based Polaroid Socialmatic looks like a fun, must-have for every teenager, or social media junkie on the planet… but I don’t know the price yet, that will certainly be a determining factor. It will be available early this year, we’ll keep you posted!

Shredder Scissors are perfect for those who love busy-work

by Caitlyn

Scissor Shredder
There are times at work where you wish you had something to do. You can only organize your desk or go to the bathroom so many times, and if you work ahead, you’ll only be facing the same problem in a day or two. Sometimes you just want some meaningless, arduous task to keep you occupied until more work crops up. Just so it’s stated, checking Facebook does not count.
Continue reading » Shredder Scissors are perfect for those who love busy-work

Vinylize turns old records into glasses

by Chris

The last few years have given rise to a new breed of people. They can be found at vegan coffee shops, using the Instagram app to take “artistic” photos of their coffee next to a book that looks interesting, so that they can tweet it to their friends. We call these people “hipsters.” When not in a coffee shop, you can also find them in record stores, letting you know why you shouldn’t listen to music unless it’s on vinyl, because digital music is an affront to your ears. Hipsters do tend to be fashionable, which is why I’m not surprised to see a company making glasses that are marketed to this specific demographic.

Continue reading » Vinylize turns old records into glasses

Retro Digital Flip Clock takes you back in time

by Chris

If you’ve been around the block a few times, then you’ll understand just how much technology has changed over the years. Just look at something as simple as your average alarm clock. These days most of them are digital, with glowing numbers staring back at you. If you go back and look at one that say, your parents had as a kid, you’d probably see one of two things. Either they had a clock with hour, minute and second hands, much like your average wall clock, or one with flip-down numbers.

Continue reading » Retro Digital Flip Clock takes you back in time

Look Your 8-Bit Best

by Alison

Sure, technology moves at a quick pace these days. New phones and tablets come out weekly. But that does not mean you have to throw away the past. Expressing our true love of all things techy yet retro means we can acknowledge our geekiness of today while paying homage to tech roots of yesteryear. Big Big Pixel features some tech accessories from product designer Mike Mak that will do exactly that.

Continue reading » Look Your 8-Bit Best

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